Inherited From Their Mothers



There is an article and it’s about children that inherited the IQ’s from their mothers. A female scientist said that the mothers are carrying IQ’s so that’s where the children getting them genes from. It was really interesting because I wanna know why one person is smart and the other one is just a dumbo. But I hope everyone is doing well. This is something that I really wanna talk about for a long time. I know you guys heard about the four people getting stabbed to death at Bermondsey, South East London on Monday. One man got arrested and charged for them four murders. I really like to know why did he stab up four people in South East London?

Mad Bus Driver X talked about on 16:20. Good live stream as well.

You guys must be wondering “Yo Money Cultural, what do you mean but IQ heritage blud? What is this ting about, star?” Right, YouTube and founder of SYSBM Mad Bus Driver X did a live stream called Can A ABW (Black American Woman) Be A Good Stargate.  He said on the live stream that the IQ’s come from the mothers. And he also said that the reason why the so called black community is stuck and not progressing is because of the women are passing down the bad decisions, the ignorance, low IQ and so on. So, when a scraggle daggle has a child, she is passing on the low IQ to the child whatever if it’s a boy or a girl.

I’m just thinking, just thinking. If a woman has a child with a man who is intelligent, small, talented, genius type dude, then the IQ level of the child will probably go up. It will go n on genius level. However if a woman has a child with a good for nothing peasant, then the IQ level will drop, you get me? It will lower. When a scraggle daggle is goanna have a child with some worthless dude, she should know that this Neanderthal is a hopeless dude that can’t do nothing, won’t do nothing. have seven children with seven different women but still have a child with the man. But you guys will say that there are some children that have dumb ass mothers are intelligent. Yes, that is true but it’s a very small number.

black baby

Yo Money Cultural, I have high the IQ ting, blud!

YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor talked about it before about black people having low IQ’s. He talked about black people being ignorant, ratchet, not progressing, etc. And as I look the so called black community, I’m think that Tommy is right. Black people do some very dumb fuckrey and they pay the price for it. You guys must be saying to me “What about the black people in your neck of the woods North West London. There is some shit happening in your ends!” Yes, off course. Even though it’s a multi cultural area there are some dumb Negroes are doing dumb shit. And some other black people are getting pissed off with them. That’s why some of them have moved out of the area to South London, Watford or Luton.

Can a person who as a low IQ be raised in a two parent home? Oh yeah! If the father is not smart, weak minded or an ice cream whip father which is a soft father towards their children, then the child will be dunce individual. I’m not an intelligent person but you get my drift though. You may think that the two parent home is all fine and dandy. Not all the time people. You can have someone who is from a two parent home and still be an ignorant, ratchet person that will cause problems for everybody. And when you see these ratchet black women, you must be thinking “What is the IQ of these hoodrats?” The simps are the same as well.

I have seen some dumb things in the so called black community over the years and the the stupid behaviour is still continuing. When I see a black person doing some stupid shit, I have to shake my head and ask the fool why he or she is doing that nonsense. Some black people say that white people do some dumb shit as well. Yes, I know. I have seen white people do some non intelligent crap but my people though! I do have high hopes for black people but the thing is that there are some note so smart black people who are messing things up for them. And that is the type of people guys like me talk about.

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dumb black people

You wonder why there is so much nonsense in the so called black community, look how many dumb people there! I might talk about this again.

IQ kid

Little girl saying “Black people, please stop!”


Black Men Not Fixing The Black Community

black community

What makes a dysfunctional man? Well I have the answer. What makes a dysfunctional man is when he’s been raised in a dysfunctional environment. And most of the time, he will be around with dysfunctional women just the same as a man is who been feminised by ratchet women when he was a young child. It’s not hard to figure out really as I have seen so many dysfunctional men and most of time; they don’t know how to do anything especially the ones in the black community but they want thinking black men to fix the damage in the community. But hope everyone is doing fine still. Money Cultural with another. Goanna be 40 years old next Wednesday. Leo season as well. Big  up the Leo people out there but not the scraggs and the simps who want thinking black men to rebuild the black community. I’m not fixing nothing, star!

We all hear black women complaining about black men don’t provide, won’t take care of the children, won’t go out to work, their hopeless, worthless, unreliable and so and so and so on. But the thing is this that black men do those type of things but unfortunately black women who are ratchet don’t want them type of men. They want the ruff neck types. As you see the so called black community, it’s in a big shambles with violent crime, gangs, drugs, etc. As black men talk about the chaos of the black community, the scraggle daggles and the simps that defends these women gets annoyed with black men because they don’t black men to talk about the badness going down in the black community. As you see these simps, some of them on YouTube, they say that they want black men who are think minded to fix the community. No they won’t fix it!

You must be wondering “What do you men but that blud? What do you mean by that?” Right, the reason why thinking black men will refuse to fix the black community is because if thinking black men fix the community, then these simps will take the credit. And I mean all the credit. Listen here, these simps will don’t do a damn thing for the black community especially when they are with their scraggle daggle girlfriends/wives. Here’s this questions. Why don’t these simps, pro wanks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys, black cucks and oil of olay men fix it themselves? No money to fix it?

Why do they want thinking black men to fix the black community? Why are they asking black men to fix it? Does these simps have a lack of money and they think that thinking black men have the money to fix the so called black community? It could be that but these thinking black men are repair nuthin’ at all blud! When you see a car and it’s a total wreak and the front of the car is caved in, that how the so called black community looks like. A car that come out of a wreak. And if they want to see the black community fixed or repaired, then why they ask the drug dealers to fix the community? They have money. Lots of money. But they are one of the people who destroyed the black community anyway.

These pro wanks always talking about fixing the black community but they want the thinking black men to repair things. Thinking black men are not goanna do it. Na blud, they ain’t fixing shit. They are not goanna fix something and not getting the credit for it. So for thinking black men, it was like “Fuck it, motherfucker can burn to the ground.” And these simps are nothing but useless dudes. You want proof? Look how many simps are living off their women and not providing for them. But at the end of the day, these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that these simps prefer, they don’t wanna be with them. They want the hopeless and the worthless man like 357 Jimmy, Long Shaft Jack, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony and Knife Man Priest.

The black community will not get fix by thinking black men and it will never get fix by these simps. And if the black community does get fixed, it will get destroyed again so this one of the reasons why black men don’t wanna fix the community. And when these simps see the black community gets torn apart, they will not do nothing about it but to tell black thinking black men to fix it. I don’t think that gentrification will fix the black community. It just improving the area but as I know that thinking black men will not think about fixing and repairing the black community. And that will make the scraggle daggles and the simps mad!

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When the scraggle daggles and the simps that love, honour and worships them say that thing black men need to fix the black community, thinking black men will say “Hell no, I’m off my G!”


The Scraggle’s Choice Of Weapon


With these scraggly harridans, we see them fighting in the street, the shopping malls, in raves, outside the gas stations, in schools and so on. And most of the times these ghetto hoodrats are fighting for a man who has another woman that has open her legs to him waiting for him to press it. As we see black women fighting, mostly in the street no matter what day it is, we are seeing black women using their cars to knock over another scraggly. And we have seen a lot of the ghetto black women using their cars as a weapon. Oh boy!

We have these scarggle daggles using their cars as weapon in the street, gas stations, you name it. As a fight breaks out with one scraggle daggle to another, one will end up using her car and run the ratchet chick over. I have seen some ratchet fuckery before with these ghetto ratchet black women but it’s absolutely crazy of someone running another person over when two hoodrats fighting, for man a man most of the time. And when a scraggle daggle get hit by a car, they get right back up with minor injuries. Well, sometimes.

There was a video I saw and there was a man who got ran over by a ghetto black woman. And the thing is that the scragg who was recorded this starts laughing when the guy who got run over. The first thing, I don’t know why the harlot ran the guy over. It could be her boyfriend or something like that. I don’t know. And second of all is why someone is laughing when a guy gets run over? What happens if he died? We she be laughing then if the man dies? Let me tell you something, if I had a girl who was laughing of someone getting run over and records it, I will dump the gyal immediately. I’ll kick to the curb! The guy was injured but he survived from getting though, thank goodness.

There are so many video on YouTube of ratchet black women running people over. There was a video of two scragglies fighting over Facebok beef. And when the fight was over, the browning got run over. The car bounce up in the air to bomba claat when the woman got run over. She comes like some speed hump. And there was a next video of when four women get run over in East St. Louis, Illinois. And all four of them got up as well from them getting run over by the violent hoodrat in the coupe.

I bet you the two female news presenter must be thinking “I know why black men want women like us!”

When I saw those two women get knock over I went bomba claat!”

Right, Tommy Sotomayor did a video and I think it was two harridans who got killed during a car accident at a freeway. Both of the hoodrats was beefing on the freeway and they were bumping act each other with their cars. And both of them crashed and died on the freeway and one of them was pregnant. I don’t know what was the case of them getting each other killed but when a scraggle daggle is around, they’ll be nothing but chaos, especially when they are behind the wheel.

Every single time we always see these ghetto ratchet scargglies fighting in the street, most of them for the same willy. But now these scraggle daggles are using their cars as a lethal weapon, especially towards black men. I have seen some crazy things when it comes to black women but this is getting really ridiculous. The scraggly’s choice of weapon is the car and she will use it to run over anyone. And black man know this. When you see a fight with a group of hoodrats and three, four or five of them get run over, everything goes quiet like a desert!