Who Is Exposing SYSBM?


On Word Press, there is a stalker who is on Verbs2015’s website Exposing Corruption. He’s there stalking other black men replying to them when they are making a comment on the Verbs website when he uploads an article. Well, off course the black men do reply back to him calling dick police because this stalker is coming after black men who are SYSBM. This individual is stalking because there is no way that these black men on this website will not be with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles that him and the other simps are defending. You guys must be wondering “Yo my G, who is this guy that this stalking Verbs and other black men on the website, blud?” His name is Exposing SYSBM. Hope everyone is doing well. This is Money Cultural with another one of this guy who is stalking other men, on the internet. I’m just shaking my head people.

You know I had stalkers on my website Money Cultural and I have to to put them in their place. I had a black women known as Soncerae did a blog about my article called Black Single Mothers Chasing Good Black Men on the July 7th 2019. The blog ruffle her feathers because she’s a single mother herself. So in 13th August 2019, I made an article called Just Being Truthful because me, Money Cultural was talking nothing but the truth. And now Verbs has a stalker which he’s not worried about all because he feels that it’s another fool who is simping. But he had other stalkers before though. So who is this guy who is stalking Verbs and other black men on the website? I know who. It’s YouTube’s number 1 stalker Bareback Fountain.

SYSBM put no woman on pedestal. Not even me, star!

Yes, guys, it’s Bareback Fountain who is stalking the hell out of Verbs. Bareback has a YouTube channel called Expose The Manosphere. He has clips of YouTubers who are red pill, MGTOW and most of all, SYSBM. When I saw some of his videos on YouTube, I was thinking that this man is just a big them stalker! Out of all of these three, he is coming after SYSBM. That is his big target. Because he wants SYSBM to date dysfunctional black women who are ratchet but black men who are SYSBM are saying no to that. They don’t wanna deal with that fuckrey. He use to stalk me on YouTube on the regular basis. Don’t ask me why.

You guys must the thinking why this man is stalking other men online? You see, the reason why that this narcissistic simp is stalking other men online is because of what happened to him when he was a child. When he was a child, his mother use to beat the holy shit out of him. She use to frigg this guy up when he was a child. So, this is the reason why this man is acting like this. I have done an article Bareback Fountain And His Abuse Mother explaining him getting beaten by his mother when he’s was a child. When I was a young boy, I use to get beaten by my mother but I was a rude little boy at when a young.

This narcissistic dude needs some serious help with his childhood trauma. The simps needs theory because this shit has affected his life. But the thing is that he will not deal with the traumas he suffered when he was a child. I should feel sorry for him but for some reason I really don’t because of the high level stalking his doing online, you get me? We have loads of simps stalking other black men on the internet and he is one of them fools. I have never seen anyone like him before in my life. A man like this really exists in this world. He said that he took the covid vaccine and it made feel ill. Anyway, with him stalking other men online on a constant basis, men are now thinking about his sexual orientation.

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This is to Bareback Fountain. I know that your mother use to beat you when you was a child. the reason why she beat you when you was small is that your father left your mother is because he couldn’t deal with your mother’s behaviour or he’s just a thuggish guy like 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Rum Head Frasier, Long Dick 44 and Ruff Cut Larry and left her to make your mother look after you when you was young. And when she sees you when your was a child, you remind her of your father. And that put her in a fit of rage and she start beating you so she is damaged you when you was a yute. All you need to do is to see someone and talk about your childhood.


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