SYSBM Accountable For What?



Man, this was something. But anyhow, people!

These simps will not stop at anything! And you guys must be wondering “Oh these simps again?” Yep, these simpish dudes again. They have another tactic. What is the other tactic? Well, I’ll tell you. Hope everyone is doing well. My birthday on next week on Thursday. I’ll be 41 years old. I think I’ve have seen everything. What do I mean by that? Everything really, especially with these simps online. All they are doing is defending these hoodrats when thinking black men talk about the bad behaviour of these harridans. And everybody knows that these simps don’t get respect from these ratchet women.

We have these simps that have been attacking SYSBM for the last ten years. Simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr. Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Swag “Simp” Boy 360, D Derailed, Nizzo “The Simpo” Artist, Shawn James, Monty Woodgrain, Bum Picker, I mean Bone Picker, Clifton Rainey and all of the other simps that are coming after black men who are with non black women. If a black man wants to be with a black woman, then fine by that. I’m not throwing any shades of him having a black girlfriend or a black wifey. If I want a black relationship with a black woman, then I would. But why they are coming after black men who are in non black relationships/marriages?

Right, I was watching a video from Oshay Duke Jackson. Tommy Sotomayor calls him old face. He said that black men who are SYSBM don’t take accountability on anything. What does accountability or mainly accountable mean? It means being responsible, being liable and so on. But the thing is. What is SYSBM accountable for what may I ask? I was thinking of what SYSBM are not taking responsibility for? I can’t think of any fucking thing, people. My mind is blank right now. Steve The Dean Williams was on Oshay live stream long time ago on his YouTube channel saying that SYSBM don’t take responsibility on anything. He said that about MGTOW and IBMOR as well. But I heard that this simp is with a white woman who has two children. Good God!

The most infamous YouTube stalker ever! The most notorious of all time! Wow!

He don’t date white women. There is something fishy or fruity about this dude!

You guys must be wondering “You blud! What the simps mean by SYSBM doesn’t take accountability? What are they talking about Money C?” Well to be honest, I think it’s just another strategic move to attack SYSBM. That’s it really. They really are coming after something which is really harmless. I just thought about this. Has SYSBM took accountability on the destruction, mayhem, chaos, madness and the harm in the so called black community? No. you know why? Because they didn’t cause the madness gwanin’ in the black community, you get me!? It was the wretched people who cause this.

As these simps keep defending these ghetto scraggle daggles, these hoodrats are opening their legs wide to thugs like Clark Shoes Danny, Razor Man Palmer, Gun Boy Joe, Cuddy, Sharp Knife and Street Ratty. These simps have no chance of getting these scraggle daggles because these scragglies don’t want these simps. They don’t even like them. They want the ruff and ready type dudes. They want a ruff neck man! Not no simp that will side with them. However, these simps will wait for the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Six Shooter Derrick, Corner Boy Ronney, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta to finish up with the scraggle daggles.

These simps have so many tactics to take on SYSBM. Especially the simps in Britain when they are taking black men who will refuse to choose black women for a long term relationship/marriage. Can you believe that these simps have found another tactic to take out SYSBM? Well, I’m not really surprised by this because I know the simps already you understand? They are using this type of strategy just to get some punany. But these scraggle daggles will play games with the simps as they lust after the thuggish dudes that will drive them crazy.

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SYSBM shouldn’t take accountability on anything!


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