They Will Not Go For A Good Black Man Or The Simp

black chick

The ratchet black women are looking for excitement when it comes to relationships. These women want a man that will make them go crazy as they see them. What type of relationship they are looking for? Everyone knows that, even white men too. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing alright seeing these ratchet black women looking for some thug loving! It’s doesn’t last long though. It will end up in complete disaster. And they go for the same type of dude over and over again.

Which type of black men the ratchet black women like and love? Is it the good black man/nice guy who will love her and take care of her? No, because she will find him boring, corny and lame. Will they go for the simp that will defend them when thinking black men talk about the black women’s ratchet behaviour? Hell to the no. They don’t wanna be with a man like that. They don’t like it when these simps lick up to them. So you guys must be wondering “Yo Money C, which type of man that these ratchet hoodrats like and want?” They like the thug type dude that will drive them crazy.

The 9mm is out!

Well, you guys know this already as the scraggle daggles love them a thug. The good black man will not excite them and the simp is needed to defend them with thinking black men talk about the black women’s ratchetness. But the thug though? Oh shit! Now that will make these ratchet black women go crazy. As some of you guys don’t know and some do know that there are some videos on YouTube of black women saying that they want the thuggish type. I don’t know if these videos are still on YouTube. That was a long time ago.

These thugs like Colt Five Rounds, 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Big Dick Tyrone, Corner Boy Ronney, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Freed will get a shot with these women more then the good black man and the simp. They good black man will just walk away and go elsewhere but the simp will try to get these type of women because some of the where raised by women like them. They’re mothers are ratchet just like the other women in their families.

As these ghetto ratchet black women get ram through by these thuggish dudes and have their children, then they will chase after the good black man. But the thing is that the good black man will not choose these women as the black woman have children by different worthless dudes. But the simps will stop at nothing but to be with these women just to live off them. That is one of the reasons why these simps are not wanted by these ghetto hoodrats. And these simps are the ones that will come after black men when they date non black woman. You just have to shake your head people with these simps dudes.

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black chick 2

The ratchet black women want a guy who is not a nice guy or a simp. They want a Rizla P, 50. Calibre Gilly and Rum Head Frasier.


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