At NINE!!!!?????


So she tangled August between her legs.

We all know about Jada Pinkett Smith told her husband Will Smith about her entanglement with R&B singer with August Alsina. Then she says that Will Smith ain’t piping her down in the bedroom. And also, she said that she never wanted to marry Will Smith in the first place. Then she revealed that her 40th birthday party was a ridiculous display of Will’s own ego. But what she said about her grandmother, this one really takes the cake. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m hoping that this is not true what Jada said on the red table. I really hope it’s not true.

Your granny taught you what, Jada?

On the red table talk, Jada was with her mother, her daughter Willow and Willow’s friend. The actress who starred in movies Menace II Society, Set It Off and Michael Mann’s brilliant crime thriller Collateral said on the red table that her grandmother taught her about self pleasuring at 9. At the age of 9? You tell me that her grandmother taught her about self pleasuring at 9 years old? Not only she talked about it in front of Willow and her friend but her mother was there listening and nodding her head. So her grandmother teaches her to how to play with her pum pum at nine years old.

On Night & Day Network LLC YouTube channel, JR and Isiah Curry was talking to Tokyo Toni about the red table. The video is called The Red Table Talk Agenda and one of them said to about Jada’s grandma teaching her to touch herself at nine years old? Tokyo Toni bang the table, got up of her seat and says “Come on! You can’t be serious?” She was in complete shock when she heard about that. She asks the question to them is the grandmother is still alive. They say they don’t know if the grand mother is still alive. And Tokyo says that if the grandmother is dead, then she’s lying. As they show the video of Jada talking about self pleasuring at nine, Tokyo Toni said that she’s lying.

That when she heard about it on time 6:25

If Jada is not lying on that red table with the ladies, then she must been around with female perverts when she was a child. And also, the kids Jaden and Willow might have been touched as well. She might as well tell the family secrets on that table. On an episode of the red table, Jada was talking to her mother. She asked her if her father ever force her to have sex with him. And her mother said yes. She explained that she was in the kitchen and her father walked in and he wanted to have sex. And when she said no, he forced her to have sex with him. Listen here, I’m not the married type yeah and you guys know that but if I was married, I’m not forcing my wifey to have sex with me. I’ll get it elsewhere.

What do I know about self pleasuring at the age of 9 years old? When I was that age, I was riding my bike, causing mischief and getting beat by my mum when I was rude. Me and my friend was on the old Overground train heading to Watford in 1999. He turned 18 and I turned 17 years old. He was talking about sex as usual. Guess what the guy said to me? He said that he started to have sex at 9 years old. Let me tell you something guys. I think the guy is lying. He wasn’t having sex at that age. And he said that the late rapper Tupac came to his house. One biracial guy said that to me while I was on the Jubilee line train.

Whoopi Rock said that the red table is a blood table. You guys must be wondering “Yo Money Cultural, what does Whoopi Rock mean by blood table, bruv?” Well, people are talking about the weird but sinister shit going on in Hollywood with the blood sacrifice right down to the gay rituals. If you’re an actor and you want a big role in a movie, you got to have sex with another man or give him head. The actresses have to do the same thing by sex with a woman or have sex with different men. Look what happened to the singer Lady Gaga who said that she was raped by a record producer at 19 and left pregnant.

Sorry Lady Gaga!

I don’t know if it’s the grandma from the mother’s side or the father’s side but all I see is her mother nodding her head about Jada’s grandmother teaching her play with herself at nine and said that she don’t need no man to please her. We hear some infamous fuckery on the red table with Jada Pinkett Smith having an entanglement with singer August Alisina, saying that Will Smith not satisfying her in the bedroom, she never wanted to marry him and other things but this one here, it tops the list!

I don’t know if the grandmother is still alive but if she is and she heard that Jada said that she teaches her to touch herself at nine, what is goanna be her reaction? My head went into different directions when I heard what she said on that notorious red table talk and Tokyo Toni said that she’s lying. I really not sure if Jada is telling the truth on her grandmother teaching her how to finger herself. I have never heard about the red table talk until when Jada talked to Will about her entanglement with the singer who is still overly sprung for her.

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I’m done man.


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