For The Man It’s Different

I was watching this video clip of this single mother that have 8 children with a black man. I have no issues with that. I don’t mind having biracial children with a white honey. But this woman said that she quit her job and would be better off living on benefits. The presenter Ruth with her well spoken self grilled her. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. She is getting £2000 a month which is about £24,000 a year. That is a lot for a person who is living off on benefits. But there is a woman that has more children then her and get for money from the government then this blonde.

The big momma, she has a point!

When a single mother that has multiple children, she can get everything from the government. She can get free money, food stamps, child benefit, housing, the whole package. The more the single mother has more children, the more she gets the bag from the government. But when it comes to the single father, not really. He doesn’t get what the single mother gets from the government. So, he has no choice but to out and do a nine to five to provide for his children. And I have no issues with that.

But there are some men that are on child support and also there are some dudes that are paying child support for more then one child because obviously they have different baby mothers. A man get something from the government but not like the woman. She can get anything from Brent council. I said Brent Council because I’m from the London Borough of Brent, you get me? All the woman needs to do is to get breed off by some dude who not capable of being a father and that is it.

For the woman that is a single mother, it’s so easy for the motherfucker to get something from the government. Right, there is this one white women from the UK and she has 12 children and currently is looking for a sperm donor for baby number 13. She might have the yute already. Do you know how much government money the whiteness is getting? Christ Almighty, the whitey is getting £40,000 a year. That’s right, a year off doing nothing at all but breed. I can live off by 40,000 a year especially £50,000 but not living off the government.

Over 12 children and gets £40,000 a year of benefits?

I went to Brent housing numerous times when I was living in North West London. And they say that I have to bid to get a flat. Do you know how many times I have to bid to a get a yard? Yard is an urban term for house or home. You don’t know how many times I have bid and still get no result. I think they’re not giving me anything is because that I have no children. That’s probably the reason why that are not giving me anywhere to live. I rather have a big house in Stanmore or in Borehamwood with a couple of fast luxurious cars in my driveway, star!

I know that there are women including black women who are living off the government, especially the women where I’m from. But in the white communities there are white chicks are living off the government as well. You’ll be surprised how many of them are there living off they system that I despise. I know that the system is there to help you but to be honest, living off it is not a great lifestyle. But yeah people, when a man has multiple children or sometime not children at all, it’s difficult for him to get something from the government. But for women that have a dozen of kids, she can get everything.

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I still rather go out there and work and live off the government. I’m an independent man.


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