Jada Saying That Will Don’t Have The Good Pipe


This contains some sexual scenes!

You see guys I have no issues with marriages. I don’t have an issue with black marriages as well. My mum and dad was married for over 20 years but my knew that my mum was seeing another dude in St. Thomas, Jamaica right through the marriage and now my dad has died, her and the simp are married. And both of them have been together since 1999. He has cheated on her, used her financially, all sorts of nonsense but fuck them too anyway. Hope everyone around the world is doing fine, especially the people in Britain. The Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith situation, oh boy! Here we go!

On the red table talk, Jada Pinkett Smith confess to Will Smith that she had an entanglement with rapper, singer and song writer August Alsina. We all saw Will’s face when she told him about August and her but I heard that the marriage between Will and Jada is an open marriage just like the marriage with the fat browning Monique and her husband Sidney Hicks because she wanted to see the other dude or other dudes. Then we see Jada with a bold head probably trying to look like the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Recently on the red table talk, Jade has a conversation with Actress Gwyneth Paltrow saying that she couldn’t sleep with Will. In others words, she means that Will don’t have a good pipe.

Untitled design (3)

You guys must be wondering what do they mean by that saying? “Pipe” is an slang or sexual term which is used in urban communities which means dick! For instance, when a man sees a sexy woman and he says this ”I wanna pipe her down” meaning that he wants to have sex with her. I have another term “I’m goanna give her the pipe” meaning I wanna give her the dick. Now, when a woman uses this term for instance “I wanna get pipe down tonight” means that she want some dick tonight. The term pipe can be used in very different ways like “I wanna give you that good pipe” or “Pipe it down tonight!” But Jada is saying that Will don’t have a good pipe.     

This woman is embarrassing Academy Award nominee left, right and centre. I don’t think that she doesn’t even love Will Smith at all. She loves the money, oh yes but she doesn’t even love the guy. And the thing is this that he’s accepting it. There is no way a man should accept this shit from his wife. It’s bad enough that she had some nookie with August, it’s another thing that she’s shaving head bold but it’s a next level that she saying that she is not sexually satisfied when Will is not piping her down. Some YouTubers say that Will Smith should leave her. I do agree with that. The man should bounce out of there but the thing is when he deliver her them divorce papers; she might get half of what Will got, you get me?

Nate Andrews is just drilling.

set it off

When I see her with a bold head, I was thinking that is this woman trying to look like 2pac? I think that she is still thinking about 2pac. And 2pac has been dead for 25 years and people say that he’s still alive and faked his death in 1996. That is true. He did faked his death when he got shot in the E38 BMW 750iL while Suge Knight is behind the wheel in the V12 Bimmer. When he was gun down in Las Vagas, Nevada, he was laying down on the ground with four bullets in him. Suge got a bullet in his head. But the thing is that when I saw the video Who Shoot Biggie & Tupac? (I Told You) Chapter 15, there was no blood on the ground especially in the long wheel base 7 series. I didn’t see any blood at all because if he was shot, then the bullet would exit his body and he will be bleeding heavily. You will bleed a lot when you get shot. And if you get shot in the car, there will be blood.

Jada Pickett is just embarrassing Will Smith over and over with this red talk table. And some of the guys on YouTube say that Will Smith is weak. And agree with the guys on YouTube because Will Smith seems like he’s not doing nothing about this. He’s allowing this woman to humiliating him time and time again. It looks like he’s getting weaker and weaker and weaker when I see this talented actor when he’s getting humiliated and embarrassed by Jada. I know it’s just a movie character but you know Mike Lowrey from the action comedy Bad Boys, Will should be like him. King ding a ling!

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This woman is embarrassing him. This must be making Will lose his mind. It’s not the will we knew as before.



He Has To Breed Elsewhere


I have written numerous articles of men, mostly black men who are simps that are with single mothrs. When a man says that he don’t date a single mother, the simps and the scraggle daggles come after him in a heartbeat throwing daggers at him. When a black man say that he will not date a single mother regardless of the colour, the scraggle daggle hoodrats will go into rage mode and come after him. But, they end up with a simp that will be a father of the children that doesn’t belong to them. But here’s this question. What happens if the simp wants children of his own?

Right, a guy meets a single mother. She might have just the one child or more then one child. They begin a relationship. He moves in with her but she is the boss in the house obviously because she will never let a simp be the head of the household. He puts the wedding ring on her finger and makes her is wife. Now, he wants children with her but she has children with other dudes like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike and Day Day. She will not give him children because there is no way that she will have a child with a simp. She rather has a child with the worthless black men that she truly desires. So what the simp can do? Well, he may have to have children outside the relationship.

You must be thinking “Money Cultural. Yo, blud what about the child support system and ting!?” That is a very good point. The simp is risking himself financially if he breeds another woman outside the relationship or marriage but I know that the scraggle daggle will not give him children. She’ll give children to the unproductive men but not to the simp. She will never make her simp boyfriend or husband a father but she wants him to take care of children which doesn’t belong to him. But he can breed gyal outside the relationship though. Can he?

You must be wondering that it’s very dangerous with the child support going on when mostly black men are pay the dreaded child support the most and some of them are paying child support for more then one child but he should know that the simps is not goanna have children with a woman that has a few pickney with other dudes that is not providing for their off springs. If they know that this predicament will happen and it will, then why be with a woman that has children? Well, these simps are looking for a place to stay and they are living off these women and not helping her financially.

If the scraggle daggle sees her simp breed off another woman outside the relationship, she really can’t say anything at all. Because she’s not willing to have his child or children. And if she does have his child, will she be happy? But at the end of the day a man that has no children shouldn’t be with a woman that has children. Man that has children should be with a woman that has children but these single mothers are not choosing single fathers to be in relationships with. So they are choosing the simps instead so they can look after a child or children that is not his.

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If the single mother don’t wanna have the simp’s children, then where will leave his legacy?


Only Pookie and Ray Ray Could Make The Scraggle Daggles Submit

black eye

I tell you, something is wrong with the train service in Britain. It seems like it’s getting worse and worse. I was heading to Watford to get my haircut and the train was ten minutes late. And it was raining as well. And when I was heading back from Watford, at Luton Airport Parkway station, I saw three teenage boys crossing the railway tracks just to go on the next platform to get the train I’m in heading home. I went “The hell?” It was the most shocking thing I ever seen. Listen, I say that to everything that shocks me but hoping everyone is doing fine. Today was a rainy Friday. We do need some of that rain just to keep the pollen down because we do have pollen sufferers and people who suffers from itchy eyes. I get that when summer comes. But them three bastards that run across the track just to go to the next platform, my God!

black eye 2

When it comes to the scraggle daggle, she will not submit in a relationship or even a marriage. I know that a scarggle daggle will not cook, clean, take care of the children and so on. When she is with a normal man, she will not submit to him. She will try to control him which will fail miserably. However, what about if she doesn’t submit to Pookie, Ray Ray, 12 Gauge Mike, Day Day and Man Man? Then she will have nothing but issues, big time issues with them thuggish dudes. If she brings that “I’m not goanna submit to you attitude” to these thugs, she will get knock down on the floor. These thugs will take her down in a flash so when it comes to these men, she has to submit.

She has to cook, clean, wash the clothes, take care of the children and so forth. Because if she doesn’t, she will get beat down by these worthless men that makes her wet between her legs. When she with a good black man, she will not submit to him but when it comes to these useless men that she desires, then she has no choice but to submit to them or she will get her face bruk up, mass up, frigg up! The thing is this. Why would any woman be in a relationship like this? Hey, I guess they like these type of men. They don’t want a good man. Oh well!

If a man is in a relationship with a scraggle daggle, he has to use forceful methods to make her submit. Because she will not do the things a man is telling her to do. I don’t wanna force someone to do something but if a man is in a relationship with a scragg then he will use those aggressive tactics to make her do the things he wants her to do, you get me? I don’t want to be with a scraggly because the problems she will bring to me and I know that a scraggle daggle don’t wanna be with a guy like me because I won’t take up with her fuckery. But these thuggish dudes that these hoodrats love and desire, they can control them with ease.

If these simps are with these scraggle daggles, these ghetto hoodrats will control them and use them as enforcers/henchmen when thinking black men talk about the wretchedness of these hoodrats. As these simps go to war with thinking black men, these scraggle daggle hoodrats will get slam hard on the bed by Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Full Auto Rob, Knife Man Priest, Street Mice and Corner Boy Ronney. The scraggs will crazy for these men. These men are the scraggle daggles wildest dreams but these worthless men will put these scraggle daggles on a leash.

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Right, I don’t need a woman to submit to me. I can do everything myself but when these scraggle daggles are with these worthless men that they love, lust and want, they will have no choice but to submit to them because they will get a beat down if they don’t.


When Obsidian Did A U – Turn

Caution U-Turn

Before I start with Obsidian’s big turnaround, well then call him cripplesidian now, I saw this Tik Tok video on YouTube of a man who is with a woman. When he met her, she was 8 weeks pregnant and guess what ladies and gentleman? The man stayed with her and now he’s is looking after a child which is not his. I don’t think she knows who the father because she let other dudes explode inside her but why a man is is taking care of another man’s baby? You know I have seen more and more simps that are taking care of another man’s child and let me tell you something. If she leaves him, she can get child support from him and he has to pay for a child which is not flipping his for 18 years.

And you know what else? She ain’t goanna have a child with the man. But if she does, she will regret it big time but hoping that everyone is doing fine. This simp did a hard U Turn and crashed into a pole.

He comes in on 56:30. And then 30 minutes later, the swords come out!

So Obsidian isn’t SYSBM after all. Alright, that is fine. I don’t have a problem with that. But my thing is that why did he done a U – Turn all of a sudden? The man went back to the dysfunctional, ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that thinking black men talk about all the time. When I heard him on Mad Bus Driver’s live stream on YouTube, I was thinking very hard that this guy saw the roundabout and turn back to the ghetto hoodrats that are ratchet. Obsidian is trying to destroy SYSBM just like Dr Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 and Bareback Fountain but the thing is that Obsidian is trying to destroy it within.

These simps are coming after SYSBM like crazy because SYSBM will refuse to be in a relationship or marry these scraggle daggles. These simps are doing nothing but defending these scraggs doesn’t even want these simps at all. They don’t even like these gullible dudes that they do end it with when in their near future. But why are they defending these scraggle daggles? Well, these simps are being sent by the hoodrats as enforcers/henchmen because these ghetto hoodrats cannot defend themselves when thinking black men talk about their bad behaviour.

And also, these simps are siding with these ghetto black women because all they want is to get some punany. Like I said numerous times, it’s all about getting that coochie when it comes to defending these dangles. These simps are strategizing to get some clitoris because if they keep on siding with these dysfunctional women, they will think that they will get the prize. And that is what the scragglies have between their legs. That’s what it is really. But these ghetto ratchet hoodarts are giving the sweet tun tun punany to the worthless black men like Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Cheddar Street, Colt Five Rounds, Six Shooter Derrick, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Right, Shawn James did a huge turn around when he went against SYSBM. Not only that, he went after black men who are looking for foreign women. What made him do this big ass U – Turn? I really don’t know. Is he just another example of a black man that has failed? Maybe. All, he needs to do is to focus on his next book. Not defending these hopeless, scraggle daggles who doesn’t even give a fuck about him. And another simps Foolmar Johnson who is against black men who are in interracial relationships/marriage. He really needs to stop sniffing cocaine. I know why he didn’t build that black school because he use all that money to buy the white stuff and sniff it up his nose stream.

Obsidian is not SYSBM and that is fine me and everyone else but him trying to destroy it, it was a hard task for him and he failed miserably as SYSBM defended themselves when he was coming after the SYSBM lifestyle. Dr Foolamr Johnson failed to do so as well. But he’s too busy sniffing up the cocaine. Bareback Fountain who is another one who try to destroy it, he really needs to stop stalking other men on YouTube and start seeking counselling of him being abused by his mother when he was a child. Woke Poofgressive should go on and live his life as a homosexual when he confessed that he was gay and Shawn James needs to focus on his next book. Hey, if Shawn James wants to write a book for black woman which he is, then that is fine. He can write something erotic and trust me, they will love that. What is the result of defending these ghetto ratchet harridans? Nothing.

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These simps will continue to defend these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. That is a lose, lose situation. Lord God!


These Gold Diggers Won’t Cook, They Won’t Clean, They Won’t Do Anything


Hello, is it me you’re cooking for?/You must wash the chicken first/Then use all purpose seasoning/Don’t forget the potatoes too, go start peeling them/Go turn on the stove/And start cooking the white rice/Girl you must do that for me/Cook for me

You like me version? LOL!

I don’t need a woman that can cook for me and clean for me. I can do that myself. I was taught to do those things when I was young. But these gold diggers will not do that for a man. They are just there just to use the man if he has money. And she is willing and I mean willing to use the man. These gold diggers, they don’t wanna work. They don’t wanna have their own business. They just wanna pick a man’s pockets.

When you hear a gold digger say that they want a man that had money, drive a nice car, has his own house and to take care of me financially, what do they mean is that they want a man that who has those credentials just to use him and to manipulate him. And there are some simps that have money will fall for it. They are not being careful when they dealing with gold diggers. But here is the thing. What can a gold digger bring to the table? That is the question. Can she cook, can she clean, can she take care of the children, making it a happy home for a man? I know that gold diggers can’t make a man happy at all. She will make him miserable when she’s asking the man money, you get me?

But the thing is this. You see a gold digger, she will not cook for a man, she won’t clean for a man, she will not take care of the children, she won’t give him no clit when he wants to fuck, she is just for the man’s dough. What can a gold digger can do for a man? Nothing. And that is it really. And why a man is with a gold digger in the first place? Low standards maybe? Why have children with a gold digger? That is a very big mistake. If a man breaks up with a gold digger and he has kids with her, she will try to claim child support to get some money of the man and you know what makes it worse? She will get it, especially if she has more then one child with the man.

These gold diggers and nothing but dysfunctional women. Because they come from a family who has ratchet family members who are women mostly. And not only that, their mothers are gold diggers too and the mothers influence these women to be just like them. And when become adults, these women become just like their mothers. And a gold digger will steel from a man also. Listen here; I give £15 to my ex in 2003 so she can go Manchester. For years now, something doesn’t feel right about this at all. I explained in on my five part article Jamaican Pudding. Gold diggers are cunning and plus, they will cheat on their man with a guy who is mediocre as these gold diggers.

We have a huge amount of gold diggers in the so called black community. They will only go for a man that has something. But now, black men are turning the other cheek and dating non black women. Because they have seen so much dysfunction with black women nowadays. And the ghetto ratchet black women are being very salty when black men are with non black women. But the thing is that the ghetto ratchet black women don’t want the black men who are in these non black relationships or interracial marriage. They want the worthless black man that they desire the most.

If a gold digger is in a relationship with 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed, they have to submit to them. Because if they don’t, they will get a hard back hand by these worthless dudes that they really wanna be with. They are just there to use the man who has money but when it comes to these hopeless black men, they go crazy for these worthless black men that they really, really want. They will have to cook, clean and wash clothes for the thugs that they are in a relationship with but if they don’t, the thugs will clap them down.

Gold diggers, listen to this jam from Blackstreet.

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To the gold diggers, stop picking the man’s pockets. Just go out there are work.


The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 12: It’s A Wrap

weave head woman

weave head woman 2


With all the black women wearing weave. I have something to tell you.


It’s a wrap for natural beauty!

I was at Watford today getting my haircut. Yeah, the Ghanaian man did a good job. Afterwards I went into Primark in Watford Town Centre just to buy some sunglasses. I was leaving Watford Town Centre. I was on the 321 Bus heading to St Albans City Station because heading to Luton is a long journey and the buses nowadays are just iffy. When I was on the bus passing the Watford Job Centre, I saw this black woman, slim body, brown skin, wearing them high heel mules, sexy looking browning. But there is one thing. The browning had that weave on. Blonde weave. Yeah man, black woman have weave in their scalp as well in that area. You may think that black women in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire don’t have that weave in their head. Oh no, same thing. And speaking off weave, this weekend was just weave mania.

Right, it was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was shinning, weather was tree. I was at Leagrave Train Station in Luton heading to Seven Sisters, North London. Then I went to Walthamstow, Croydon, Brixton and Southbank. I went on the Thamelink train and I saw this black chick with brown skin, nice toes, thick thighs, smell nice too. Yeah, I know, another browning but anyway. I came off at London St. Pancras International. She comes off with her friend as well. You must be wondering “Why you never chat to her blud? You should off chat to her. You should chirp her. Give her the lyrics.” Right, there is a reason why I didn’t chat her up or talk to her even though I’m too old for chasing girls. The reason why I didn’t talk to her is because that she had that weave in her hair.

Yesterday, I was at the station heading to the town. I saw two black girls. One was tall, had nice toes, great legs, smell good too. And the other one had a nice body, thick legs. Yeah, thick thighs save lives. Guess what? The two of them had weave on. Oh boy! When I see a black woman in the street, she has that weave in her head, especially when they wear that blonde weave. It’s nothing but weave galore as I see black women wearing weave every single day. There are some black women that have their natural hair like the one I saw coming off the train at Victoria station when I was coming from Brixton. And she wasn’t bad looking as well.

As I look at it now. When it comes to natural hair, it’s a wrap. Natural beauty is done when it comes to black women. All black men are seeing now is black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman who is their biggest ever nemesis. As black men see this weave on black women, black men will look at this and walk away from black women and date a non black woman that can grow her long wavy hair naturally. If a black man sees a black woman with natural hair which is now a very rare thing now, he might give her a chance but when a black man sees a weave wearing black woman, it will be very difficult to approach her because she is not in her natural state.

There are black men that will approach a black woman that have that weave glued in their scalp but that are the simps that are defending these scraggle daggles when black women talk about the bad behaviour of these ghetto hoodrats. When black men talk about black women wearing weave, simps like King Keeme sides with them. But there are many, many simps that are defending these scraggly weave wearers that goes to the hairdressers and spend their money just to put this weave on their head trying to take on the white woman’s hairstyle.

There is no way that a black man will ever approach a black woman because she has nothing but weave in her hair. Black men are now turning away from black women because black women as a whole are not in their natural state. So black decided to look for a black woman that has natural hair which is now rare nowadays or they can date non black women. There are black men that will approach black women but that will be these simps that black women don’t want as they prefer the worthless man, the hopeless man or the unproductive man.


Ratchetness Is Unattractive To Black Men


Black men, do you find this attractive?

The guy on 4:26. New York went in G! 😄😆😅😂🤣

Black men, do you find this attractive? No

Ratchetness is unattractive to black men. I repeat, ratchetness is unattractive to black men. How many videos we see black women being ratchet? There are so many videos of black women being that are ratchet and frankly enjoy it. There are ghetto ratchets who are wearing inappropriate clothing, there are ratchets black women that are wearing all different colours of weave, they twerk in public and don’t care, show they’re bad behaviour on social media, the list goes on and on and on. And when black men who are think minded look at this, they just turn around and walk off in a instant.

When black men see the ratchetness of black women, these women remind them of their female family members. And as they see this with other black women, they are not goanna deal with that ratchet bullshit. So they decide to date non black women and move away from the scraggle daggles that embrace the ratchetness. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet black women will lose their heads and go in rage mode when they see black men with non black women and calling them names like nigger, house nigger, coon, sell out, sambo and all that nonsense that comes out of their ratchet mouth.

But black men will give these ghetto scarggle daggles nothing but the logical truth of the bad behaviour of these scragglies. As they do that, these scraggs will go to the simps and use them as attack dogs to come after any black man with has a logical mindset. And you know, the worse thing is that these simps will go and defend these ghetto hoodrats. They will be the enforcers/henchmen for the ghetto ratchet harlots and come after black men who talk about the badness of these ghetto scraggs.

But black men who are SYSBM are willing to take on these simps because they are not afraid to take these simps on who don’t have a brain in their thick skull. And when these simps go to battle with SYSBM, they end up losing and they come back emotionally wounded when they take on SYSBM in the battlefield. These simps don’t know what they are getting themselves into. They are taking on intelligent black men who doesn’t think like them and these simps have nothing but weak logic.

As ask they are defending these good for nothing ghetto scarggles, these hoodrats are chasing after the thug, the criminal, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man. The men like Colt Five Rounds, 357 Jimmy, Machete Man Briggy, Knife man Priest, Corner Boy Ronney, Rum Smuggler Don, Thick Dick Tyrone and Fuck All Night Freed. The simps will have no chance to get one of these scarggle daggles that they love and honour. They will struggle to get one.

Black men or thinking black men are not attractive to ratchet women. They stay away from that fuckery. Because the problems it will bring for them if they start a relationship with these scraggly women. And these hoodrats don’t mind causing madness towards but these thinking black men will not take shit from these ratchet women. Listen here, it I was with one of these scraggles, you think I’m goanna take any crap from them? You must be out of your mind!


When A Married Man Spends Money On His Side Woman




When I watch these YouTube videos of MGTOW men saying men that don’t get married, I was like “That’s the man’s decision. That’s the man’s choice. But I truly understand that men will lose everything they work for when it comes to divorce. But I’m a person who refuses and I mean refuses to make a man’s choice of if he should get married. And it’s my choice if I wanna get married. Look at SYSBM. Look at the SYSBM men who are married. And now the marriage thing. I don’t have a problem with it because I’m a product of a two parent home of two Jamaican parents who was married for over 20 years. But there are simps that has side chicks while they have their wives at home or at work.

Right, we all know it’s wrong to have a side chick when you’re a married man. And I know that a woman have a side man but let’s look into a man perspective, or simp’s perspective. It’s not a good idea when a man has side woman but, there is a reason why he has one. And that’s because the wife is not giving him any nookie when it comes to the sack. Or just the man just wanna cheat. It’s not a good idea to have a woman on the side because if your wifey finds out that you have side pum pum, then you lose everything like the house, the money, the cars I mean everything. And you have pay alimony and the dreaded child support if you have children with her. However, there one mistake a man will do. And that is sending money on his side woman.

Yep, there are some things that a simp will do and that is spending money on a side gyal. Spending money on a side woman is a simp move just like breeding her off. The only thing the side woman is only for and only good for is just sex. That’s it. They are just for fucking. Why a man is spending money on a woman who isn’t his wife? If I have a side woman which I won’t, you think I’ll be spending money on her? Fuck no! She’s not my wife or my girlfriend, fuck that! It’s horrible to say that but the thing is that the side woman is just a woman is giving what the wife is not giving to the husband. Simple as that. He don’t need to help her to pay the rent or mortgage, light bill, gas bill, etc. The only thing he wants is what she has between her legs.

Yo, do you know how much side women the men up at North West London have? They have ‘nough of them. They have woman on the left, woman on the right, women all over the place. Having a side woman is not a great idea for a man because you will end up getting them divorce papers quicker then he blinks. And for a woman, it’s not great for her at all being a side woman because the women will look at her as a whore, a slut, a slapper and so on. And the men who want to get some punany of her, they will treat her that way. It is what it is when it comes to side chicks. They are just there for one thing.

There was a woman in that was staying at the house where I was living up at Willesden in 1997. And she was dealing with a married man who lived close by. One Friday night, I heard them having sex in her bedroom. They had sex a few times. One night, he swing by and he bought her something. Look, I don’t know why he did that but hey! That’s what simps do, you get me? And she was bringing men into the house as well which pissed my mum off so much. And she’s a family member of mine as well, I think. Do these married men ever marry these side chicks when they divorced their wives? No way, because if a man leaves his wife and marries the side woman, she will cheat on him and leave him for the guy she is sleeping with. And these simps always suffer the price when they leave the wife for someone else that will kick them to the curb. I see it all the time.

Alright, the thing is this that no man shouldn’t have a side woman if he’s married. He should know the dangerous consequences if the wife finds out that he have another woman on the side. And no man should be giving a side woman anything whatsoever. She just a side piece really and I don’t want a side chick if I was a married man. I know that there are some simps who are not providing for their wives but they are giving money to the side woman. Are they mad?


Sit Back Drinking Liquor


You must be thinking “What do you mean by sit back drinking liquor blud?” Right, it means that when a person sits and watches the individual’s downfall because of the wrong things the man or woman is doing. And they have been warned about it. So basically person have no choice but to leave that individual alone, sit back and watch that person fall. And I add the liquor because I sit back and chill with a bottle of liquor and chill while these simps head into disaster. And that’s what I did when I saw these simps suddenly fall from grace all because they wanna defend these ghetto scragglies from the hood. Thinking black men have been telling these simps not to side with them and these simps don’t listening.

Everybody knows that Derrick Jaxn was cheating on his wife. And there are a number of black men have been making videos on You Tube of this man creeping on his wifey. The self proclaimed relationship expert and author was licking up to the ratchet black women and putting black men under the bus because black men who will not simp refuse to date, be in a relationship or marry these mediocre black women. Derrick Jaxn has written eight books and there was one book entitled Singe Mothers Are For Grown Men Only. When I saw that cover and the title of the book, I said “Bomba claat! Man is truly simping for these scraggly hoes!” I know that black men have a huge distain for him and I can’t blame them for that. I saw some of his videos on You Tube and I was just shaking his head but I didn’t say anything but to sit back, drinking liquor.

Derrick Jaxn was on the anti SYSBM stance all because that SYSBM will not be courted by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. Derrick Jaxn also known as the muscle simp is just like the other simps we are seeing on social media. These simps don’t know the consequences of siding with these ghetto harridans and now Derrick Jaxn is paying the price of defending these good for nothing harlots of the ghetto. The muscle bond simp didn’t have a problem throwing black men under the bus and now he is suffering now because these ghetto scraggles daggles turned on him. Look what Angel Ramirez – Jordan. He went against SYSBM and these ghetto hoodrats betrayed him.

Hey sit back and drink liquor.

Derrick Jaxn is a beta male with an alpha male body. Don’t get me wrong. He has a great physique but didn’t have a great mind. And there black men saying on You Tube that he is just playing the simp role just to get this money and I agree with them. And I heard that he has a biracial child. I don’t know if he has more then one. I’m not sure. Here is the thing. Why is he putting black men under the bus for not choosing these ghetto scraggs and he has a biracial child? Oh, the hypocrisy! The simp was throwing black men under the bus, coming after SYSBM and to find out that he has a mix child? That’s strange.

All of these simps are not afraid to come after SYSBM with the ghetto ratchet black women giving the orders to the simps to attack them. Yet, these ghetto hoodrats are lusting after the worthless black men like Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Head Frasier, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Long Dick In Luton Tom, Fuck All Night Freed, Marga Man Dillan and Crack Head Rasta Clive. These scarggle daggles love and adore these hopeless men while they have a huge dislike of these simps that are defending them. I don’t know how many IQ’s these simps have but I know it’s very low.

Derrick Jaxn’s wife is planning the divorce and when she does, she will take everything that he has. As you look at her face, she looks very hurt and vengeance is on her mind, oh fuck! This simp with muscles has went up against SYSBM and lost, badly. You can be an away team battling relegation and try to be the home side with a great goal keeper, a strong defence, a creative midfield and quality strikers. You will get a heavy defeat. This is a lesson to these simps who are defending these decedent hoodrats that don’t don’t care about you. You will suffer the consequences if you side with these women that don’t even like you. Or worse, love you! And as for me , I’m goanna sit back and drink liquor. Cheers!


Why I Didn’t Get Married

black relationships

Why I didn’t get married? There are a lot of people ask me that question of me not being a married man. First of all, I’m not against marriage. I think marriage is a beautiful thing. And I’m also with interracial marriage no matter if a black man is married to a non black woman or a black woman married to a non black man. My mum and dad were married to each other for over 20 years. And my first sister has been married since 2006 and my other sister was married twice. And my late brother was married twice. But the thing is that why a guy like Money Cultural is not a married man.

The reason why I didn’t get married is because what I went through with my exes with their gold digging ways, it might be the same thing with me if I was a married man. Even though I’m not innocent of some of the relationships I had, I refuse to deal with a gold digger, a user, a manipulator, a narcissist, a sociopath and so on. And also, with the divorce rate, if I’m a man with a huge house in Stanmore, three luxurious cars and loads of money, if I get divorce from the wife, then I will lose everything. Then I have to pay alimony and if I have children with her, then I have to pay the dreaded child support.

For men, marriage is extremely dangerous thing now because when it comes to divorce, it’s losing battle for the man because the woman will win and she will get everything from him if he has something. So what he worked really hard for, he will lose everything when he’s at the divorce court. Marriage is a beautiful but then it’s get ugly when the man gets handed the divorce papers and he ends up in a rut. Hip Hop rapper and producer Dr. Dre is going through a divorce and his wife demands $2,000,000 a month to cover her expenses. (£1,43,6140) That is $24,000,000 which is over £17,000,000 in British. But he scores a major win in $2,000,000,000 divorce though.

When it comes to black men getting married, when it’s the good black man, he won’t get a chance to marry a black woman. But when it comes to the worthless black man like 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Rizla P, Pimp L, Whiskey Baron Tony and Fuck All Night Freed, they will marry these men who are not marriage material. So why they are marrying these hopeless men? Because they wanna change these men which is impossible for the women to change them. But they do have children with these men which is fucking insane because these men won’t even think about taking care of their off springs. So the good black men may have to marry outside their race because they will never get a chance to have a black wife.

I would love to get married and have a family of my own. But as you look the divorce rate and men losing what they work hard for, it’s a terrifying thing really. Being with the wrong person in a relationship will make you say I’m not putting a ring on this finger. And as you look at these ratchet scragglies that are available, men are looking at this and starting thinking “Na, I’m good!” The MGTOW community says that don’t get married because of the divorce rate. That’s the man choice. He can make that decision for himself he wants to get marred. Me, though, I don’t see it happening, even though I’m down with marriage.