Degraded By The White Love Of Her Life



I have said it before and Money Cultural will say it again. I have no issues with interracial dating, relationships and marriage. I wouldn’t mind dating a non black woman. However, when a black woman dates a non black man and it’s mostly a white man, he will degrade her. You want proof? Go on Tik Tok and see how these beta males degrade black females on that platform. And you guys must be saying “What about ghetto gaggers? Look how the beta males degrade these black women and calling them all sorts of racial slurs!” Yeah, I know people. It’s very disgusting to see something like that. Hope everyone is doing well. I had a hard weekend but this Nubian dude from NW10 is glad that the weekend is over.

Yeah, I have seen so many black women getting degraded by the white beta males on the Tik Tok platform. There was a video of a white guy who is below average who gave his black girlfriend a drink but fooled her that it was urine. Yo, these beta males are nasty, good God! I’m surprised that his girlfriend didn’t throw the glass of urine on him. Ladies and gentleman, that is totally disgusting. And the thing is that she didn’t get upset at all. You guys must be thinking “What?” It looks like a growing trend with these black females and most of them are young are being degraded by the these white beta males that will offer nothing to them. But you guys must be think “Money Cultural, why can’t she get a Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le, makes £100,000 per annum, dress neat and has a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire?” As you see when it comes to interracial dating or relationships, these black females will go for the below average white dude, not the successful white guy, Nice Guy Nick.

These beta males you see on these Tik Tok videos who are with these black females, the average white woman wouldn’t even be with them because of the way these beta males are. Because white women really don’t like a beta male just the same way black women hate the simp. Some of the relationships between white men and black women don’t last because that the beta male just want something sexual from the black woman. The infamous YouTuber MsArchducess did a video in 2013 and said the relationship between white men and black women are better then the relationship between black men and white women. If the relationship between white men and black women is better then why 25 per cent of black women have been murdered by their white boyfriends/husbands? And also, if interracial relationship is better then black men who are with white women, then why these white men are using these black females as sexual pleasure?

These black females who are with these beta males, they will make videos about having hate towards black men. When you see a black woman that have a hatred for black men for no particular reason, they will end up with a below average white man who will degrade especially in front of other people. He will not degrade a white woman because she might smack him across the face but he will have no problem degrading a black woman. Question time. Have you ever seen a black man degrade a black woman, especially on social media? I haven’t seen it. Will a black woman let a black man degrade her? Fuck no; she will never let him do that. She will curse him or even fight him but why black women are letting their white boyfriends to degrade them? Why black women are are letting them do these types of things? I wish I know.

On these YouTube streets, some black men that these black women are choosing these bottom shelf Brad type dudes is because they are desperate to have biracial children. I agree on that on some level. Right, the reason why black women who date white men, the hopeless white men want mix race children is because that they have a huge self hatred towards themselves. Black women suffer a lot of insecurities. And it goes to their childhood when they verbally abused by other black people because of being dark skin and some of them are family members. So that is the reason why they have this hatred. So, it’s coming into a deep place and it started with childhood, even though I have no issues with biracial children and people having them. But when black women have mix children with these beta males, these bottom shelf Brads will run off and not take care of their kids they created with black women.

As these black women get kicked to the curb by these bottom of the barrel white guys, they will try to come back to black men. And black men will say that “Why are you coming back here for? I don’t want your ass. Hell no!” And also, some of these black women are single mothers with biracial children with these below average white men and black men will reject them as well as there are some black men will not be in a relationship with a single mother. So, the black women are stuck with the men that they really don’t want and that is the simp that every black woman has a huge distain for. When a black man sees a black woman who has been with a white dude who is way below average, he will kick that to the curb hard but the simp is willing to take her back, not knowing that she said that she had a hatred towards black men.

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It’s a growing trend on Tik Tok with the beta male degrading black women and it’s growing even more.

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