Black Men Calling Russell Wilson A Simp. Why?

russell wilson

Before I talk about Russell Wilson of why black men calling him a simp, let me tell you something what happened in Clarendon, Jamaica. A man not only killed a woman but he killed four of her children. And it happened seven in the morning. You guys must be thinking “What the hell is this now!? Was it a domestic dispute!?” It looks like it is. And the police are looking for the man that slashed their throats. The youngest child was 11 mouths old and the oldest child was 15 years old. It must be the boyfriend that killed them. I have a real feeling about this. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m trying to cope with the train strike. Oh boy!

Why black men do they call Russell Wilson a simp? Is it because that he puts his wife on a pedestal? Well, nothing is wrong with that if a man loves his wife. I have no issues with that. A man has a right to love his wife. At the end of the day, it’s his wife. He can give her flowers, chocolates and gifts but not all the time though. That is too much really giving your wifey one thing to another to please her. But the thing is that black men are not mad at that. I’m not mad at that neither. Nothing’s wrong being a good husband.

Is it that black men call him a simp dude because he’s a square, lame, corny? Listen, to the lame dudes out there. There is nothing wrong being called a lame. There are some dudes that have their lame ways. When someone calls you a lame ass dude, they are the ones who are lame as well. Probably more lame then you, star! I have met some lame dudes and they turn out to be cool. Look, even Money Cultural have his lame ways, you get me? Don’t be surprised on that. Hey fuck it! Be lame and be pound, blud! But is not that Russell Wilson is a lame dude. Oh no!


Is it because that they call him a simp because he lets Ciara twerk, especially on social media? Well, I have no issues with twerking. It’s just a dance. Look in the Caribbean when you see the Caribbean women twerk when they are dancing to the music and it’s very common there as well. African women twerk as well. Look at South America with the South American honeys twerk the hell out their booties! And there are some thirsty simps that are lusting and drooling over Ciara when she’s twerking and shaking them brown buttocks. But black men are no mad on that either!

So, why black men calling Russell Wilson a simp? Right, I’ll tell ya! The reason why black men called Russell Wilson a simp is because that him, a childless man married to R&B singer Ciara who is a single mother that had a child with rapper Future. In other words, he married to a single mother. And Future has baby mothers left, right and centre. Black men was in shock that the NFL player that has a tone of money got married to a single mother. I understand that Ciara is a good looking woman. She is a stunner. A nice looking browning with all that brown skin. But Russell Wilson is a childless man with money and he shouldn’t deal with a woman who is a single mother.

The ghetto ratchet black women are upset that black men are hot happy with Russell Wilson because he’s married to a single mother. They are talking about this on social media of black men who are upset that Russell Wilson went to simp mode and married a woman with a child. And he’s raising the child which is not his. I have no issues of Russell Wilson. I’m proud of his success and I have huge love for Ciara as well. She’s a talented woman and a great singer, but DAMN! Russell Wilson took the simp route and that is something a man that has no children shouldn’t do.

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This is the reason why black men call Russell Wilson is a simp. and the scraggle daggles are not happy.


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