She Got Dropped Off!


Have you heard the story on YouTube of a man who woke up after a back surgery and find out that his wife for 28 years was went with another man? Not only that. He lost everything from this woman and I mean everything. Poor guy! I think she plan this you know. I know she plan this thing you know, star! But, I bet you that when she loses it all and the other man which I’m sure it’s a young dude living off her dumps her for another woman, she’s goanna come crawling back to him. But I hope everyone is doing well. My birthday was yesterday. My 41st Birthday was alright. Thanks to the most high for making me live for another year. Well, I’m goanna see more and more nonsense, oh boy!

This is circling around the internet of this guy who is taking this brown sugar chick back to the airport because he wanted them cheeks and the girl was not giving them up. The man flew her to Los Angeles, California and took her to his house. They where flirting for two months online and when he flew her to LA, she wasn’t giving up the pum pum punany. She was in his house with her breast out, has a towel on after showering and not giving up the clit. As the woman was playing games with him, the dude was like “I’m sending her ass back to the airport!” And he paid her plane ticket as well. But he didn’t pay her the return ticket, thank goodness.

This female was trying to finesse him. She was trying to use the man. She didn’t come to give up the cheeks. There was no way that she would bend over and make him to give him backas. It’s a Jamaican term for the sexual position doggie style and the original term is rear entry. They call it back shot, back ways and so on. When a gold digger sees a man with money, she will do whatever it takes to use him and not spreading her legs to him. I know that these gold diggers are only interested with guy for money only and now we have more and more gold diggers that will manipulate a dude with cash on him.


She is planning out something crafty!

Did the man do the right thing? Well the simps will say no obviously. What he did wrong is buy the chick’s plane ticket. Never ever buy a woman a plane ticket to come see you gents. Let she pay her over plane ticket. What did she expect? Him flying her over just for Netflix and chill? Oh no, he wanted to take her to the bedroom and press her on the mattress. But he didn’t get to press it but he knows that she was in that finesse shit. She had cunning plains to use him. That is why he send her back to the airport because them two didn’t fuck.

In the so called black community, there are so many gold diggers you wouldn’t believe. When a black woman who is ratchet says that she is strong and independent, don’t believe her. She’s just a gold digging stragg who will use a man who has money and that is it. I know about gold diggers because I had some of them in the past. So Money Cultural is no stranger to these types of women. When a man is with a gold digging hoodrat, do you think that she likes him? No way. She is just with him for his cream and nothing else. But when she sees the thugs like Cuddy, Chopper Man Stoley, Machete Man Briggy, Stretchers and Razor Man Palmer, she is opening her legs to them in a flash.

Everyone is calling him a simp because he bought her a plane ticket. I do agree on that. He shouldn’t waste his money and buy this finesse chick a plane ticket. I will never in a million years that I would by a woman a plane ticket just to see me. I know that I will get finesse by the scraggle daggle. If a woman was in my house with her breasts out or wearing just a towel, you think I’m goanna do nothing to her? Man, I take her to my bed, take off her towel with the quickness and set the bed on fire with sex. I’ll be like H Town, Knockin’ The Boots. I thought that life of the gold diggers was be over but to tell you the truth. It’s getting worse then ever!

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plane 2

I hope he learns his lesson.


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