Should Will Smith Go SYSBM?

Will smith 2

Right we all see the foolishness of Jada Pinkett Smith on that red table talk madness embarrassing the academy award nominee Will Smith. First, she talked to Will about her relationship she had with singer, rapper and songwriter August Alsina, then she shave her head bald trying to look like 2pac who has been dead for 25 years who people say that he’s still alive and now she’s talking about Will Smith about him not piping it down in the bedroom. The woman has embarrassing him all over the place with this red table fuckery and it must be driving Will Smith like crazy. Some of the YouTubers are saying that Will Smith should get a divorce because she is treating him like shit. And she’s treating him like shit on display. Here is the thing. If he’s gets a divorce from Jada, who will he date or start a relationship with? Will be a woman that looks like a Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie or a Kylie Jenner? In other words, will he go SYSBM?

You see, Jada Pinkett Smith really doesn’t want Will Smith at all when you see her on that red table thing. Because she wants 2pac because that she wants a thug and not the nice guy. When you see a black man who is not in that thuggish mentality, when they try to get with a black woman, she will reject him and goes to the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Street Man Ratty, Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk and the new thug on the block Rugged Man Denis. So black men who are not like these thugs will have no choice but to date a non black woman and marry her later down on. When you become the nice guy to a woman especially to a black woman which everyone one knows that black women don’t like nice guys, you will get played, get manipulated and used by the woman that is not interested in you.

Will smith 3

You guys must be wondering “Yo blud, I know the brown ting Jada Pinkett Smith is embarrassing the man but the dude Will Smith going SYSBM if he divorce the gyal? I don’t see it blud. Man don’t see it my G!” These simps are goanna come after me but that’s what they are good for. Trolling another man just to get sexual attention with these ghetto scraggle daggles who don’t even like them. You guys must be thinking that Will Smith is weak minded now and it seems that he can’t get out of that marriage because he still loves Jada but how much more this man can take from this woman? What other plans Jada has to embarrass this guy?

Everybody knows that she doesn’t love Will Smith because she’s still in love with 2pac. 2pac written a poem she has called Lost Souls and he read with to her with passion while he was alive. Her heart is still lies with 2pac and her love for Will is just not there. Just look at the red table talk thing to see it for yourself. The guys on YouTube say that Will Smith is in a weak situation and I do agree but I hope this guy comes out of it and just leave this woman. This woman is doing this just to get attention and Will need to see that but he’s in a weak spot and the thing is that how is he goanna come out this situation right now? He needs to find a way big time and this woman will still continue to embarrass this actor who has made some great movies over the years.

Will smith

If Will Smith ever gets a divorce from this woman which he may won’t, then he has to go SYSBM. Look how many non black actresses in Hollywood, good grief. Give them a shot. The 23 year marriage between Will and Jada means nothing to her. I heard that it was an open marriage also. I’m not with open marriage. The actress and comdeian Monique and her husband Sidney Hicks had a open marriage and she was seeing other dudes and he’s was like he was getting cuckold. Will Smith need to be like Mike Lowrey in the action packed comedy thriller Bad Boys and be king ding a ling! He has to be like Travis Scott who is with Kylie Jenner, you get me? I tell you these scraggle daggles don’t want the nice guy. They want the thuggish man like Rum Smuggler Don, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. They don’t want the guy who’s on it with that nice guy thing.

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SYSBM stands for save yourself black man. I think that’s what Will should do.


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