So He Wants To Be A Step Daddy


You know, I have no issues of having children. I don’t mind having children. And I say to myself that if I want to have children, I wanna raise them in a two parent home. But I don’t think that’s goanna happen whatsoever. But there is one thing that I will never be and that’s being a step father. It looks like the latest thing when it comes to black men and the simp on Tiktok says that he like baby mothers and is ready to be a step father. Hope everyone is doing well. We have another simp here. Yep, another simp. There are tones of simps on social media, backside!

He loves what!?

So, this simp like baby mamas? He wants to be a step daddy? He wants to take care of children which is not his? This man is goanna provide for children which belongs to a next man who is worthless dude who refuse to take care of his children? He wants the children to call him daddy while the children don’t have his bloodline? In 2010 when I was in Jamaica, I was in a sexual relationship with a woman with children and the older child called me daddy. That made me run off but the scraggle daggle who’s a Christian did had a next man. And she had his child with him as well. But she has a child with another dude as well. How many childless black men you see playing the step daddy role? There are black men who’s doing the Russell Wilson and it doesn’t bother them.

This man says that he has a fetish for baby mothers and he wants to wife up a woman with children and be a step daddy. It might be that he’s chasing women with children no matter what colour they are because he might be looking somewhere to stay and try to live off the baby mother. That’s it really. I know this from time ago. In the so called black community, there are no issues of a man taking care of a next man’s child or children. For the simps, it’s a big prize for them until they get their hearts broken.

As black men talk about single mothers, these simps will come after them because they are talking about women that they love, obey and worship. And some of these simps are taking care of off springs that are not theirs. There are deadly consequences of dealing with a woman with children. Remember the guy who bought McD’s to his child and his baby mother cursed him out because he didn’t bought food for the other three children which are not his? Yeah, that situation will happen if these simps if they mess with these toxic ratchet hoodrats who has children with different dudes, you get me?

These simps wanna take care of these children that belongs to 50. Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Street Mice, Ruff Cut Larry, Colt Five Rounds, 357 Jimmy, Copper Man Stoley, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Freed. What award that they give to a childless man who is a step father? Nothing but harsh criticism by other YouTubers who talk about these simps that will take care of another man’s responsibility. A lot of Youtubers has warned these simps not to marry or be in relationships with single mothers but these simpish dude are not listing to them until they get badly hurt.

This man who loves baby mothers, chasing them and trying to be a step daddy has no goals, he has no ambition, he’s not on his purpose and doesn’t wanna achieve anything. If he’s goanna deal with a single mother, it’s goanna be a sexual thing and that’s how it is in most cases. It’s always black men who has this crazy mentality and there are more and more black men have this ill mentality in their thick skull. They validate punany, they are not looking after their children, they are missing in their children’s lives and now they are chasing single mothers. I know that there is more about black men. If this man gets hurt, if this man gets his heart broken, don’t be surprised that the YouTube platform talks about him in pain because he was in a relationship with a single mother.

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step dad

The only time a man can be with a woman with children is when he has children of his own. Simple as that!


So You Want To Be A Step Father

step father

Is that right!?

On Tuesday 21st June 2022, I became a grand uncle, again to a baby boy. I will try see the baby but my older sister and her kids live in Surry now. So it’s difficult to see them. You guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, when you goanna have a child blud! When you goanna have a yute! Yo star, breed up one girl up at North West London. You can get a flat up at Brent council!” I soon have one but there is one thing that I don’t wanna be. And that is a being a step father, frigg that!  But hope everyone is doing well. And I hope everyone is coping with the train strike as well. It will be over soon. I guarantee it guys!

To the simps out there. So you want to be a step father, hu? Right, you can date whoever you want but the thing is that when you become a step father to that child or children which are not yours, that mean you are taking care of another man’s foundation. That child or children if the woman has more then one, they don’t have your DNA. They are the next man’s kids, not yours. And also, when it boils down to the mother, she won’t have time with you. She’s have time for the children. And her children will come first. And you will be the last option.

You see, there are guys that are looking after children that belongs to the biological father. So why is it that these men mostly black men are filling in that application form to be a step father? They are looking for a place to stay. These simps are dating these single mothers because they wanna live of the women and not provide for her. If you’re a man that has a child or have a few children, then you can be with a woman that has kids. But the thing is that the single mother is not looking for the man that has children. She is looking for the dude who is childless. In other words, they gyal want a sucker to take care of her children.

These simps like Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive, D Derailed, Rap Raven, and Bareback Fountain want thinking black men to take these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and wife them up. There is no way that childless black men will wife up a woman that has children regardless of her colour. So there is no way that any man that wanna do a Russell Wilson. Because he rather have children with a childless woman so he can build a family from the ground up. But he cannot have a family with a woman that has children.

These women that are single mother, they didn’t have children with good black men. They had children with worthless black men like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Head Frasier and Fuck All Night Freed. And as they have children with these hopeless dudes that they desire, then they start chasing good black men or the nice guys. But they will get angry when they get reject by these good black men and the nice guys because there is no way that they will be with these single mothers. So they go to the simps that they don’t wanna be with.

So, do you wanna be a step father? And I’m asking simpish black men as well because they always chase single mothers. Do you wanna be a step father? You wanna look after a child with is not yours? Are goanna take another man’s responsibility? Are you goanna take care of another man’s foundation? Are you goanna do a Russell Wilson and marry a single mother? Are you goanna listen to these simps yelling at you “Wife her up nigah!” If you are a single father, then you can marry a woman with children but if you’re a childless man, you goanna have a difficult ride!

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single mother

Yeah, I know the feeling!


Black Men Calling Russell Wilson A Simp. Why?

russell wilson

Before I talk about Russell Wilson of why black men calling him a simp, let me tell you something what happened in Clarendon, Jamaica. A man not only killed a woman but he killed four of her children. And it happened seven in the morning. You guys must be thinking “What the hell is this now!? Was it a domestic dispute!?” It looks like it is. And the police are looking for the man that slashed their throats. The youngest child was 11 mouths old and the oldest child was 15 years old. It must be the boyfriend that killed them. I have a real feeling about this. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m trying to cope with the train strike. Oh boy!

Why black men do they call Russell Wilson a simp? Is it because that he puts his wife on a pedestal? Well, nothing is wrong with that if a man loves his wife. I have no issues with that. A man has a right to love his wife. At the end of the day, it’s his wife. He can give her flowers, chocolates and gifts but not all the time though. That is too much really giving your wifey one thing to another to please her. But the thing is that black men are not mad at that. I’m not mad at that neither. Nothing’s wrong being a good husband.

Is it that black men call him a simp dude because he’s a square, lame, corny? Listen, to the lame dudes out there. There is nothing wrong being called a lame. There are some dudes that have their lame ways. When someone calls you a lame ass dude, they are the ones who are lame as well. Probably more lame then you, star! I have met some lame dudes and they turn out to be cool. Look, even Money Cultural have his lame ways, you get me? Don’t be surprised on that. Hey fuck it! Be lame and be pound, blud! But is not that Russell Wilson is a lame dude. Oh no!


Is it because that they call him a simp because he lets Ciara twerk, especially on social media? Well, I have no issues with twerking. It’s just a dance. Look in the Caribbean when you see the Caribbean women twerk when they are dancing to the music and it’s very common there as well. African women twerk as well. Look at South America with the South American honeys twerk the hell out their booties! And there are some thirsty simps that are lusting and drooling over Ciara when she’s twerking and shaking them brown buttocks. But black men are no mad on that either!

So, why black men calling Russell Wilson a simp? Right, I’ll tell ya! The reason why black men called Russell Wilson a simp is because that him, a childless man married to R&B singer Ciara who is a single mother that had a child with rapper Future. In other words, he married to a single mother. And Future has baby mothers left, right and centre. Black men was in shock that the NFL player that has a tone of money got married to a single mother. I understand that Ciara is a good looking woman. She is a stunner. A nice looking browning with all that brown skin. But Russell Wilson is a childless man with money and he shouldn’t deal with a woman who is a single mother.

The ghetto ratchet black women are upset that black men are hot happy with Russell Wilson because he’s married to a single mother. They are talking about this on social media of black men who are upset that Russell Wilson went to simp mode and married a woman with a child. And he’s raising the child which is not his. I have no issues of Russell Wilson. I’m proud of his success and I have huge love for Ciara as well. She’s a talented woman and a great singer, but DAMN! Russell Wilson took the simp route and that is something a man that has no children shouldn’t do.

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This is the reason why black men call Russell Wilson is a simp. and the scraggle daggles are not happy.


She’s For The Roadz


I was watching Melanie King on YouTube and I watch three videos of three women that belongs to the streets. The first video is a dying woman who is married ask her hubby that she wants to have sex with her ex boyfriend on last time. Then the next video is a woman who is a life couch from Australia left her 14 year marriage and then get rejected by Chad so badly and also in the beautiful country Brazil, there’s this married woman who is Christian let a homeless man have sex with him in a car. Yeah, she got homeless cocky from him. You guy must be like “I’m goanna be sick, blurrrrr!” Hope you guys alright if did head to the toilet after you vomited when you heard the woman making the homeless man going all up in there in the car.

The lady was in the car getting homeless wood! Jesus Christ!

If you don’t know the meaning she’s for the streets, it means that it’s a woman that is good for having sex but not to marry and have children with. For instance, if a woman sleeps around, you can’t have her as a girlfriend or even marry her. The only thing she is good for is to get sex down. And that’s it. And also, when a man who is married and his wife is cheating, this term can be used as well. And also, a woman who is a single mother that have a number of children, oh yeah, that term can be used as well. But for me, I flipped it in a in British street manner and say when I see a whorish woman, I will say that “She’s For The Roadz!”

There are a lot of women especially black women who are for the streets. There are tones of women who are being passed around like some parcel at the Royal Mail delivery office. I’m from North West London and I know that there are some gyal that are hoes in my endz where I’m from. Look,I know that I have a wrap sheet but for there is no way that I wanna be with a woman that has thrown her punany around, you get me? And some of these women, some of them have sex with no condoms. I know it feels good when you go all up it raw but there are some women that you don’t slam without a rubber.

I think I know the games already!


I have this example. A man meets a woman. She looks nice, good body, nice toes, dangerous legs, she has everything. The man gets her number and she gets his as well, obviously. He wants to go out with her but then his friends know the girl and they say he she had multiple dudes around the area. She’s a around the way girl that have a whole leap of men line up for her. They even say that she see one man coming out of her house when he did his thing. And his friends use to do her as well. So the guy start to think that this girl is for them streets and he’s not goanna pursue her.

Which type of men which these whorish females sleep with? It’s not the good man or the nice guy. It’s the thuggish dudes like 50. Calibre Gilly, Machete Man Briggy, Colt Five Rounds, Street Mice, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Freed. These hoes will never in a million years will open their legs to the nice guy of the gentleman. They don’t want that. They want the thuggy dude, the hopeless dude and the unproductive man. The good man Brian will have a hard time getting between their legs but the Guinness Drunk Mac will make the slide the knickers down.

When these hoodrats have their children, all of a sudden they are looking for a good man to settle with. This happens a lot in the so called black community as we see black women who are baby mothers are looking for a good black man who is childless to be with. And when the good black man says no to single mothers, they will go on a raging rant when he rejects them. But the simps are willing to be with them so they can live off on these women. No man doesn’t wanna do a Russell Wilson and that’s what these scraggles are looking for. There is no way that a good black man will go for a woman that wants to be in the streets or the roads.

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black woman in pink

When you see a woman who is whorish, she is not for you as a girlfriend or wife material. She is for the streets or she’s for the roadz!


Don’t Wife Her


Untitled design (1)

You know, I know that there are good black women around, but where are they? Nowhere to be seen. A good black woman is like a rare sports car. It’s very good looking, has a nice interior, the recaro leather seats are great, lovely deep dish alloy wheels, fantastic engine; handle very well and it’s very fast. But the thing is that it’s made in small numbers, so you won’t see one very often. That’s how I describe a good black woman. But a ratchet black woman, you will see one on a very frequent basis. They are on the streets. Go on social media and see what you can find. And there are some simps that are lusting after these women. Hope you guys are doing fine. Russell Wilson has married a woman that is not only a single mother but a woman that is just for the streets. And you know what? She loves it.

Right, I have saw a video of R&B singer Ciara and other girls twerking at a gas station. In Britain, we call it petrol station. Fans was in shock when they see the singer twerking the hell of that brown booty in the video. I see the singer going buck wild on top of a Ford Bronco for the music video JUMP and I mean she went buck wild, yo! Guys, you could have seen the other girl who was in front of the Ford. I mean she was twerking that ass like crazy, holy shit! Yo people, she went wild on that. And the dudes must be saying to me “You like that type of ting Money Cultural. Don’t lie blud. You’ll make her ride you like that blud! You’ll have no dick left!” Let’s not think about punany right now.

Right, I saw another video from The Phillip Scott Show. And as I saw the video, I see a line of ratchet black women. I don’t know if they are auditing, I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m goanna go straight into it. We see black men complaining that these women are wearing weave trying to look a white woman and we see these ratchets with different colour of weave, a number of tattoos which I have some on my arms and hoping to get some on my left arm, they don’t like the way these ratchet women talk in that vulgar state, dressed trashy and so on. I understand what black men are complaining about. However, some of them will sleep with these women. Or try settle down with them.

When you see a woman who is ratchet, especially a ratchet black woman, black men, do yourself a favour. Not only you don’t sleep with her but don’t wife her. These ratchets are nothing but women who have bad attitudes and they will not submit to you, if you are a good black man. As we see black women twerking in public as well, you know what type of man they are looking for. And it’s not the nice guy who finishes last or the good black man who is sensible. Everyone knows that I’m not the marriage type. Marriage life will never happen to me. But if I was goanna het married (Which will never happen), it will never be with these ghetto females.

There are some YouTubers says to men that they shouldn’t get married but at the end of the day, these dude who are saying this fuckery are married to women who are mediocre, single mothers and so on. If a man wants to get married and come home to a wifey every evening when he’s coming back from work, then that’s cool. I have no issues with that. But the thing is that he can’t have a wife like Ciara. She’s a type of lady who likes the bad boy thing. She wants the thuggish dude that will drive her crazy. And as a man who sees a woman like that, he should know that she is for the roadz. In other words, she’s for the streets.

So black men, if you see a woman like that, don’t wife her up. I’m really serious. And also, of you are goanna sleep with them, please use protection. You don’t wanna put a baby in her belly and hate yourself afterwards. But the boyz from the hood of North West London will say that “You must have a kid now. You must have a yute!” Yes, I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew. I need a heir to the throne or a heiress to the throne if it’s a girl. But there is no way that would marry these women who are just for the thugs. Crazy!

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When you see a woman who is for the streets, don’t wife her!

big booty and a smile


Are Black Women Still Dateable

lady in red

As I look back with my relationships, I was like “What was I thinking of dealing with these dumb chick?” Yes, I did chat to other women while I was with these narcissistic gold diggers. But when I saw the women that was talking to Kevin Samuels on his YouTube live streams, I was thinking “Them scraggs remind me of my exes, Goddamn!” But hope everyone was coping with the rain. I’m here with the black woman that is could be the most undateable woman in the dating market. Today, I slip on the steps when I was walking up them at the train station. All most didn’t made it, guy!

Right song for the weather!

Classic jam from these three ladies!

As we see black women now including me, we have seen black women having bad attitudes, showing a huge hatred towards black men, wearing weave in their hair trying to look like their arch nemesis known as the white woman, they fight in public, they fight another woman for a man’s love and affection who as the third women under the bed sheets, the live off the government, chasing after thugs like Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Cheddar Street, Chopper Man Stoley, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed, raising children by themselves, making their black sons into criminals which is making them end up in jail or dead, being up their daughters because they are showing envy to them because their daughters are growing up to become beautiful women and the mothers are hitting the wall, there is a lot of things going on with black women.

As black men see black women now, are black women are datable women? There are some black men will say no because of the dysfunctional behaviour and the wretchedness some black women are displaying and they are not afraid to show it in front of everyone. As black men look at black men acting abnormal, they will look at this and say “No thank you!” and walk away from them. Are there good black women around? The good black woman is like a unicorn, you don’t see one often. The good black woman is like a rare sports car. It looks great, engine sounds great, it’s fast, handles well when it turns into the corners, the interior looks great and it has leather seats but the car is made in very small numbers.

As some black women are showing there ratchet behaviour and having no fear of showing it, some black men decides to be in relationships or marry non black women. But as black women see black men with women from other races, they will call them all sort of nonsense like coon, nigger, house nigger or sell out. But when a black woman is with a non black man, she will not get the verbal garbage like what a black man get when he’s with a non black woman. However, when a black women goes and date a non black man, she will get the lowest type of non black dude and it’s mostly a white guy who is a bottom of the barrel type. Not Nice Guy Nick, a well dressed white guy who makes £100,000 per annual, drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le and has a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

As thinking black men are talking about the ratchetness of these ghetto scraggle daggles, there are simps who are lined up ready to defend these ghetto harridans that they love and honour. They are sent by the scargglies to be their enforcers and attack black men who talk about these ghetto ratchet queens. As these simps go back and forth with the free thinking black men and SYSBM as well, these scraggle daggles will open their legs to the thugs that they lust after. As these simps retreat with defeat from the war with thinking black men, they see their scraggle daggles getting pressed on the bed by Knife Man Priest, Machete Man Briggy, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

In America, 72 per cent of black women are not married and around 24 pent of black women are wives. The reason why over 70 per cent of black women are not married is not because it it’s not hard of them to look for a man, oh no, no. It’s because that they are not wife material. And as everyone saw black women celebrated the death of Kevin Samuels, it seems like that number is goanna go to 80 per cent. In Britain, over 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. The interracial relationship rate in the UK is so high because black men in Britain have seen the dysfunctional behaviour amongst black women for a very long time. So they walk away from black woman and date out. But you would say “But Money Cultural, what about the African women and the Caribbean women. What about dating them instead of dating black women from this Britain and in America?” Well, it might be the same with the weave, single mothers, chasing worthless men and so on. But I don’t mind if a black man want to go on that direction.

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You might ask me the question are black women worth dating? Well, it will be very, very hard to get that ultra rare sports car known as the good black woman.

black woman crossed

Guess what I found out today. I found out that Skeleton remains was discovered at Lodge Building in Morant Bay, St Thomas, Jamaica. My mum watch the news report today. The workers was taking down the building found three people skeletons in coffins! Or four I heard!

One Jamaican man wearing the Puma hat said that St Thomas, what is going on. People don’t know. I don’t know neither. I don’t know what’s going down in that St Tommy. I haven’t been to Jamaica for ten years. And the building is close to the police station as well.

And there was one homeless man said he will not visit the property again. I don’t blame him after what they found in that building.


Jamaican Women At It Again

jamaican women fighting

You know what they are fighting for right!?

My mum was talking to one of her relatives in St Thomas, Jamaica. I heard that my older cousin who is a married is dealing with not one, not two but three women. And you know something else ladies and gentlemen? The three women are fighting for the guy. Yeah, they’re fighting for a man that is married with children. And you know what else? Jesus Hail Christ on crutches, one of the Jamaican scraggle daggle dungle smashed his car windows. It seems like the Jamaican scraggly smashed all of the car windows. Mum start cruising, I just shake my head — I hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural here back with one stupid one to bombard! Mi nah know what’s wrong with them gyal you know. Fighting for a dude that is not only married but he has the fourth woman on his radar and ready to press it between the bed sheets.

See fatty fighting the browning!

No man is not worth fighting for. Tell that to a scraggle daggle especially one from Jamaica and you sees her in a vicious cat fight with another woman for a man’s love and affection. These type of situations happen numerous times with black women especially in Jamaica. There are YouTube videos of Jamaican women fighting for a man that has another woman and he’s ready to drill it down on the mattress. We have never seen these harridans brawling for a good man or the nice guy and you’ll never see them fighting for a simp as they are hated by these women. They will go into a street battle for a man that really doesn’t want to be with them. And no matter how much he doesn’t want them, these women are still goanna fight for this man. These women are not bright in the head.

Jamaican are one of most the finest women on the planet even though they are ratchet like my family members. If they are that good looking women (Some of them) then why they fighting for some worthless dude? Oh bomba claat, I answered myself that question. These women do show love and desire to the worthless man more then the man who has a job, self employed and so on. These scraggle daggles don’t wannna be with a good man. They want a hopeless guy that they crave for on a daily basis. And if you think that they will fight for a simp, then you have been mistaken. These simps are not wanted at all. I have been saying that for a long time now. And you now what else? The reason why they are fighting for him is because the slamming is good. In other words “The sex is good”. If the man is killing the punany or munching it good, she’ll come back for more.

My cousin breed off one side chick in 2014. Just don’t ask me why! And when I was in Jamaica in 2006 when one of my sisters was getting married, he told me that he breed off one 57 year old woman. Guys, I shit you not. He told me that breed up the 57 year old after he nutted in her! You guys must be thinking “What about the wife? How does she feel about this?” When my sister talk about my cousin mischievous antics, the browning starts crying. The fuck she expect? You think the men of the Bailey family are all saints? She’s really having a laugh. If a woman sees a man from the Bailey bloodline and he ask her hand in marriage, she will hesitate and say no. Even though most the Bailey don’t get married. They just like me, blud. Them Negros don’t wanna get tied down. But one is married to a white woman in America and that is my mum’s young brother.

Right, the three stupid scraggles that are fighting for my cousin. Do you think that my cousin want them? No because he’s married to a brown skin chick. He’s just trying to get his knob wet with punany juice. That’s what it is. The man don’t want them for a relationship or a romantic thing. So I really don’t know why they are fighting for a taken man. We all know about men fighting for a woman. One will end up doing a prison sentence, the other man will end up in a human freezer known as the morgue and the woman has the next man between her thighs. You must be thinking that “Money C, he breed two woman outside the marriage and one of the woman was 57. Does he think of child support?” You know something, that’s what I was thinking about. Do these men afraid of child support? Don’t they forget that this child support thing is really terrifying?

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If my cousin ever get one of them pregnant, oh frigg!


The Black British Woman

black uk woman

You know, I really miss North West London. I never wanted to move out of that area that I was living all of my life. You see guys, I was bidding for a flat from Brent Council and things weren’t going anywhere. But here this though. When a ghetto ratchet scraggly hoodrat get breed up by the wrong dude, it will be very, very easy for her to get a flat from the worse Council on Britain. And she breed and breed and breed even more. But I hope everyone is having a Good Friday. And also, I hope the SYSBM dudes having fun with their snow bunnies as well. I know you guys are watching your white sugar bunnies wiggling their tail in front of your faces. You have to keep them safe at all times because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will come after them and boil them in a pot like Alex Forrest in the movie Fatal Attraction.

SYSBM, these scraggle daggle hoodrats and their simps are on a search for your white sugar honeys so get your 45 Automatics, Desert Eagle 50AE’s and your Mangum 500’s ready because you really don’t want this to happen to your snow bunny.

Protect her at all cost.

We all know about the black American woman with her dysfunctional behaviour and her wretchedness. We have seen it on display especially SYSBM. the thinking black men will tell you about the ratchet black woman from the United Snakes of America. You can ask them that question and they will explain everything to you, non stop. And as they do that, these simps, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cuckolds and the oil of olay men will come after them as their hoodrats enforcers siding with the women who are very mediocre. It’s usual for the simps doing that shit. It’s a very, very common thing that these simps will defend the ghetto harridans. So what about the black UK woman? What about her?

black uk woman 2

I always wanted a black woman from the UK. I didn’t care if her parents are from Africa or from the Caribbean. Hey, I don’t mind if she’s black Latina. But as I look at it now, it’s the same thing as the black American woman. When I was young, I did find the black American women very attractive but that was in the 1990’s when I was young kid. And I was into Caribbean women and in my late teens and early 20’s, I had and still have a thing for mix girls. When you see a black British woman, all I see a woman that have weave in her hair, bad attitude, skin bleaching (some of the them), raising children by their own, fighting for a man that is pressing another woman under the bed sheets, chase thugs and worthless dudes, it’s a very big list!

In the Un United Kingdom, 60 per cent of black British men are with non black woman, no matter if they are married to them or in a relationship with them. You guys are wondering that it’s very high when it comes to interracial relationship with black man. You guys must wondering “I have no problems of a black man with a white ting but yo star, why is it so high in a country full of beta males blud!?” The reason why it’s so high when black men are with non black honeys is because that they see the dysfunctional behaviour and the wretchedness with black women for a very long time, so it was like “Fuck that! Let me get a white girl Becky, a Chiney boo Su Ling or a Herrandez chick!”

black uk woman 3

As black UK men talk about the ratchet black women in not so Great Britain, these simps like the ones on Black Betterment Broadcast on YouTube talk about SYSBM, especially the black men who are with non black women in this country. SYSBM are waiting to light up the next simp. Bareback Fountain got a huge brunt of it and look what happened to him. When these simps gets wounded by SYSBM when they challenged them into a war, these ghetto scraggle daggles that these simps want, they are opening their legs and give away the pum pum punany to the thugs like Knife Man Priest, Scruffy, Rum Head Frasier, Cell Block Scrappy and Chopper Man Stoley.

I only had one relationship with a black chick for the UK and never live far from me when I was living in North West London. She was half Congolese, half Jamaican. The relationship lasted for about ten month and me and her wasn’t intimate. The last black woman I had sexual encounters with was a fatty who is a single mother that lived in Stonebridge. It was just a one night thing blud. You could off saw the flat people. The black British women is struggling in the dating market because they are not being chased by black men because black men in Britain don’t wanna deal with the dysfunctional nonsense they are seeing. So the black UK women are left with the simps that worship them, come after black men who are with non black women and also live off them not helping her paying the rent/mortgage, light bill, gas bill, council tax, etc. And that is the man that the ratchet black women don’t wanna be with in a relationship or worse, a marriage.

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The black woman from Britain is the same thing just like the black American woman.


Enjoy your Easter people, man and woman!


Men Like Whorish Women


A man meets meets woman in a club or party. They exchange numbers. They start talking on WhatsApp almost every evening. The man organise a date. They both go out, a few time. Then the man says that he’s falling in live with the girl. They begin a relationship. They walk down these street holding hands, they kiss in public, oh those days with me kissing the girls in public and making them melt like butter. Right, his friends knows the man’s boo. They tell him that the chick he’s dealing with is nothing but a girl for the roads. He says to that he don’t believe them. One of his brethren’s show him a video of his girl sucking the next man dom. He’s in complete devastation when he sees the love of his life giving another man top. And then his friends said to him that ran a train on her on time. But I hope everyone is doing well, this is obviously Money Cultural, straight outta North West London on this day of romance known as St. Valentine’s Day. Or Simp Valentine’s Day when the simps get their heart broken by these scraggle daggles who are nothing but whores who opening their legs to the thugs that they love and desire.

Yes, men love whores. Men love the whore them. They love it when the women show their whorish behaviour in front of their faces. There are some men that will pay for it. You know what I mean when a man goes to a brothel to buy punany. You know the single mothers who have a whole leap of children? Yep, they are whores as well and men like them because they are whores. In the so called black community, there are a collection of whores there and men love them. Love them to the core. Men love whores. They love all the whores in whore land. But there is one thing about a whore. You settle down with and have children with.

When you see a whore, do you think any man in their right mind wanna marry such a woman? Fuck no bruv. Whores are good for fucking but not for marrying. But there are some simps do end up marrying a woman who is for the roads and then they get burned for it by the scraggle daggle breaking their hearts. The reason why these simps have a whore as a wife/girlfriend is because they have been raised by a single mother who is a whore in the hood. So that is the reason why these simps are with these whorish ladies. What about chubby whores as well? Oh yes, men love that too!

Now I don’t mind a whore but I don’t wanna settle down with one. If I do be with a whorish woman, she might cheat on me with different dudes and I have seen plenty of whores in my days but they don’t settle down. A man can’t make a whore a house wife. Listen, house wives will get board they will look for something that will light up their fire. So they will look for side man or more then one you get me? They will fuck another man behind their simp’s back.

When a man sees a whore in the street, he knows that he shouldn’t make her as a wife or girlfriend. She will be a good side piece but not as a wife. That’s what whores are made for some of the time and also to have fun. Sexual fun! And that’s it really. Being with a whore is just a sexual thing and she knows that but as she gets older and she is looking for a good man especially a good black man, the good man will reject her when he glance at her because she is a woman that belongs to the streets.

Men love whores, I guarantee that shit. They love having their sexual fun with whores. They will make a line and run a train on a whore. However, they don’t wanna settle down with a whore. They don’t want a family with a whore. And they know that the mother of a whore is a whore, so that is the reason why she is one. You can have your fun with them but if you are looking for a woman to make her your wifey and have kids with, then a whore is not the right option.

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Men love whores. Oh yes they do but they are no women to settling down type women.


Is He Married To Her?


When you see two men fighting for a woman, this what will happen. The one will end up in a morgue, the other man will end up in jail and the woman has another man between her legs. Well, we know how that situation go down anyhow! But what about the women fighting for a man? Well, none of the women end up dead or in prison. I haven’t heard of anything that it yet but I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you ladies and gents didn’t work too hard this week. It’s my late dad’s birthday today. If he was still alive, he would off been 96 years old. He’ll properly be dead by now. He was married before and had children with the first wife. Oh yeah, he’s a Tottenham Hotspur supporter. And I’m Arsenal supporter. Good God, no wonder he was an — let just stop right there.

Slimmers and fatty at it in the store!

black women

Right, we all see black women fighting each other for another man. We see it all the bloody time. There are so many videos on YouTube of black women fighting for another dude. And the thing this that the dude is banging the third woman or fourth woman. I have seen this in Jamaica when you see Jamaican women fighting each other for another man. Yo star, do you know how many times we have seen it in that small island where my parents come from? And everyone is watching the world boxing championship match between these two women. And the winner will get the man. As the woman is fighting the other woman for her man, here is one thing. Is that man married to her? Has he put the ring on her finger?

Here this. How many of these scraggle daggles are married to the man they are fighting for? How many of this scragglies are in a marriage of a man that they are fighting another woman for? Not many matter of fact! These ghetto ratchet black women who are brawling for these men, they are not married to them. And these men do have a third woman that he’s with under the bed sheets and ready to ram out her hole. These guys have more then two women and they are fighting for him. And you know what else? The men that these women they are fighting for, they will not hesitate to breed them off and that will make things a lot crazier.

So, you guys must be wondering why in the name of the most high these women are fighting for worthless guy who has nothing going on in his life? Why in the hell these scraggs are fighting for a guy who is a worthless individual? The reason why they these ghetto hoodrats are swinging blows to each other is this. Look, the dick is good alright. Well, might be. I’m not too sure. The man is slamming the daylights out them when they open their legs to him. You think a simp that stalks other men online think that they can compete with a man like that? Not a blood claat! There is no way that he can measure up with a man like that.

And also, why are these women are not married to the man that they are fighting for? Is because that he sees these women who are not marriage martial. He knows that these women will not be subservient to their husbands and submit to them. The man looks at them as ghetto ratchets that is not afraid to show their dysfunction on display. So there is no way that he will go on his knees and put the wedding ring on their fingers. There is no way that he’s goanna marry these narcissistic scraggle daggles. Listen, the fuckrey these hoodrats will bring to him in the marriage will stress him completely.

He will watch these women fighting for his love and affection but then as they are fighting for him in front of everyone, he’s in bed with the other woman, slamming her punany cavities away. There are men that are watching these two women fighting for the man knows that he has woman number three on his radar. And woman number four if there is a fourth one which could be a slight possibility. The thing is that he will never in a million years will marry these women because they are not wife marital. And as I look at it, they are not worthy of being wives.

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The one with the grey leggings. The shape of the thigs them. Better stay away from ghetto women! But anyhow! These women are fighting for a man that is not worth a damn. But the man knows that these women ain’t wife martial.