Yeah, Black Men Is The New Homosexual! But Why?

This ain’t no homophobia here but what do I mean by this people? Let Money Cultural explain!

I have no issues of any one who is in a interracial relationship. I don’t even have a problem of any one who is in a interracial marriage. It doesn’t matter what colour the person is, as long this person loves you for you. I have no issues of any man who would go overseas just to find a woman to make her as his wifey. But as they simps are coming after black men who are with non black women or going overseas just to look for a woman to wife up, I was thinking with all this dick policing, with all these simps that wanna know where the black man is putting is penis in, is these guys are homosexual? But I hope everyone is doing well. Everything is back to normal after Queen’s Elizabeth’s funeral. With all the black man who are simps wondering where other black men sticking they’re penis in, I was like “Black men are the new homosexuals!” Yep, I said it loud and clear.

I have no issues of anyone who is homosexual or bisexual. That is the man’s lifestyle and he live it any time he wants. But these simps like Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 and Dr Foolmar Johnson are irritated that there are black man who decided to be with non black women or foreign women with I find foreign women attractive. Yes I do. These simps want black men to marry these ratchet black women that they love, honour and obey. Black men who are intelligent will not deal with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles because they are nothing but dysfunctional and they show it on a regular basis. So there is no way that these intelligent black men or good black men wanna get with these women who are nothing but ratchet.

This dick police thingamajig that these simps have token up recently really comes from the low average racist white man who is a beta male. When the beta male sees a black man with a non black man and it’s mostly a white woman, he starts fuming with complete and his face goes completely red. And he gets flaming mad when he sees black men with white women. The reason he act like this is because he can’t get no woman. No woman wants a man like that. No sir! But there are some pro blacks simp dudes will say “The white man is the original homosexual man! He’s the first homo, dawg!” If the white man is the originator of homosexuality, then why the bomba whole these pro black simps wanna know where black man are pushing his wood in? Lord above help us please!

Like I said, I’m not being homophobic here!

These simps wanna know so much of where the black man are sliding his knob into. This is a homosexual tendency that these simps have picked up along the way. A man can date who ever he wants and these simps can’t do nothing about it. When a white man is with a non black woman, they don’t have a issue with it whatsoever but when a black man does it, it’s a problem. A real big problem. There was this YouTuber name Woke Poofgressive 2.0. He’s a black man who was against black man who date non black women. He even come after black men who got married to non black honeys. Guess what I heard? I heard that they man come out as gay. I went “What!?” When I heard that, I went “You see what happens when you dick police?”

As these simps wanna know where black men’s private section is going, they are also defending these ghetto ratchet black women when black men talk about their bad behaviour. They’re just doing that to get some clit. That’s what it is really. They are trying to get some pum pum! But these harridans really don’t like these simp dudes. They rather be with the thuggish dudes like Cell Block Scrappy, Ruff Cut Larry, Lazar Sight, Close Range, Fully Loaded Dessie, Rum Head Fraser, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. These scraggle daggles will stab these simps in the back in a heartbeat. These scragglies really don’t like these simps or care for them or even love them.

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I have no time for these foolish dudes. I’m off!


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