The Dyslexic Side Of Money Cultural


There are somethings that haunted me over the years. From my ex in 2000 with her manipulative crap which I don’t wanna discuss about, my older brother’s death which shock me to the core when he died in 2020 and I haven’t seen him since 1999 but there is one thing that haunts me the most. And what is it? Dyslexia! Hope everyone is doing well. This one is real personal to me and I have never thought I will talk about this, until now. I think I need to read more often. I haven’t read anything for a very long time. But anyway.

I suffers from dyslexia. And this word is difficult to spell for me. Even pronouncing it. There are people out there that suffered from this condition and I’m one of them that have it. I had problems of reading and writing when I was little. I had serious issues of reading and writing when I was at primary school and I got bullied for it. It was the same thing when I was in secondary school. Trust me; it was so brutal when I was in high school. I hated high school so much, when my high school days ended in 1997, I was glad. But I left with no qualifications.

I use to get bullied in primary and secondary school on a regular but I had a temperamental side, obviously. There was one dude I didn’t like and still don’t like the guy. When we have a argument, he questions about my intelligence. And he does it in front of the other students. It was so embarrassing, I wanted to fight him this geeky type beta dude, you get me? I wanted to fuck up his face so badly; no one wouldn’t even recognise him. I had it really, really bad when I was young. There were sometimes that I didn’t wanna go to school. That’s how bad it was. This is a very sensitive topic I’m talking about. I use to have support teachers from primary right down to secondary school. I like to know what they are doing now?

When I went to the college of North West London, I was studying Art and Design. There was no reading which I was very happy for that but I had a thing for art anyway until 2001 when I lost interest in it. Because I suddenly had a thing for writing. But the ready and writing, well it did improved over the years. I always had nice hand writing but the reading, it’s still bothers me a little.  You guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, why you never told us about you having the dyslexia ting blud?” You know, it’s such a sensitive to talk about until now on Money Cultural.

People who has this condition, they go for jobs like graphic designer, journalist, website developer and entrepreneurship. And even engineers, councillors and therapists. Some of them work from home which is actually a very good thing because people are not hiring other people to work nowadays so why not do that instead. I still like getting up and going to work still but people say that could be a thing of the past. Where does dyslexia come from? Well, it’s a genetic thing really. If a parent or siblings has learning difficulties, it can be past over to the child so unfortunately it runs in the family. So if I have children which will be a complete shock, then they might inherit it.

6.3 million people which is around 10 per cent of the UK population have dyslexia and 1 in 6 adults has the reading level of a 11 year old. The thing is that I don’t know if that 10 per cent have changed. The dyslexia has haunted me for many years and I know that it will not go away. I guess that this could be my biggest flaw. Hey don’t know. There are some words that I haven’t heard before and they can be difficult to pronounce but I have Google to pronounce to word for me the legendary Oxford Dictionary as well so I can find out what the word is. Oh yeah, Google can do that for me as well.

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Wow! That was hard to talk about.

smily face

I’ll be okay!


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