The Damaged Black Man Known As The Simp


I’m talking about the simps again. Yeah, I know. These are the type of fools that are willing to take on or take out thinking black men because they are protecting the ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles that they love so much. But everybody knows that these harridans don’t even like these simps. But I hope everyone is doing well still. My birthday is on Thursday. I’m goanna be 41 years old. People tell me that I don’t look it. I get that all the time. Did you hear about the cycling crash at the Commonwealth Games? I saw one cyclist went over the barrier and few into the crowd. I heard that one person in the crowd got hurt. I hope the cyclists are not suffering for serious or career threating injuries. If one of the cyclist get a career ending injury, that is it.

When a thinking black man talks about the ratchetness amongst black women, there are some black people will say that this man has been hurt by black women, they got their heartbroken by black women and so on. And it’s the ratchet black women and these simps are saying this. Listen here, we all been hurt by someone that never loved us. There was a live stream on YouTube. Quincy 82 and Rap Raven from Black Betterment Broadcast was talking about how to better the so called black community. They had a disagreement and Quincy had enough of him and left the live stream because Rap Raven wasn’t listening to him. These simps never listen to people anyway. When Quincy comes of the live stream, Rap Raven said he’s just suffering from trauma and some sort of pain. Right, what about the simps? Are they suffering from trauma or some pain?

Damaged black men are up on the rise. And who are these black men who are damaged? Yep, it’s these simps who are damaged! You guys must be thinking “What kind of damage your talking about blud?” Well, most of the time it’s physical abuse when they where children. And most of time it’s their mothers who are raising them alone without the fathers who fucked off because they didn’t wanna deal with the mother’s ratchetness, the father wasn’t interested of the child or the father find out that he wasn’t the father of the child when he did that DNA test. And these ratchet mothers are taking their anger out of the boys and beat them because their sons remind them as their fathers when their mothers look at them. The young black girls, they go through it as well.

damaged 2

For instance, Bareback Fountain who use to stalk every single black man on YouTube. He was even stalking me a few times and I have to cheek him numerous times. I was thinking “Yo star! Why this Negro keep stalking me and taking clips of me of my videos.” I was wondering “Why this fool keeps stalking me and other guys on YouTube. This is some narcissistic thing the man is doing!” Then I found out that he was beaten up by his mother when he was a child. His mum use to knock him around when he was young. And that is the reason why he was acting like this on YouTube. He was acting like this all the time. We do have tones a narcissistic people on YouTube. Look at Playmate Tessi who mocked the young girl who got cancer.

Guys, I was so upset when I heard about this!

When a black boy gets beaten by his mother who is raising him by her own, when he grows up, he might become feminine which might possibly happen or he becomes abuse towards black women when he’s in a relationship. He might end up beating up his girlfriend or wife. Look at the rapper and producer Dr. Dre. I gaurentte that he’s been beaten by his mother when he was a young boy. And he grew up to become an man who can’t control himself. That’s why he beat up the R&B singer Michel’le when they had a relationship. And that relationship was damn right toxic. I could never be in a relationship like that. I have been in a toxic relationship before and that was in the year 2000.

What about me? Did I get beaten by my mum when I was little boy? Listen here. When I was little child, I was a rude shit. I was the demon child from hell. Rude, lie, mischievous, misbehaving, I use foul language as well, I was naughty. I was a bad little boy. “And some of them will say “You still are today!” No, I’m not. But anyhow, as you look at these simps who are defending the ghetto ratchet black women, they have been through things when they were young boys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rap Raven from Black Betterment Broadcast went through the same thing like these simps who are coming after black men who talks about the ratchet black woman.

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Tough one to talk about but I still can’t stand these simps, captain save a hoes, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and these oil of olay men. Frigg them!


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