Chickens Comes Home To Roast?

young dolph

On YouTube, S.A.T did a live stream of the death of the rapper Young Dolph. I watch it yesterday evening. There was a woman who called in and she said to him “You are a faggot ass nigga!” Good God people! And he just hangs up the phone on the ratchet broad. And I bet you that she was getting pipe down by the thugs and the worthless men like Machete Man Briggy, 50 Calibre Gilly, 357 Jimmy, Road Man Ratty and Street Biscuit. But I hope that everyone is doing fine. I’m goanna have another busy week but I’m here with another one. Black men are dropping like leaves when autumn hits, you get me? They’re getting shoot up left, right and centre and this rapper here is a huge example of it. And I heard that he was shot at 100 times? They got bullets to waste!

On 17th November 2021, my ex lovers birthday from Jamaica and I’m trying to stop thinking about this woman (And the other ex birthday was 15th November), rapper Young Dolph was gun down and died in Memphis, Tennessee. He was shot to death after he was buying cookies for his mother. Young Dolph was 36 years old when he died and left two children behind. S.A.T did a live stream Young Dolph TARGETED by Soulja Boy and Yo Gotti before getting (YOU MUST SEE THIS). When the audience call into the show, he asks the question is it alright not to feel bad for the rappers. And some of the callers didn’t bad at all because of the music he was bringing out which was negative.

Right, here’s the thing. Do I feel bad for this rapper who was murdered after he was buying cookies for his mum? To be honest, I do feel sorry for his children because they don’t have a father in their life now. That is now taken away from them. But the music he was making, it all about killing people, rapping people and it’s mostly killing and robbing black men. I don’t know if he was doing them things in the streets but the lyrics he was rapping about was about evil shit really I heard. So if was bringing that negative energy out, then it’s come back to bite him in from behind. Yeah, you reap what you sow!

I have never heard his music but S.A.T was talking to a caller on his show and he read the lyrics of one of his songs. And when he read it to the caller, I went “Come on man, the lyrics are violent. The negro is talking about bussin guns and shooting up dude bruv!” But you guys will say “Money C, look at the hip hop tunes from the 1990’s you listen blud! They were violent as well, star!” Yes, that is true. They hip hop songs of the 1990’s was violent but them rappers was telling a story. Look at Brenda Got A Baby from 2pac.

Just listen to the lyrics. It is so deep. And you wonder why he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time!

There are lot of rappers are getting slaughtered and he is the latest one. When I was thinking about his death, I was wondering at first, was he a blood sacrifice because if you want fame and fortune, you have to give up someone to get all the riches, another black men hating on him because he has made it as we see a lot of black men showing envy towards another black men when he becomes successful or did he die because off a girl he was having sex with who is the girlfriend of a bitter rival? Listen, black men are dying in a huge numbers because of these situations when it comes to punany. It’s not worth dying for but when it comes to black men, it’s nothing but the norm. There was on rival who was beefing with rapper Chief Keef end up dead because he pipe down his Cheif Keef’s mother.

Chickens come home to roast for Young Dolph because of the negative music he was making and the hens, they come home and ready to roast. I have a huge love for hip hop. The first rapper I listen to was MC Hammer and I was young that time. And let’s not forget Ice T as well with the classic tune New Jack Hustler for the New Jack City soundtrack. I prefer the rap of the 1990’s because they tell you as it is and this modern day rap is just not authentic really. I don’t listen to rap as before now but I will not hate the music that had that rebellion. And for Young Dolph, it is sad that a person to die but as you hear his music now, some of the people don’t feel bad for him. But at the end of the day, it’s death.

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And in other fuckrey people, 50 to 80 people looted at Nordstorm in Wulnut, California. Over 20 cars block the road because the looters looted the place and got away with goods which I really I don’t how much they cost.

My goodness!

Look like the belt is needed now, Christ almighty!

When I saw the video, I went good God, what the hell is this? 50 – 80 people looted the place and some people were assaulted I heard? The police have made two arrests and there is goanna be more coming up obviously. These kids are out of control and they really need the rass claat belt. They really need the frigging belt, my God. When I was young, I get the belt every single time. My mum have to get a new belt because the belt warn out because she use it on me so much. I was a bad fucker when I was young.

This takes me back!


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