They’re Not My Children


When it comes to this step father malarkey, it’s always black men that is willing to step up and take care of a child that doesn’t belong to them. And everyone knows this. Even white people knows that black men are willing to be a step father. If someone says that if I want to be a step father, I will say “Hell no, them fools ain’t mine!” And there are these simps will say that “But Donovan, the pickney them need a new father.” Then I’ll say “Frigg them kids!” But I hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather. The weather forecast says that the hot weather might come to an end and we might see thunderstorms and heavy rain. I think the people rather see have the heavy rain then have this hot weather. But not being the step daddy! Oh no, no, no!

Right, everybody knows that over fifty per cent of black men are fatherless. I don’t know if it’s in America or around the world but I know that there are single mothers especially black single mothers are chasing men without children. If a black man who is childless wants to have a family of his own then he has be with a non black woman are start a family with her. Or even marry the non black woman. I did an article called Why I Don’t Have Children when I explained why I’m not a father. Am I worried of not being a father? I don’t know but there is one thing. There is no way that I wanna be a step daddy.

There is no way that I wanna be the man who is goanna look after children which is not mine. They don’t belong to me. They don’t have my DNA. If they don’t have my DNA, if they don’t have my family’s bloodline whatever if it’s my mum side or my dad side, why should I take the reasonability to take care of another man’s child? When a man sees woman no matter if she‘s good looking or not, if he sees that she’s a single mother, he’s not going to ease up on her. Because he knows that he has to be a step father and that is the reason why he runs off.

As these black men who are childless say that they are not interested in step daddy season, not only the scraggle daggles will go into rage mode but these simps lining up siding with them and start attacking black childless men because black men who has no children, they don’t wanna take care of child or a dozen off springs which is not theirs. On the daytime television show Maury, when the man does the paternity test on the child, when he find out that the baby was not his, he goes into complete devastation and cries his eyes out. And you know something else? They still go and step up to take care of the child or children if they have more then one. I tell you these scragglies on Maury; they’re really for the streets!

When you look at these children who are being raised with single mothers, you are wondering who the fathers are. Well, their fathers are not good black men. It’s the thug type dudes like 375 Jimmy, Knife Man Priest, Machete Man Briggy, 50. Calibre Gilly, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Frasier, Chopper Man Stoley, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed. These are the dudes that are breeding off the scraggly hoodrats. And these daggles expect good black men took take care of children which doesn’t belong to them? Wow!

I’m with the two parent home especially when it comes to black people. But the thing is that these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle hoodrats don’t want to raise a child in a two parent home. As they get older and get breed up with the Rizzly Dizzly, Rum Smuggler Don, Des The Drunk, Corner Boy Ronney, Colt Five Rounds and Six Shooter Derrick, then they start to think that it’s time to get a good black man. I’m not good black man. I’m far from that shit but there is no way that I’m goanna take care of another man’s off springs. But these simps, they’re ready for that, though!

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The simps says that the children needs a new father! Fuck them kids!


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