Rape Culture In South Africa

south africa

There are so many things that bother me. I have a list of things that bothers me you know. But as I saw a documentary about the rape culture in South Africa, it really bothers me, a lot. I have a damn headache thinking about it. Hope everyone is doing well. This one here is really shocking. I was goanna talk about the simps but this one here is really shocks me to the core. I find it so distressing about what is going on in South Africa. There’s a fifty minute BBC documentary called My Neighbour The Rapist and trust me, it is really shocking.

Oh my God! This is so very disturbing. I didn’t know that this is happening so much in some of the African continents. I didn’t realise that there is a huge rape culture in Africa. Which are these rapes that are happening in these continents in Africa? Well, it’s happening in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and so on. Not only that these women are getting raped but some of them got pregnant by the men who rape the women. And some are young girls who have been sexually assaulted but also breed for the men that rape them off. Some of the women have rejected their rape babies and they don’t want anything to do with the children.

I heard that South Africa is the rape capital of the world. Every woman or child gets raped every 26 seconds. It is very puzzling when you think about it really. And everyone who is the rapist, the person who has been raped or the man who is doing the raping. Disploot, near Johannesburg has some of the highest level of rape in South Africa. And these women have been raped in front of their husbands and boyfriends. Even children get raped in front of their parents as well. For women, South Africa is a dangerous place for them because of all of the rapes going on. It’s a Dangerous place to live for women.

But the people in the community of Disploot will take the law in their own hands and they have done that. When the community find out that a man has sexually assault a woman, they will look for him, beat him killing them or burn him to death. They are fed up of crime in their neighbourhood and they feel that the police are not doing their jobs. So they become vigilantes and kill the suspects of the rape they have commented. As the police are present at the crime scene, they are very wary of treating the suspect. Because that will trigger a riot and that is something that they police really don’t want.

Here is the question. What the hell is going on? What is wrong with the men in the motherland? Why are they doing this? I heard that these Traditional healers say that if a man rapes a child, he will get healed from HIV. When I heard that, I thought to myself that this most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. If a man has a deadly disease and he rapes someone especially a child, he’ll pass on the deadly virus. I really don’t know what is going on with the dudes in some in Africa. I trying to figure it out really and some of the men that have sexually assaulted these women actually enjoy this. They enjoy doing raping women.

The people are taking the law into their own damn hands. I don’t blame them! They just had enough!

I know that South Africa is one beautiful country but the thing is that South Africa has now earned its name the rape capital of the world. And it’s all because of the sexual assaults going on towards the women. South Africa is not safe for women because the men keep raping these women. There are so many rape victims in Disploot and some of them are young girls. And the men have no remorse of what they fucking did to the ladies. They have no conscience of their actions? Really nigah!? I don’t blame the people of the community take the law in their own hands.

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It’s shocking to see what’s happening in South Africa!


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