It’s Never The Women

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You know, when I do an article on Money Cultural or any man who is MGTOW, PUA, MRA, IBMOR on even SYSBM does a video on YouTube, people have something to say but it’s never the women sometimes. It’s mostly the dumb ass dudes. And most of them are simp dudes who are trying save these scraggle daggles but these hoodrats, they don’t wanna be saved. But hope everyone is doing okay. Every single member of the house of parliament and the members of the public wants Boris Johnson to go all because he broke Convid restrictions. Him and the other members of Conservative party was partying during lockdowns. You know I’m not surprised on anything nowadays. But the prime minister did apologise to everyone but that is not enough for everyone, especially in the house of parliament, star. Everyone has lost their head in rage because of Boris Johnson’s bullshit. The country needs a new prime minister. A better one for goodness sake. UK hasn’t had a good one for over forty years now and Theresa May, she must be laughing her head off!

In the name of the most high, just go!

This is from a five year old. She’s sounds smarter then these children in the house of parliament.

Anyhow, back to the topic. Why is it when guys like me do an article, I never get a response to the women? Why is it when a man talks about the scraggle daggles behaviour and the simp have something to say? I do have some black women come after me and say what they say with the ratchetness but it’s mostly the dudes who has a problem with me and all of the other black men who are SYSBM. Everyone has an opinion on something and that is fine but these dudes get butt hurt when thinking black men talk about the ratchet black women. They will troll a man, stalk a man, flag his YouTube channel, hack his account and all sorts on nonsense that they will do. And they will go to extreme measures to do things like this.

Some people will say that you must ignore them and yeah, that is true but what happens if they don’t stop? That is the thing. They will not stop until you just snap and curse them the fuck out; you get what I’m saying? I have a huge problem with these simps because when I say something about these ghetto dungles, they have something to say when they come after me with complete rage because they feel like I’m coming after their queens that they worship so much. Let’s not forget these simps come after the other guys as well so it’s an all out battle with the simps and the black men who uses their heads. When I have a woman comment on Money Cultural, it’s always are ratchet black woman commenting about “You black men this, you black men that” and so on but not often. Not many women comment of one of my articles but I do have women follow me on Money Cultural and I don’t mind that at all whatsoever.

Most of these simps who has something to say when I talk about these scragglies, they are the ones that are defending these ratchet hoodrats who don’t even care about them. These simps are just defending them just get that sweet juicy fruit between their legs. But these simps will get played by these scraggle daggles when these daggly harlots are chasing after thugs like 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Boy Ratty, Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Rum Head Frasier, Fuck All Night Freed, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. These fools are just wasting their time competing with these thugs who can get the knickers down and make these hoodrats open their legs to them.

These black men that have something to say are nothing but beta! I rather call them simps but they are big time beta males. But you guys in hood will say that “Yo Money C, why are you calling them man beta males, blud? Isn’t it the white man is the beta male? The original?” Hey, a black men can turn into a beta mal and I have seen it. With all the simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Shawn James, Clifton Rainey, Tyrone Thompson, Monty Woodgrain all of the simps that we know, this is never ending battle between the Simps and SYSBM. Oh boy!

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It’s these men that have something to say and it’s these simps. But it’s never the women!


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