Did They Reject The Nice Guy

domestic violenece

This is just a short one. But hope everyone is doing well. Busy day, busy week for Money Cultural but what else is new? Nothing much, star.

Damn, he just took her out!

As I watch these day time talk shows, I see these wives and girlfriend that are in an abusive relationships with these men. I see it on the Maury show, Sally Jesse Raphael, Steve Wilkos and so on. As you look at these guys treating these women, you must be thinking that “These guys are bastards!” But there is one thing I like to say. Did these women reject the nice guys before? As I look at it, I’m not too sure. They might have rejected the nice guy because the nice guy is being too nice. The nice guy always get rejected most of the time and it happens very often. But when with these guys who beat their woman or control their women, that’s the men they will go for. Well, some of the woman. I’m not with this domestic violence bullshit and it is a very serious thing but I know that these women wouldn’t mind to have a man who will take them down with one hit or multiple hits.

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domestic violenece 2

I might talk about this next week.


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