The Modern Children In Britian


You guys, that could never be my child!

I tell you the kids nowadays are so out of order, even I wanna give them what I got when I was a child. You all know that four of my exes are from Jamaica and I wanted to marry that Jamaican browning, love that chick. I talked about her in part 3 of the miniseries Jamaican Pudding. Now, we all know that these children in the modern era are getting rude more then ever now. When I saw that video of the Jamaican woman handling that little shit that was agitating me, I give her credit for having patients as a saint because let men tell you something. If it was me in that bus and I saw that sod acting this way towards his mother on the bus, I would off slap off his head back because he was so out of order. In the bus? Smh.

As I look at these children now, they are more out of control then ever in this soft country. Why? Because the parents are being too soft on their children. As we see a black child causing trouble and they get the belt, people will be saying “That is abuse” but when a white kid causing trouble and the parents don’t punish them, people say “Why don’t you beat his ass!” But this woman on the bus with that little bastard sitting next to him, everyone knows about Jamaican parents don’t take no fucking mess! I know because I was raised by two Jamaican parents and all I got was the belt because I was a rude little son a bitch.

When I saw that this was in Britain, I wasn’t surprised because of how the kids are acting in this country but I wasn’t even surprised when I know that this woman was Jamaican. Let me tell you something. You see these kids of the modern era; they will never survive my time when I was young. You think they can survive the shit in my time when I was a little yout!? When I was his age, I use to get belt and the slippers because I was a rude mischievous shit. And when I was a teenager, I use to back chat at my mum, I even swear at her. My attitude stank when I was a teenager. I was really rude.

I understand that in the so called black community that there are young black boys getting beat by their mothers and when they grow up, they become abusive towards their girlfriends or wives and when these young black girls get abused by their mothers, they grow up and they fight other girls in school, in the street, in the mall and so on. Sometimes some of these young girls fight at teenage years. But let me tell you something right, when the child gets rude and out of order and try to cross the line like this little fool in the bus heading to Euston, you know you need to take the belt out. Or the slippers.

When a parent, for instance a mother, when they punish the child when he gets unruly, they will go on the phone and have a conversation with their female friend. And they the mother says “Guess what I gave Teresha, this morning! i gave her some lick with the belt star!” You see, the parents in Britain are very soft with their children and that is the reason why these kids are so out of control. This country has a discipline problem and it’s going on for years and years. And it looks like things are getting worse because the parents won’t do nothing to the children. The parents are scared to talk to their children but in Jamaica, they are not afraid to whop their children’s backside!

I give the Jamaican woman a huge amount of credit for her patients. Because someone likes me don’t have the patients with someone like that, especially an adult who will act like a beta male. I can’t stand rude kids! I just can’t stand them. But I know that she must off get the sergeant and that is belt and start swinging it. I don’t know if she’s a single mother or a married woman that is raising him with a father in the household, I really don’t know but I know that boy must have got some bitch lick to blouse cup! If the father in the household he must off said to the idiot “Why you ah get rude with your mother in the bus fa!? Mi lick off your head bwoy!”

Kid is out of order!


The Dreaded Child Support


Black men are getting broke by this deadly thing called child support. Child support is nothing but detrimental to the ebony man. 95 per cent of black men are paying child support and some black men are paying it for more then one child. There are serious consequences of breeding the wrong woman and black men are paying the financial price by having children with these good for nothing harlots who are the wrong women to breed, let alone marrying or ending up in a relationship with them.

Black men are getting raped financially by this child support because these harridans are putting them on child support and if a he doesn’t pay child support, he can actually go to jail. As you see these professional black athletes, they are paying child support and I’m not talking about $600 a month, these black American athletes are paying $10,000, $20,000 or even $100,000 a month. Yeah that’s right, a month.

The child support black men are paying it is not going to the child or the children. The money is going to the harriet known as their mother and the mother and she is not spending the money on the child, she is spending it on herself. She will spend the money on her nails, on weave trying to look a white woman, basically on anything and plus, she also on the welfare system so she is getting that free money as well.

And sometimes, these harridans don’t have a clean house. Some of the time, the ghetto hoodrat harlot’s household is so dirty, it looks worse then a tip. I have done the blog Breeding The Harridans, and these hoodrat queens will have a dirty house and get breed by these simps. And these simps do not care if the house look worse then Neasden scrapyard, they will still relentlessly burst a nut inside her.

Why there are so much black men paying child support? Three things. One these simps are nothing but thirsty for the coochie when the harridans throw it in front of their faces. Two, they cannot resist the harlot’s seductive behaviour and three, she’s putting him on child support for revenge.

With the revenge thing now, when the relationship between two the black man and the harlot ends, the harriet can’t live that luxurious lifestyle anymore and she shows her a very bitter side so what she does is to hurt him financially so she can live the lavish lifestyle that she want and not only that she wants to hurt his finance but to ruins his life when she puts him on child support until the child is 18 years old.

Some men do put themselves in these bad situations. They have a side piece while they are in a relationship or in a marriage and they burst a nut inside her and get her pregnant. And the side chick will put the man on child support so these simp black men will put themselves in that dangerous predicament because they don’t use protection on these ghetto ratchet women when they sleep with them.

Here this, I have a Jamaican ex girlfriend. She’s a single mother of four children and one of the father of her children is her cousin. If she claims child support for all four of her children, she can get it with no problems whatsoever, so the guy who is with her, he better be careful with her because she can put him on child support quicker then the comic book hero The Flash.

The black woman is like the black widow spider. When the eight legged seductress seduces the male spider, she mates with him and then after that eats him. Then the black widow haves the male spider’s children and sometimes, they black widow makes the young spiders eat the male spider. That is the black woman, but with her, not only she’s alluring him between her legs but she eats him financially. So she is trapping him and sometimes its more then one man she is trapping.

And also, child support is coming to Jamaica and some the men have more then one child, they are goanna end up paying a huge amount of child support and it will hurt their pockets for the men from a beautiful country with such a very high poverty rate.


Hell no, I’m ain’t picking up shit!