The Russell Wilson Thing

russel wilson 3

This video of the analysis of Pookie, Ray Ray and the educated lame is brilliant. It’s off the chain, star. But at end of the day people, I know that some of the black women do prefer these Pookie and Ray Ray types but after the years of getting dick down by John John and Day Day and some of them having their kids as well, now they are looking for a Steve Urkel or Carlton Banks type dude, you get me? But it’s the weekend now. Hoping that everyone is doing alright. Hope you guys didn’t work too damn hard and for the hustlers on the streets hustling? Hey, do you thing man!

You guys must be wondering “Yo Money Cultural, why are you talking about this eediat Russell Wilson? He’s taking care of a next man’s yute and making the pickney as it his own blud!” Yeah, I know you guys are really, really pissed off about this and still pissed off by it. And I really understand how men feel because how can any man will be with a woman that is a single mother? If he’s a single father then yeah, the man can be with a woman with children but we all know that a woman that has children really don’t want a man that is a single father. They are looking for a sucker to be a step father.

russel wilson and ciara

I can’t do the Russell Wilson thing. Because there is no way that I’m goanna take care of another man’s child or children. That is not my responsibility at all. I’m not simping here. At first the scraggly don’t want the good black man but when she becomes a single mother to a man who is worthless as these simps, then she comes after the good black man. And there are simpish dudes like Dr Foolmar Johnson will say that black men should be wife up these single mothers who has more then one child. Here is the thing right. If Dr Foolmar Johnson says that he loves black women, then why isn’t with a black woman? Because these scraggle daggles don’t want a simp. They don’t even like them.

When these scraggle daggles find out that Russell Wilson went into simp mode, they did a huge celebration. And the simps were celebrating with the scraggle daggles as well. But when it comes to the thinking black man, SYSBM, MGTOW and IBMOR, they just covered their faces and just shook their head thinking “I can’t believe this fuckery just happened!” anyone can with anyone they want but there is no way that I want to be with a woman that his a single parent.

In the so called black community, there are so many black women who are single mothers and they had children with worthless dudes like 357 Jimmy, Street Boy Ratty, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronney, 50 Calibre Gilly, Rizla P and Long Dick 44. But as they are looking for a relationship, they are looking for the good black man to take care of their children. But there is no way that the good black man is goanna fall for that trick. So he will reject their offer quick as a flash. But these simps, they are willing and waiting to be with these scraggle daggles. oh boy!

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The clean up man has his cleaning tools ready!

Right, there are rumours saying that Ciara is a man. Hmmmm!



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