Controlling Them Temptations

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Black man can date whoever they want, it doesn’t matter what the colour of the woman or the looks of the woman. I have no issues of any black men dating whoever they want as long they are happy. But here is the thing, black men are going to women who are nothing but ratchet and mediocre. And I mean really mediocre. Hope everyone is doing well. Money Cultural is feeling knackerd, you get me? I really need to rest. There are so many thirst traps for black men and these scraggle daggles and luring them into these traps that is making black men go thirsty for. I know about thirst traps as it is guys.

We all saw the baby father who bought McD’s to his child and his baby mother was ranting, raving and cursing at him because he didn’t bought food for the other children. Which are not his by the way! And we all saw her throwing the food on the ground. I was scrolling down her Instagram page and to tell the truth there are some nice pictures there and there some thirst pictures as well. The clip with the baby father who was giving food to the child, some guys on YouTube say it’s a skit. We don’t know if it is a skit or not but that video clip shows what black men have to go through when they have kids with a baby mother.

There was another clip of a woman who caught her boyfriend with her mother. The mother said that she didn’t have sex with him. The thing is that if she was not having sex with him, why was she in bed with the boyfriend wearing that sink black gown then? Some of the YouTubers says that it could be a skit but I know that these mothers have sex with their daughter’s boyfriends. I don’t have an issue of a younger man being with an older woman but there is no way that I’m not goanna sleep with my girlfriend’s mother. I don’t care how good looking she is or how big and long her breasts are.

Compilation of the thirst trap. Cute honeys though!

Skit or no skit, I know that there are black men who will put themselves in a dangerous situation like the man who was buying the burger meal for his child. When it comes to black women who are ratchet, black men will give into their sexual desires and try to get between their legs. Some succeeded but with a price, a heavy fucking price. Black men need to stop giving into their sexual desires because they are putting themselves into sticky situations which other black men have warned them about. Black men are focused on women and it’s mostly the ratchet women guys like me talk about because some black men look at them like some sexual thing when they become desperate for the pum pum.

Black men need to fight off the temptations that will creep into their head and try to control their desires. They have to tame the sexual desires in their head and I have no issues of a man having sex. I like sex. I enjoy sex. I even like slow sex but the thing is that there are some black men who are sleeping with women who are ratchet and they can’t stay away from them because they are in lost into deep temptation. All black men think about is which punany they wanna fuck and they have nothing to do. Yo, they need to find something to do.

Black men need to control their temptations when it comes to women. If a man is goanna have sex with the woman with four children, then he has to use condoms. Because if he nuts inside her tunny, then he will be baby father number five. Black men will go the worse type of women and I’m not talking about looks. I’m not a good looking guy and I know that. I’m talking about black men who are going for women that are ratchet and down right toxic. These women need to be avoided all the time so black men really needs to control all temptations and stop being the Thirsty Darryl type dude.

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Thirst trap

Thirst traps are everywhere so black men need to control their desires and not give into temptations.


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