SYSBM Curves

Christina hendricks

You have the honour to bring curves back!

white girls be like

Woman, you know why!

“What do you mean by SYSBM Curves, blud!?” I will explain meaning of this but I hope everyone is doing still! Last night, I was watching Nicki Minaj talking to Kevin Samuals on YouTube. And Anthony Spades did a reaction video of her chatting to Kevin Samuals. She asked him, what does he rate her. You know from One to ten on the looks scales. There are some black men say that he’s suspect because he was talking to an incel and ask about his dick size. Yes, I saw that livestream, damn! When Kevin says what does she rates herself, she says that she’s a seven but he gave her an eight because he says that she has the faecal structure and the full lips. This how Money C looks at it people. I would give her a seven. She is a pretty girl but there is a different face underneath that make up. But her breasts and her booty is not real. But if her batty and her tittles were real, she will get a high score. The weave though, I’m in to natural beauty.

The reaction video for Anthony Spades

curvy whitty

curvy chick

You see ladies and gentlemen, it’s common to see a black woman with curves and a big butt. Not all black women are not curvy. I don’t mind a woman with wide hips and a huge behind as long its real. I really, really don’t mind if a light skin woman has curves. We do see woman in the Latin culture that have pear shape bodies, the wide hip Mendez, the Round booty Lopez and Ms. Curverigeuz. Hey, in 2014 there was a Latina I saw in a Latin club in the West End and had a curvy body. I think she was Columbian or Brazilian. I have no issues with woman that have curves and a big butt as long it’s natural. Natural beauty always wins and especially when it comes to natural hair. However, when you see wide hips and a round butt on a white woman, oh it’s a beautiful thing! SYSBM Curve is when black men save themselves from the scraggle daggle black women and to be with non black women, but this one here is on the curvaceous level, you get me?

Right, the social media world knows that SYSBM stands for Save Your Self Black Man. It means when a black man leaves the dysfunctional black woman and be with non black woman because they don’t wanna deal with the ratchet behaviour of black women. And when SYSBM came around in 2012 which was found by YouTuber Mad Bus Driver X, these ghetto ratchet black women and their simps are coming after black men are with non black women. When you see a white woman who is slim like Megan Markle, it’s common. We see that when I walk down the street but it’s not so common to see a Caucasian woman that have a body like the big booty model Cubana Lust. But we say “Hell yeah” to a curvy show bunny.

Thick May Ling!

thick asian

There are some black women say that white women are getting these botch Brazilian Butt Lifts, fake butt implants, butt injections, etc! I do agree on that. There are some white women that are having these botch BBL’s but it’s a small proportionate of white women are getting it. I have see videos of black American women at airports in wheelchairs because they got the botch BBL’s. There is a video of a line of black women that got BBL’s, oh Lord. I heard that there are some black women have died from having these BBL operations. There are news reports of black women dying from getting these BBL’s. A woman want a big booty, she can go to the gym and do squats and other exercises to get that round backside. She doesn’t need to go to the gym and spend money on a monthly gym membership. She can do them exercises at home.

So you guys must be wondering why some black men are with these curvy white sugar honeys? Where black men are with these white mamas with wide hips? Is because that black men was with curvy black women. This ain’t no psychology thing here. I just see things, you get me? There are some people say that some black men are with fat white women. That’s because they are with fat black women before that. They dealt with the fat chocolate women, and then they dealt with fat white flour women. But they are some black men are with black fat women most of the time anyway. So when I see a black man who is with a white woman that have wide hips which is a very beautiful thing, they are with them because they dealt with wide hip, round booty ebony women.

We have see black women with big butts and wide hips, well some. For instance, an African woman like the big booty Nigerian Jonobi living in Watford, Hertfordshire. Even Somali women as well. When I see a Somali chick bending over, I have no options but to look. Just kidding guys! I don’t mind a slim woman, especially if she’s white but these Becky’s and these blue eye Rebecca’s are evolving. Their hips are getting wider and their flat derrieres are getting rounder. And you guys must be wondering “What are the Indian gyal Money Cultural?” The Hindu honeys are evolving as well. Round Booty Patel! And the oriental women like Sue Ling are getting that booty round like the rising sun.

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Yeah on a white chick as well, bruv!

white curvy queen

When a white woman that is curvy as well though, it’s a lovely sight! Shout out to my curvy women around the world!


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