The Homosexual Tendencies Of Black Men


We all know what happened at the 2019 Academy Awards with Billy Porter wearing that suit dress or gown. I have seen photos of him in that gown what people are calling it and also he was with his boyfriend who was in a marriage with a woman. There are a lot of You Tubers have done videos of him wearing that suit dress and most of them are not happy with this all. You see they are trying to emasculate the black man for a very, very long time. Matter of fact, they have been doing it since slavery when the white slave masters raped the black male slaves in front of the other slaves including the black female slaves. It’s called buck breaking. It’s when the black male slave lay down on the ground on his stomach with his arms and legs spread about and tied up. And then the slave masters especially the white male Europeans starts raping the black male slave taking his manhood away.

In Hollywood, if a black man wants to be successful, he has to be effeminate. We all know that Billy Porter is gay and he’s importing dick up his ass but that suit dress, it really got the black You Tubers in red heat. However, he has a great singing voice and I have heard the 1997 classic R&B song Show Me and it’s a decent track. Kenny Greene from the 1990’s group Intro was homosexual and his lifestyle caught up with him and died from HIV/AIDS in 2001 and he had a fantastic voice, a really fantastic voice. When he was doing the vocals on Stevie Wonders song Ribbon in the Sky, it was absolutely amazing and Intro did a remix of the song as well but he has an alternative lifestyle and the group split up because of his sexual orientation.

With the suit dress now, not only black women are supporting this but these hoodrats are pushing this. They are pushing it to the black man and the reason for that because the black heterosexual male, they see him as a threat so the only way they wanna see him in a non threatening manner is to see him in a dress, feminine or being a homosexual man. If a man is a homosexual, that’s his life. He can live his life however he wants but he has to respect a next man’s lifestyle because the gay man can’t flirt with him because the heterosexual male doesn’t swing that way. It was 2008 and I was studying Screenwriting level 1 at Morley College. I was walking past Victoria Station and this person say he like my jacket. I didn’t hear the individual at first, then he said he like my jacket for the second time. I turn around and I said thank you. When I turn around, it was a young black male with long hair, with a cigarette in one hand and a handbag in the other. And he was proper feminine. And as he said come here, come here, come here. So I walk fast as I can and took the bus to North West London.

Anyway, I know that every single time when you have a conversation with a group of black men and you disagree with them, they will say “Your gay, you suck dick” and all sort of nonsense which I really don’t understand. They will tell you that “You been sucking dick” when you have a disagreement with them when you are discussing a topic with black men. We all know about BGS IMBOR said when he’ll fuck Kid Organic up the ass when they had that internet beef in front of other men. It’s on my blog The Black Fruit. Since then I have not listen to BGS since when he did that live stream that he’ll fuck Kid – O up the backside. In the black community, I have seen black men having this erotically charged homosexual fantasy and when another black man disagrees with them, they will say something which is homosexual. Black men are showing these homosexual tendencies when they are saying something gayish when another black man disagrees with them and they are also policing another black man’s penis when he doesn’t date or be in a relationship with a black woman. If any man especially a black man shows these type of tendencies, they should be called out immediately.

Its sounds very weird when a heterosexual man saying something which is gayish and then people will start question his sexual orientation when he thinks like this. You can’t have a conversation with other black dudes because they bring these gay characteristics into a discussion especially with these pro blacks on You Tube. I was watching Tommy Sotomayor’s show in 2014 and the show was called Are Blacks A Threat To Other Blacks. There was a caller and he said that when he was young, he wanted to be a in a jazz band and the other kids says Jazz is gay. How can any other black person calling Jazz music gay? This is the music black people created and they are calling it gay?

I was wondering where are these black men are getting it from? And there are some people wondering where these black males are are getting it from also. And why they are saying these types of things when other black men disagree with them during a conversation? Because these men are getting it from these black single mothers. Most of these men are getting it from their mothers and they don’t have a father in the household. When the single black mother starts cursing, she curses in a very vulgar manner and the black male who are raised in a single parent home hear what she says at a young age. The young black boy will hear what comes out of his mother’s mouth and she always says something vulgar and crude and then he begins to say the things what the heifer will say.

And these men also have feminine characteristics. When a man is being raised by a single mother or been surrounded by women, they will develops femininity. That is the black simp, a man who is been raised by a single mother who is nothing but a ratchet wretch. And she doesn’t want to see the black man as a heterosexual male who is intelligent and masculine because she looks at him as a threat. So she wants to see him as feminine oh have female traits. And that’s what the simp is like, because he wasn’t raised without a father in the household. When the black woman gets exposed for her bad behaviour, the simp will defend her, fight for her and shows her honour. However, at the end of it all, the simp is the fool because she doesn’t want to be with him or have a relationship with him. She wants the thug that gets her wet between her legs.