Being More Street Wise Then Ever


Ladies and gentleman, I have something to say and I can’t believe I’m saying this. I don’t feel safe. Money Cultural have never say this before.

As a black men, I have some issues with the police. Because when a black man is walking down the street or driving his car on his way to work or home, he will get stopped by the blues. And also, how many black people died under the hands of the police? I have been stopped by the coppers more then once and the first time I was stopped is when I was 14 years old when I was at Gladstone Park in North West London. I really don’t have trust with them nowadays but after what happened to that lady who was murdered by that police officer in Kent, the public has not trust with the police at all. I have done an article about the policeman who killed that woman. But what was his motives of killing her?

People don’t feel safe anymore.

Right, we all know that former Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens was sentence to life in prison without parole for the murder of the marketing executive Sarah Everard on the 30th September 2021. He falsely arrested her because she was breaking COVID – 19 rules. As he kidnapped her, he drove her to Dover, Kent where he raped and strangled her before burning her body and disposing her in a nearby pond. After her murder, there where vigils around the country. I went to the vigil in Clapham Common in South London and I saw flowers being laid down on the bandstand for Sarah.

Alright people! Here this now. After what happened to Sarah Everard and what’s going on in the streets of London, Luton and other places, it’s like we have to be more streetwise then ever. Why do I say that? We need be more and more alert because you will never know who you goanna meet. It could be some weirdo like this beta male who killed Sarah or some fool that wanna start some fuckery, you know what I mean? So people we need to be aware now because anything can happen. Like how? Look what the copper did to Sarah.

I know your not goanna say what I’m goanna say but anyway. I was wondering that should I carry a knife? Should I go to the army and navy store just to get an 11inch stiletto knife for a hundred pounds, so if any man wanna mess about with me then I’ll scar him up or worse? I put it right in his bully making the fool bleed out! But I can’t because if the police stop me on the street and find a knife on me when they finish searching me, they goanna lock me up. And I might get five or ten year prison sentence for carrying a blade in the street, you get me?

We have to watch where we go and because we don’t know who we goanna buck up too. It was Friday afternoon and I was at Luton town centre. The town is well know for being rough. I was taking out some money out of the cash machine. I got my receipt, looked at it and then throw it in the bin. Then, this guy I don’t who the hell he saying to me “Excuse me.” I looked and I see some guy saying come here to me. I said “Na man” and head to the barbers just get to get a shape up. I was wondering “Who the hell is this fool?” because I don’t wanna go street on the guy. I don’t wanna go full out North West on him.

Some of the female politicians say that women needed to be safe when they walk down the streets, especially in the capital. Even though they can be vulnerable, they will be fine. They just need to just use their heads when they are in the streets and men too. Something like this usually doesn’t happen but still need to be careful. This is really sad of what happened to Sarah. And also, that school teacher Sabina Nessa who was murdered in Greenwich, South London while walking to meet her friend on the 17th September 2021. The police have found the guy and charged him with her murder.

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R.I.P to Sarah Evarard. My deepest sympathy’s for her family and her boyfriend. Be careful out of the streets, people.


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