Black Men Not Going To Church


How many black men do you see at these churches aka the single mother club? We do have black men in these churches but most of them are simps who taking care of the Christian women’s children while she is wearing her weave no matter what colour it is. And let’s not forget the crooked pastor as well who is having sex with the Christian hoodrats and the female church singers in his office. When it comes to the good black men or thinking black men, they are not in these churches yelling “Praise the Lord!” when the pastor finish preaching.

The real reason why black men are not in these churches every Sunday is because that there is no way that they will go on their knees and pray to a white man who died on a cross. And during slavery, the white slave masters had a religious right because in the bible slavery was fine. They didn’t have a problem having slaves or owning slaves and I don’t have an issue with the white man. The white beat male, fuck yeah. He even hates my guts with a passion but fuck him anyhow.

Black Christains 3

Black men will not put on their good suit and go to the single mothers club just to pray to a white male that didn’t say a bad thing about slavery because it was fine to him before he got nailed on the cross. As you look at these scraggly Christians, they prefer this beta male on the cross more then having love for black men, their black male family members and even have more love for him then their sons. And when you see these Christian scraggle daggles, they always have this weave in their hair trying to look like their arch rival known as the white woman. Or are they pleasing the man on the cross?

When you see these Christian harridans, we don’t hardly see them with a husband. Most of them are single mothers with more then one child. Some of them are married but the husband is looking after her children and claims the responsibility which the father of the baby is not doing. And I don’t think that the husband is going out there supporting her financially but just there for the punany. And yes, I know about Christian pussy. Holy shit I did a blog of Jamaican Pudding Part 3: The Christian!

Black men are seeing the pastor brain washing these people with this slave religion and hustling them out of their money. Since we see more and more black women praying to a figure that didn’t have a problem with slavery, black men has become more absent as these Christian’s baby fathers who are not into their child’s life (Or children’s life if they have more then one). Black men knows that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats prefer the white beta male then black men generally. You when they took down the statue of slave owner Edward Colston and dash him in the water? With the Black Lives Matter thing, imagine if they take Jesus Christ down? Just thinking!


Jamaican Pudding Part 3: The Christian


Part 3 of something which was dear to my heart. Yes, there is sexual nature in this but we don’t hold no punches. Here this right. Why every single time these ghetto ratchet harridans get upset when a childless black man don’t wanna date a single mother? These ghetto gagging hoodrats don’t want a good black man. They want the man who is hopeless, worthless and unproductive. And they have kids with these men for goodness sake. After when they have children with these hopeless men, then they begin chasing good black men with the quickness. And when good black men see these scraggly women, they run faster then a one 100 meter runner. I want no man to set me up with a woman. Why? She might be a single mother! Fuck that! Now, let’s get into it Jamaican erotica.

The Christian

Now let me take you back to 1999 with the Christian browning that could have been my wife and the mother of my children. Look, I wanted to marry this woman. I wanted to have a family with her, have a nice home with three AMG Mercs in the driveway in Stanmore, North West London but then something changed down the road. It was 1999 when I met her with her cousin. Both of us smiled at each other. It was straight up chemistry you, get me? When I was in North West London, I was writing to her until I began a relationship in England in August 1999 but the relationship ended in September 2000. And then after that, I had the worse girlfriend I have ever fucking had. It was late 2001 and I written to her and then she replied to me saying that she is fine and doing alright in Jamaica. She asks me for money. Yeah, I know guys!

I continue to write to the Christian browning a few times in the beginning of 2002 numerous times. She wrote back to me with two letters in the envelope. One of the letter she says that the girl I was with before was looking at her funny. Damn! I started a relationship in 2002 and ended in the summer. I did think about her but she didn’t write back to me. Rush into 2004 and I have written to her and she replied to me. She send three photos of her and one of them she was wearing a blue dress. Devil in a blue dress hu, Lol!

Right through 2004 and 2005, I was writing to her. I was thinking about the Christian browning until in mid 2005 when my older sister when to Jamaican to see her now husband. I ask her to send a letter to give to her. I think it was two weeks later, my sister came back from Jamaica and she says to me that she is not a good person; she says that you didn’t give her money and she says that she that she has no man and so on. I went “Oh man!” So I went home and written a letter to her that I don’t want her.

I was so disappointed. So, so disappointed with her. And here this. In 2006, my mum told me that she was pregnant. So she wants to be a single mother. When I was in Jamaica attending my sister’s wedding, I saw her in the street in Whitehall. Me and her talked and so on. And she said that things just happened with her and the baby father. Right money nation. I have three things to say. First, she had a baby by her friend. Second, the baby boy was born on august 6th and mine is August 4th and the third, the baby has my name as a middle name. You must be wondering what is going on here.

It was 2007 and I saw the Christian browning and her son who has his middle name my name and he was crawling. Me and her was talking about being together which will never happen. It was a wet day in Whitehall and the rain keep coming and going. I was with her and then we start kissing. I tell you, she is a good kisser. I was surprised on that. However, me and her didn’t had sexual intercourse.

I went to Jamaica in December 2010 and I saw the Christian browning. I heard she had a second child. Me and her hug and we start talking. One evening I went to see her. I call her name out of her house. She opens the door and she lets me in. We were sitting down together talking. And then we start kissing passionately. Like I said, she was a very good kisser. I was kissing all over her neck. She holds my face and just kiss my lips. Look, she just fucking devoured them. That evening was just nothing but serious lip locking.

The sex between us two? Oh boy! She asks me to say for the night and I said yes. Everyone went to sleep and me and the Christian browning share the same bed together. The brown skin Christian was wearing a black lingerie dress. She was touching my private parts and I was touching between her legs. She let me let go inside her and we begin to have sexual intercourse. I was loving every bit of it. When we finished what we were doing under the bed sheets, she was upset with me because I cum inside her. She wasn’t happy about me exploding in her. She says that she want children when she gets married. But she’s a two time baby mother. I saw her when I was at the street. She was worried that she might get pregnant. She also say that she feel something in her stomach. But she didn’t get pregnant.

I went to Kingston Town with her on Christmas. It was a Boxing Day morning and me and woke up. She lifts up her jeans skirt. I tell you she had a nice ass. So me and her had sex for a about a few minutes. It was hot like fire. She was moaning and groaning saying “Yes, Jesus!” Yeah man, I was hitting the G – Spot good, lol. We finished have sex and me and her was talking. I was sitting next to her and all I saw were tears rolling down her face because I was going back to England.

When I came back to England, I was starting to think of what my friends and cousins said to me that she has a boyfriend. At first, I didn’t believe them but I started to think. I went to my grandmother’s funeral in 2012. My grandmother died as a single mother by the way. I was at my aunt’s house and I was drinking with my cousin and his friends. I ask my sister about the Christian browning and she says that she’s pregnant. Everyone start laughing. Even I kind of laughed as well. And I did found out that she had a boyfriend after all.

I saw here for the very last time and I saw the baby. She had a baby girl. She was explaining to me about what happened and she also said that it just happened. But she has a boyfriend. That was the last time I have ever seen her. When I was talking to my friend and my cousin about her, I was asking why she never told me about her boyfriend before? And my friend said that she probably afraid to tell me. If she did told me that she had a boyfriend, I don’t think she’ll let me go. The Christian browning did disappoint me and the other brown sugar was spreading her punany all over White Hall and maybe in other parts in Jamaica. However, I forgot about them in a instant when I met a girl with the most darkest skin I’ve have even seen!

To Be Continued


The Single Mother’s Club


Black Christains 2

When you go into the black churches what do you see? We see black women who are single mothers. We don’t see a mother and a father in these black churches very often but we do see a woman with children in these churches whatever if the Christian scraggle daggles have one child, two, four, six or even ten children. In these black churches, there are nothing but single mothers and no fathers there but we do have simps them idolising these scraggly woman. Here this, the black churches are the single mother’s club. Yeah, I said!

Why I call it that is because there are nothing but women with children and no husband around. I wonder why? Is because that these scraggly women have kicked the man out of the house and replaced the with government assistance. Since then, these Christian hoodrats continue to breed over and over again. And the more they get breed up, the more benefit they will get. And they don’t need to work. They can just milk off the system.


These religious harridans goes to church every Sunday just to pray to a man that died on a cross that made out of wood. But when I was watching a video of Black Caucasians, Black Christians and Uncle Toms In Western Society, Dusty Smith said that Jesus Christ didn’t say a single bad thing about slavery. So slavery was fine but not to our ancestors. But why these ghetto ratchet black women are going to these crooked churches every Sunday to pray to something which didn’t say a single bad thing about slavery?

It seems the ratchet black women loves this beta male with the beard more then their husbands/boyfriend, their children, even themselves. And when you go to these churches, there is nothing but these scraggs that have weave in their hair. Every time you walk into a church, it’s nothing but a weave fest and they are wearing all sorts of colours. I say “Fuck me, this is weave galore. And there is a blonde weave as well? Oh Lord help us!”

When these single mothers have multiple children by Pookie, Ray Ray, Sex Starve John, 357 Jimmy, Rapid Fire Rasta, Weed Man Jake and Winchester 5 Rounds, all off a sudden they are looking for a good black man. But as the good black man will refuse to do a Russell Wilson and date a single mother. There is no way that a good black man will take the responsibly to looking after a next man’s off springs. That is not his duty. That is someone else’s job.


To Black Christian Men: The Black Christian Women Don’t Want You!

Dear Jesus, give me a Christian woman.


Lord, I’m praying to you to give me a thug!


I know that black Christian men want a good Christian woman. They say that they want a woman who is a believer of God and so on. But what about the Christian black woman? The woman in these black churches say’s they want a good Christian man but they don’t end up with one because they end up with the worthless men we see in the street doing nothing with their lives. They want Pookie, Ray Ray, Long Rod John John, Shifty Waffles and Colt Five Rounds. That’s the men that will make them weak in the knees. Dear Christian black men, I want you to here this. These Christian black women don’t want you.

When they see the street man, it gets them exited. It’s exhilarating to these women of God. Reading a verse from the bible don’t get them wet. They don’t wanna here them verses that’s coming out of your mouth. Give them the dirty talk star! Fuck wrong with you Christian simps? You got a lay the words down like poetry. You must give them the lyrics. And as you do that, as you give them the words of seduction, then they will walk in to the bedroom with the white lingerie on and has their hair down. Or weave! These Christian women will get bored in a flash and they will lose interest in you, fast. You think that these religious black women believe in values? You black Christian men better think twice.


They know that you black man who are Christian cannot set their hearts on fire so why are you going for these women of God and they are don’t want men like you, first? You Christian black simps must be thinking “What do you mean by that?” Because the first choice for these church going women are the thugs, the bad boys, the worthless men and the criminals that drives them crazy. You can’t rev up their engine when you are down on your knees praying to the white beta male that died on that cross, which it was not true by the way. You fools are indoctrinated with simping because you are in a day dream thinking that these Christians women want you but they want the bums on the street like Road Man Chippy. Oh lord, give me strength!

The church ladies love to see a man like 30 Rounds Donald on the street with the mobile phone in his hand and the bottle of Guinness in the other. When these Christian women become single mothers and you Christian men knows that there are huge loads of single mothers in these churches, that’s when they come back to you. Buy guess what? You see that simp that died on the cross, they will put their imaginary friend above you so you will not be a priority. I know that you’re feelings are hurt but come on for fuck sake, I’m just being truthful. What you Christian black men need to do is to get money. Think about money and not women.

These Christian black women don’t want you. Stop chasing them and chase after money. Put the bible down and leave it be. Go get a book of how to make money or a book about entrepreneurship. The book you simps are ready is nothing but nonsense. Even the man above the sky doesn’t believe what the bible say most of the time. Go get this money. Go get your house in Hertfordshire, drive a BMW M760Li, or an Mercedes Benz S600L with a AMG body kit or Audi A8 W12 Quattro with a S8 body kit and black alloy wheels. What the preacher can offer you while he’s taking your money and getting punany from the church women?

What, you think Preacher John from the Ministry of Heaven Church is not having sex with one of Christian broads on his office table? You need to focus on being a money maker and get the cash, the house and the Jaguar XJ8L and wear the nicest clothes and wear the nicest crep! That what you Christian men need to think. These Christian women that don’t want you. They are getting chirp up by 357 Jimmy, Pimp L, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire, Weed Man Jake up at Harlesden, Rizly Dizly and Colt 5 Rounds while they are holding their bibles.

And do you think these women can change these worthless men? Ah, fuck no! They will be the same hopeless dudes these hoodrats love, desire and enjoying sleeping with. So Christian black men, do yourself a favour. Don’t try to deal with these black Christian women. You don’t have shot with them. The men that will come towards them is the men like Corner Ronney, the Jamaican plumber who live in Luton known as Windsor who will speak to them with the sweetest lyrics or a man like me! Money Cultural, from the North West London.

Listen, I will supercharge these black Christian women’s engine, trust me!


Black Christians

Black Christians

Black Christian people. What do I think about them? Nothing positive really. You know I have never seen a black Christian person has done anything good and I mean anything good at all. They will not support black businesses, they will not contribute in the black community and they never do but they judge people for bitter reasons and so on and so on. However when you judge a Christian black person for their ratchet behaviour they pull out the victim’s card faster the DC comic hero The Flash when he runs. Every Sunday, we see black people going to church and pray to a false prophecy which died on a cross. And speaking of this fake fool with long blonde hair which black women that has a desire for, let’s take you back, way back, back into slavery.

Salve ship


Over 400 years ago, the first slave ship came to America was called The Good Ship Jesus which was captained by Sir John Hawkins in 1564 appointed by the Queen of England. It was the first slave ship but it wasn’t the last as many other ships followed. The slaves who were in these ships, some of them were beaten, raped and tortured to shown as a example to the other slave that this what will happen if they fight back. Their families were torn apart, never to be seen again. The slaves were put into back breaking labour day by day until their bodies give out. A few people say that this is wrong. It’s wrong enslaving our fellow human beings but the slave masters say that we have a religious right because in the bible, it’s says that it’s O.K. And they open the book and it says that they have every right to hold slaves.

“If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as male servants do. If she does not please the master who has selected her for himself, he must let her be redeemed. He has no right to sell her to foreigners, because he has broken faith with her. If he selects her for his son, he must grant her the rights of a daughter. 10 If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights. 11 If he does not provide her with these three things, she is to go free, without any payment of money. Exodus 21: 7 – 11

44 Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. 45 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession. 46 And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour. Leviticus 25: 44 – 46

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Ephesians 6: 5

All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God’s name and our teaching may not be slandered. Those who have believing masters should not show them disrespect just because they are fellow believers. Instead, they should serve them even better because their masters are dear to them as fellow believers and are devoted to the welfare of their slaves. First Timophy 6: 1 – 2

Not even Jesus Christ himself didn’t say a single thing about slavery. This is what Jesus said. “The servants will be punished for know who what knows to do it. But people who are not aware of doing wrong that only be punished lightly”. Those are the words of Jesus Christ. He didn’t say anything about slavery. They use the bible to avoid any criticism of the horrors they were conducting. And the black American Christians, they come to their ancestors with it. And they beat them and torture them into in their brain giving them no choice but to believe it. They were beaten in their head generation after generation. They were tortured and terrorised constantly until they have no choice but to believe it. And once they believe, they spreading it their children generation after generation.

Thanks for that Dusty Smith for the story.

Black Christains 3

I bet you that the black Christian people don’t know that at all and if they do, they’ll just ignore it and just worship this simp on a cross and the pastor is telling them the black Christians that they must pray for Christ. But the thing is that the pastor is brainwashing these Christians just like the slave masters did with the slaves during slavery but the pastor is not using the whips and beating them. We don’t see black men in these churches because there is no way that they are going to church on a Sunday and worship something which is nothing but a fake figure. We do have black men in churches but they are just simps who are with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats who were nothing but whores ad sluts back in the day.


In these churches, you will also see black single mothers. And there are loads of them in these churches. Some of them have one child, two children, five children; ten or fifteen children and the father of these children are 357. Jimmy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Pimp L, Cheddar Street and Big Dick Rodney. And do these men look after their children? The simple answer is no, they are not interested of these children that they left behind. And when you go to these churches, it’s just nothing but a weave fest. There black women walk into these churches with not only with a number of children and no husband but they have this weave sowed on their scalp trying to copy their arch nemesis, the white woman.

But while these harridans yelling “hallelujah” and jumping up and down like kangaroos for their white beta male on the cross, they start scratching their scalp so hard because its dirty underneath that weave that their wearing and the heat that goes into that weave, my goodness. It’s scratch galore! I think this was 2014 and I heard this story on YouTube that the pastor said to the women to come to church with no knickers. I’m not kidding. That is what I heard. And guess what the ghetto  harlots do? They come to church with no knickers. Look, I think that the pastor is thirsty for the punany and when the weave wearing harridans come to the church wearing no knickers from Victoria Secrets, he must yell out praise the lord.

I haven’t seen these black Christians do anything for the so called black community from helping black businesses, not helping the community, funding these youth centres, getting the black youths out of gangs, feeding the homeless, etc. There are so many problems in the black community but these Christians including the pastor who getting punany from these whore that come to church every single Sunday are not sorting the problems out. And speaking of punany, the pastor is getting the coochie from these former whores in these churches. And some of these women are married. Yes, they are married for goodness sake. I heard of a story in the United States that a black pastor was having an affair with a married Christian woman and guess what happened to the man? He got murdered by the woman’s husband. I mean that he got gat!

Let me tell you something about these black Christian women, they are ready made whores and they will willing to sleep with the pastor and also will not hesitate to open their legs to anyone mostly to Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and Thick Dick Tyrone. If they are good Christian people then they why are they are doing these type of bad thing? Black Christian people have some fucking nerve to judge, criticise and put down people but when you judge them for they bad behaviour, dysfunction and their dishonestly, they get upset and play the victim. You can’t play the victim when you do badness. Black Christians don’t take criticism lightly.