The End Of The Clean Up Man?

clean up man

Start scrubbing

There is a new thug in town. The man just landed in England just the other day. And the scraggle daggles are losing their minds with desire, lust and love for the man. It’s not the simp like Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction or the good black man who is well off. His name is Rugged Man Denis. The scraggle daggle are going nuts for him to backside. But it’s the weekend now and it’s also but its bone fire night. Guy Fawkes Day. Day to remember, the 5th of November. Fireworks are goanna explode in the sky tonight. But Rugged Man Denis is goanna light up some fireworks tonight with on of them scraggle daggles in the bed tonight.

Everyone knows what happened to the swirl queen Christelyn Karazin with her leaving her throne behind to be with a black man. Everyone knows that now. And we know that she did this swirl thing just to get some money. When she was doing the swirl thing with these below average beta males, she was showing nothing but a huge distain towards black men and putting black men under the bus. She wasn’t put the ruff neck black men under the bus which she truly prefers. But anyway, she find herself the clean up man because she has children and it looks like the simps is goanna take care of them children. Here this thing that I was thinking about. Are we goanna see the end of the clean up man? The simple answer is no!

clean up man 2

Damn white sugar

Guys, there is goanna be a simp somewhere in the woodworks who is willing to take care of another man child or children. And while he is doing that, he will come after SYSBM for not dating, be in a relationship or marrying these ghetto ratchet scraggly daggly hoodrats that he loves and adores. There are loads of simps that are coming after SYSBM but the SYSBM crew will shut these fools down with pure logic. This is a huge civil war between the simps and SYSBM and this battle has been going on for almost ten years now. Mad Bus Driver X says that thinking black men must take themselves elsewhere and date non black women and stay away from the ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

As black men are marrying no black women and having children with them, the mad, ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are sending their knight in shinny armour the simps to come after black men who are with non black women. Because black men who are with white, Asian and Latin women are not goanna be with these dungles who has a lust for the thug dudes like Weed Man Jake, Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Long Cock Bobby, Collie Weed Stanley and Rugged Man Denis, the newest thug in Harlesden, North West London. Most of the time, these man are the ones that these scragglies lust after. Not the good black man or the simp dude.

We will always have a clean up man that will not only will defend these ghetto whores when thinking black men talk about them but he will live off these women because they are living off the system with the huge amount of money they get from The simps are not capable of having children of their own, maybe but they are ready to look after a next man’s child and make it as their own. These simps will yell out “These are our queens!” but these scraggs will not like them draw down their knickers and have the punany like they do when Corner Boy Ronney, Knife Man Priest, Ruff Cut Larry, Big Dick Rodney, Fuck All Night Fred.

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cleanup man 3

The clean up man ain’t pulling the dust pan and broom away. He’s is ready to clean up the next man’s mess. He’s is scrubbing hard!


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