Brawling Black Women

black women fighting 2

Looks like she’s ready!

Tomorrow, I’m goanna be 41 years old. Yeah, my star sign a Leo. I’m compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. But anyway. You know when the old timers say that I haven’t seen anything thing yet? They are saying that to me because I was young. They’ve been saying that to me when I was in my 20’s. Well, now is the time to say this. I have seen everything. And it’s a very long flipping list. And there are more to see, oh God help us! Hope everyone is doing well. Getting ready for tomorrow for 41st Birthday. And Jamaica is celebrating 60 years of independence is on Saturday as well. I might celebrate it, even though I was born England. Should out to Jamaica. I haven’t been there for ten years.

The browning took of her jeans to fight!

As you look on YouTube, we see black women fighting in the street, in raves and night clubs, in shopping stores or malls, in buses, basically everywhere. And also, I have seen black men where are these simps recording black women brawling on their mobile phones. And you guys must be thinking “Yo Money Cultural blud, why these simps are recording these black chicks fighting? Why these simps them don’t stop the women fighting?” Right, I really don’t know why they are recording the black chicks fighting but the reason why they don’t stop black women fighting is because that if they stop black women fighting, scrapping, brawling, the black women will turn on them and start throwing their fists at them. So they can’t risk it.

On Monday, I have done an article called The Damaged Black Man Known As The Simp and I talked about black men being damaged by their mothers when they where little children. Black women were damaged too when they where little girls and that is the reason why they are so violent when they grow up to become women. There are so many videos of black women fighting especially in broad daylight. And sometimes it’s a group of them fight each other, throwing objects at each other, they’re using their fucking cars for goodness sake to run each other, it’s absolutely crazy.

black women fighting 3

When you see black women fighting, you may have no choice but to watch really. There is nothing you can. You can walk away from that and continue doing what you are doing. There is a video clip in Atlantic Road, Brixton, South West London of two black women from Jamaica arguing in the street in the evening time. This fight must have happened in winter this year. The two women were cursing each other out, then start fighting and then I heard glass smashing as well. So they must of had glass or bottles in their hands and start throwing at each other. I think they must off been fighting for man so I’m not damn surprised that this fight happened. As also, I heard that one of them said that the man gave her cunnilingus. Anyhow!

Here it is. Crazy!

“But Money C, these ghetto ratchet black women always fight each other for the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Dirty Biscuit, Colt Five Rounds, Rizly Dizzly, Rizla P, Cuddy, Knife Man Priest, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed ain’t it?” Yeah, that’s right. They are fighting for these guys. They love these type of black men. They don’t fight for the good black man but they’ll try chase after him when they stop chasing bad guys but they will never in a million years fight for a simp. I have never seen the ratchet black women fighting for a guy is nothing but a simpleton.

So, these black women come from single parent homes where their mothers use to beat the hell out them. Was their mothers were like this fighting in the street? Oh most def, people! Their mothers use to be like that fighting and sometimes it’s for a man that has the next women between the bed sheets. Or a fourth, fifth or six woman. Black women, well some of them, come from homes where there is no father in the household and some of the mothers use to beat their daughters up, especially when they are teenagers. And when these young black girls grow up to become women, my goodness! They fight like football hooligans before a local Derby game starts.

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And you guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, that’s the women you like ain’t it?” Erm, no!


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