Black Men And Hispanic Men Don’t Give A £$&!

i don't give a fuck

Right, society knows that the white woman who is the arch enemy of the black woman is the standard of beauty but some say that the black woman is the most beautiful woman in the world. I agree on that one. If she has a nice face, fine looking body and natural hair which I don’t see nowadays, then I’ll get with her. But the thing is that I only see 20 per cent of black women that is wearing their natural hair. Black woman has the best bodies, yes but they ruin it when they have kids at a young age. However, when you see a black woman say that they don’t date black men or hate black men, most of them are these swirling scraggle daggles. Yes people, its Money C, the man that these simps hate with a passion and we have a scraggle daggle weave head with a beta male and he’s goanna do one thing and one thing only. And it’s not marrying her.

Shouts out to Kid Organic for this video.

I’m a black man and I’m not dating that! Na, I’m good!

As you see this video from Kid Organic, this ratchet black woman says that she don’t date black men and Mexican men. Better yet, let’s make it Hispanic men if you don’t mind. She says that she only date white men. Then she says that she is not black, she’s tan. Everybody knows that the black woman is the most insecure woman on the planet with all the high level of weave these black women are wearing. Here’s the thing people. If she’s dating a white dude which I have no issues with, then why is she still taking a jab at black men? Why is she teasing black men? Looking for attention? Here this. If a scraggle daggle wants to date white men, then go ahead. Because black men and Hispanic men don’t give a fuck!

If she think is that the white man is best thing since slice bread without butter, then why is she recording herself teasing black men while she is the arms of the white man in a Ford F – 150, a vehicle for someone who is sleeping and breeding his own female cousin? The man is on that consanguinity thing with him marrying his first cousin, knocking her up and having a deformed baby or two, just kidding! When it comes to these swirlers, they go on the YouTube platform and show a huge distain towards black men saying that black men don’t provide, they don’t take care of their children, they don’t pay the bills and all sorts of nonsense they will say about black men.

When you see these swirlers that have a huge hatred towards black men, 80 per cent of them are not attractive. The woman on the Kid Organic video I’m Not Black, I’m Tan, she’s not a strong 2 out of 10 when it comes to the looks rating, you get me? I think this is one of the reasons why she is teasing black men while she’s in the arms of the beta male in the F – 150 because that she is not getting attention from black men. All because of her looks and that weave on top of her head. And speaking off weave, do you see the weave that she’s wearing? Obviously, yes. As you look at that horrible mop on her head, here is this one question. How hygienic you think she is? As you look at her face, you must be thinking “Damn, this cannot be a clean woman.”

When you here a black women say that she’s not black, she’s something else or she mocks natural beauty or saying white men are better then black men which is not true because white men do have floors as well and so on, it’s always the dark skin chick that talk like this. I have never heard a brown skin woman saying this at all, yet! The dark skin black women always chat like this. The first time I hear dark skin black women talk like this is when I’m was in my 30’s. And most of the time, it’s these American black women are saying this, mostly on YouTube. I haven’t seen it yet with the black British women but there are black women in Britain that do have weave in their scalp trying to competing with the white woman.

This ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle is being taken to the slave plantation just to get ghetto gagged by the beta male. There might be more then one beta male ready to run a train on her in that plantation. And probably record it and put on ghetto gaggers. And everyone including black men will be watching this and just scratch their heads thinking “Another hoodrat on ghetto gaggers!” You know when she comes back to black men is when the beta male finish with her and throws her away. She better prepare herself for the heartache.

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This ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggle can have the beta male in the F – 150 ride. Black men and Hispanic men don’t give a fuck!


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