Jada Saying That Will Don’t Have The Good Pipe


This contains some sexual scenes!

You see guys I have no issues with marriages. I don’t have an issue with black marriages as well. My mum and dad was married for over 20 years but my knew that my mum was seeing another dude in St. Thomas, Jamaica right through the marriage and now my dad has died, her and the simp are married. And both of them have been together since 1999. He has cheated on her, used her financially, all sorts of nonsense but fuck them too anyway. Hope everyone around the world is doing fine, especially the people in Britain. The Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith situation, oh boy! Here we go!

On the red table talk, Jada Pinkett Smith confess to Will Smith that she had an entanglement with rapper, singer and song writer August Alsina. We all saw Will’s face when she told him about August and her but I heard that the marriage between Will and Jada is an open marriage just like the marriage with the fat browning Monique and her husband Sidney Hicks because she wanted to see the other dude or other dudes. Then we see Jada with a bold head probably trying to look like the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Recently on the red table talk, Jade has a conversation with Actress Gwyneth Paltrow saying that she couldn’t sleep with Will. In others words, she means that Will don’t have a good pipe.

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You guys must be wondering what do they mean by that saying? “Pipe” is an slang or sexual term which is used in urban communities which means dick! For instance, when a man sees a sexy woman and he says this ”I wanna pipe her down” meaning that he wants to have sex with her. I have another term “I’m goanna give her the pipe” meaning I wanna give her the dick. Now, when a woman uses this term for instance “I wanna get pipe down tonight” means that she want some dick tonight. The term pipe can be used in very different ways like “I wanna give you that good pipe” or “Pipe it down tonight!” But Jada is saying that Will don’t have a good pipe.     

This woman is embarrassing Academy Award nominee left, right and centre. I don’t think that she doesn’t even love Will Smith at all. She loves the money, oh yes but she doesn’t even love the guy. And the thing is this that he’s accepting it. There is no way a man should accept this shit from his wife. It’s bad enough that she had some nookie with August, it’s another thing that she’s shaving head bold but it’s a next level that she saying that she is not sexually satisfied when Will is not piping her down. Some YouTubers say that Will Smith should leave her. I do agree with that. The man should bounce out of there but the thing is when he deliver her them divorce papers; she might get half of what Will got, you get me?

Nate Andrews is just drilling.

set it off

When I see her with a bold head, I was thinking that is this woman trying to look like 2pac? I think that she is still thinking about 2pac. And 2pac has been dead for 25 years and people say that he’s still alive and faked his death in 1996. That is true. He did faked his death when he got shot in the E38 BMW 750iL while Suge Knight is behind the wheel in the V12 Bimmer. When he was gun down in Las Vagas, Nevada, he was laying down on the ground with four bullets in him. Suge got a bullet in his head. But the thing is that when I saw the video Who Shoot Biggie & Tupac? (I Told You) Chapter 15, there was no blood on the ground especially in the long wheel base 7 series. I didn’t see any blood at all because if he was shot, then the bullet would exit his body and he will be bleeding heavily. You will bleed a lot when you get shot. And if you get shot in the car, there will be blood.

Jada Pickett is just embarrassing Will Smith over and over with this red talk table. And some of the guys on YouTube say that Will Smith is weak. And agree with the guys on YouTube because Will Smith seems like he’s not doing nothing about this. He’s allowing this woman to humiliating him time and time again. It looks like he’s getting weaker and weaker and weaker when I see this talented actor when he’s getting humiliated and embarrassed by Jada. I know it’s just a movie character but you know Mike Lowrey from the action comedy Bad Boys, Will should be like him. King ding a ling!

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This woman is embarrassing him. This must be making Will lose his mind. It’s not the will we knew as before.



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