They Outnumber SYSBM


In 2013 I have discovered the term simp. A simp is a man who is seen as attentive and submissive towards women especially out of failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them. In other words to troll or a man that is defending other women just to get some sexual attention. But there are other meanings of the word simp but the original term is simpleton which means a silly or foolish person and these simps are nothing but foolish. As everyone knows especially on social media that these simps have declared war with SYSBM because the black men who are SYSBM will not be with these scraggle daggles that these simps are defending. And also that these bitter, angry ghetto ratchet hoodrats are also coming after SYSBM. And they are outnumbering SYSBM in huge numbers.

We have more and more simps now then ever because SYSBM are talking about the ratchet behaviour amongst ratchet black women. As these simps like Bareback Fountain, DR Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Shawn James, Monty Woodgrain, Dr Spencer Holman, Pastor Papi Don, Garage Autonomist and Swag Boy 360 hear guys like Mad Bus Driver X, Verbs2016, The Straight Shooter, King Sigma, Sigma Jones, Kirigajure Jones, SKC Communitah Anthropologist, even me Money Cultural, they come after them as nothing but their scraggle daggles attack dogs and bark at them. As these simps starts attacking, SYSBM will be ready and defend themselves against these no sense dudes who are siding with these whorish scraggs just to get some sweet, sweet punany.

I have simps coming at me constantly when I have my opinion when it comes to the scraggle daggles and I’m not the only one. I had a troll who commented me on my blog just two years ago and I had women that troll me on my website. The stragg chick known as Soncerae who is a YouTuber who read my article called Black Single Mothers Chasing Good Black Men and she wasn’t happy about that at all of what I said in the article. So she did a blog on it because she was so pissed off by my article I have written. And she made a video about the blog as well would you believe it. So she send me the blog she has written and I read it. I said “Alright, then!” So I written a blog called Just Being Truthful when I was being nothing but honest about what I said about the blog. And I send it to her on her website if it still exists. Oh yeah, she has a baby with a married man as well.

As these simps are defending these ghetto harridans, what is the result they’ll get from this? Nothing obviously! They will get devoured by SYSBM when they defend themselves and also, they will get their heartbroken by these scarggle daggles when they see them with the thugs, bad boys, hopeless men and the unproductive men like Rizla P, 50 Calibre Gilly, Colt Five Rounds, Des The Drunk, Double Barrel Len, Collie Weed Stanley and Rum Smuggler Don. They will feel the burning heartache when the scraggles spread their legs and give the punany to Bernard 12 Gauge, Long Cock Bobby, Theft Man Tom, Car Thief Darryl, Scruffy and Fuck All Night Freed.

These simps singed a declaration of war agaist SYSBM and SYSBM are ready for the battle. The ghetto harlots are goanna be watching these simps go in battle and see them getting munch up by SYSBM while there are getting the pipe down in the bed by thugs like 12 Gauge Mike, Knife Man Priest, Whiskey Baron Tony and Street Man Ratty. Thinking black men have told the simps over a million times that not to defend these ratchet women but they are still not listening. I have told them so many times not to defend these scraggs and they won’t listen to me either. When they get hurt by these daggles that they love and desire so much, who are goanna come too? Not me!

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These foolish simps have sign a declaration of war with SYSBM. So does the ghetto ratchet, scraggly daggly hoodrats that these simps love so much. And they outnumber SYSBM.


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