Latin Women Are The Biggest Threat To Black Women But White Women Are Still Their Nemesis

black independent woman


white woman

You see, there are some men that will not deal with a woman that will cook and clean. If a woman will not cook or clean, then the man will not deal with her in a marriage. I’m a type of guy who can cook and clean but I do it for myself, you get me? Money Cultural don’t need no gyal to take care of me but I hope everything erie, mon! Back here with another one with the Latin women who are raised to be wives and black woman are raised to have no man to take care of them but still try to copy the white woman with that weave on top of their head. Or wig! No matter what colour the weave is, the ratchet black woman is goanna wear it and truly don’t care.

In the Latin culture, a Latin woman is raised to serve. In the black culture, the black woman is raised to be independent. Most black women are raised to be tough, strong, independent, don’t put up with no man’s bullshit and so on. And black women like this are being raised by their mothers who are so called independent. A Latina is raised to cook (especially for their fathers) and clean at a young age. This is one of the reasons why 72 per cent of black women in America are not married because they are not wifey material. Kevin Samuels says that the white woman is not the biggest threat to black women. Nah, it’s the Rodriguez chick, the Mendez chick and the Lopez chick. Black women are raised to be independent and Latin women are raise to be wives. However, the white woman is still black women biggest nemesis, straight up.

When it comes to the standard of beauty, the white woman is top on the beauty hierarchy. When you watch an advert from Rimmel, L’oreal, Saloon Selectives, Pantene, Clairol and so on, most of the women are white. And when the ratchet black women see these white women with their long straight hair which they grow naturally, then start to think “I what that white bitch’s hair glued in my scalp!” Trust me, when a black ratchet women sees a white woman with the wind blow into the wind, you will see the deep desperation in their face for that white woman’s hair. And when a black man sees this, he starts thinking “What the fuck?” The black women who are ratchet, they will drool all over themselves when they see the hair of the white woman.

But there are some black men will say that “Yo Money C, there are black women that have their natural hair buld!” Yes, that is true but the thing is that how many black women do you see wearing their natural hair? When I walk into the streets, yeah I will see a natural black woman but it’s one black woman that has her natural hair. It’s a rare thing to see a black woman walking the street with natural hair but I guarantee that you will see a black woman with on the road, you look on your left, you see a black woman with weave and you look on your right and when you see a black woman with weave. You get what I’m saying when you’re walking down the street, you see a black woman with weave sowed in her scalp. Or glued!

The reason why I called the white woman the biggest nemesis towards black women is obviously because of the hair. The white woman can naturally grow her hair no matter if she has blonde or brunette hair. Black women will have to go the local beauty shop owned by the Chiney man Mr. Chong and buy the weave to put it in their hair and trying to compete with the white woman. But the black woman will loses in that competition because the white woman, she can grow her hair naturally and the black woman have to spend money to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. If a black man sees a black woman with natural hair, he might step to her, chirp her up and try to get her number but if a black man sees a black woman with weave in her head, he must be thinking that something is nit right in the woman’s head.

The white woman is not the biggest threat to black woman. It’s the mamacitas like Maria who is goanna cook, clean and cater to her man or husband. She was raised to be a wife. Black women are not raised to be wives. However, when it comes to these thugs Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike and Day Day, if they don’t submit and bring that tough attitude towards these thuggish dudes, oh my goodness. They will knock her down to the ground. These ghetto ratchet black women can’t bring that attitude to the white beta male as well like General Blizzard, Homo Nazi Vern or Mr. Clean. It will be the same thing but most of the time these beta male will use black woman as ghetto gaggers when they take them to the plantation.

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Black women are not raised to be wives. They are only raised by their mothers to be independent!

black independent woman 2


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