You guys must be thinking and wondering “What is finesscita, blud!?” Before Money Cultural tells you, I wanna say this. We have more and more gold diggers around now. They are all over the place. We have a cesspit of gold diggers and these simps are not aware that the gold diggers are on the streets ready to manipulate men. These simps are not watching out because they are blinded by a woman’s beauty. I know about gold diggers, people. And I tell you, it’s a horrible road to go on. Hope everyone is doing fine. I have this La Cazaforunas right here showing how she gets money. La Cazaforunas is Spanish for gold digger.

This is one heartless, unapologetic mamacita! Or finesscita. Ay cono!

What is finesscita? Well, I flipped it from the Spanish word “Mamacita.” It means a Latin woman or a Latina is finessing other men. And when I saw this Latin woman telling everyone how she is manipulating other men for money, that’s how I create the term for her. Right, I know about the gold digging shit already and being played as well. I have told the story about my ex who asks me for £15 pound to go to Manchester in 2003 when I was living at North West London and I know that something is up and it’s wasn’t honest. That’s what makes a man more aware in the streets when it comes to women. There are some trifling, cunning, shystey chicks around and they are ready to pick pocket any man who has money.

I know that there are gold diggers in the so called black community. I know that there are ghetto ratchet black women who are going for man that has money. And they not there for love. They are just there just to use the man. But I know that there are gold digging bitches in every race. There are white women who are gold diggers, Asian women, biracial women and Latin women as well. And they are willing to use a man. When a man sees a gold digger, he should know that she will do him dirty. And the other is that she will show no remorse of her actions like a sociopath.

No matter what colour the woman is, she can finesse a dude with the slickness!

Right, Phillip Scott says that black men who has that SYSBM ideology and feel that other women in other races are better then black women, they will always find out the hard way. Here this now. I heard know that he did the pro black thing and come to find out that he’s married to an Latina. And also, SYSBM will know if a woman is finessing them. If they know that a woman is on the finesse game, they will walk away from them. And they know that a woman like a gold digger can do dirty, fowl things to a man. I have seen it so many times!

If I wanted to be in a interracial relationship, then I would go for a Latina. Someone who is Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Columbian or Brazilian. I wouldn’t judge anyone who is in a non black relationship because I wouldn’t mind being in one. I don’t mind white women neither but the thing that I’m being more careful then ever because women no matter what colour they are, they will use a man who is weak minded. And these women don’t care how they feel when they finish using a man.

This Latin woman right here who is using men, finessing other men, manipulating and so on, she is paying the most dangerous game ever for a woman. Because these simps that she is using, they will take her life away. These simps which it seems that she is using, they will snap in a heartbeat and just take her out of this earth. She is going for the simps that has money because these simps are very vulnerable side and she is just targeting them. She will not go for a man that knows that she’s using him. And on the video, she says that she has no remorse of using these simps. This is an extremely dangerous game that this woman is playing!

If these simps are getting hurt by being used by women like her, then they deserve what do they get. People are goanna say to men who are simps are mostly broke like these simpish dudes on the social media platform. There are simps that have money, a nice car and a nice house. But these money simps are actually giving these gold digging whores money and not getting no punany in return. I can’t feel sorry for these simps. They should that these gold digging heifers are ready to tear the pockets apart financially. And when you have simps like Pastor Papi Don saying to men to give women money, it was like “What? Seriously nergo? Give women the cream that I made!?”

There are lazy women out there now. It’s a large amount of gold digging women who are lazy and don’t wanna work. They are just here just to use a sucker if he has some dough in his bank account. And if a man wants to get married to these women, he will have a hard time during the marriage with her because she will not submit to him. However, when it comes to the thuggish dudes, then she will have to play the submissive role because she will know that the thug dude will put her down on the ground if he doesn’t submit. These simps really need to be aware of what is going on out there with these gold diggers and they also they need some education of how to protect their money.

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There is a huge amount of gold diggers and the simps are not seeing it. I rather be with an independent woman then be with a gold digger!

I think I know why relationships and marriages are ending in high numbers!


6 thoughts on “Finesscita

  1. For the life of me, I can’t understand why a dude would give a woman money and he isn’t smashing her. Reminds me of the song “boops;” at least a boops get to hug and kiss the woman, but simps can’t even touch…

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