The Scraggles Daggles And Their Small D Energy Term


Let me start off with this. Did you hear what the model Katie Price did? She was arrested for driving while having a suspended license and flipped the car on it’s side. I was wondering why would she do that? People say that she is going through some things in her life but there is not excuse for this. And also, the good news is that former metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens will be serving a life sentence without parole for the kidnap, rape and murder of marketing executive Sarah Everard. When this horrible event happened, people have no confidence with the police now. We know about black people getting stopped by the cops and I see it all the time but this right here has now made every one lose confidence with the police. And be prepared for my article on Monday on Money Cultural, since this happened everyone now need to be more streetwise then ever.

You know when a black man or a thinking black man talks about the ratchet behaviour of black women from acting a certain way especially in public right down to dressing inappropriately, the scraggle daggle black women will have something to say to defend that. Well, obviously they will say something like for instance. If a black man says something like black women should dress in an appropriate manner or anything like that, they will make a reaction video. And when they record it when their ratchet selves, they will say to the man that he has small dick energy.

Right, they will say other shit to the black man like calling him a sell out, gay or saying that he has a small dick because of the way these scraggs dress and act when they are in public spaces, you get me? They have use this term all the time over the years when black men say something about they’re bad behaviour and they are not afraid to show it in public. And these scraggle daggles will go on attack mode and use this tactic to shame them when they get getting rightfully judged for their badness.

Why are these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are using this small dick energy term? The first reason is that it’s a defence method to hide the truth of what they are doing. The second reason is that they are trying to emasculate them. They are trying to feminine the man. They have been doing that all the time. And the lastly, the third reason is that they ain’t getting no dick at all. That’s right, they are getting no fuck! Why would any man would have sex with these scraggs with they’re polluted crutch?

As these scraggle daggles using this term on a regular basis, there is one thing. Can they handle the big dick? Because what happens if a man slam it up her hard? Can she take it? A scraggle daggle should not be cocky because she might scream out as the big dick is ramming up her belly, hard. They may not bare the brunt of 12 Inch Gary, Long Pipe George, Ramming Them Steel and Stretchers ramming it up their stomach when these scraggle daggles have their legs open to them. They may not hack it.

It’s nothing but a shaming tactic these scarggle daggle use when thinking black men telling the truth of the dysfunctional black woman. And there are some simps that are willing to defend these scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about the scraggles ratchetness. It’s just the usual thing with these simp dudes while these hoodrats show love and appreciations to the thugs and the bad boys they lust after. If a man says to another man that he has small dick energy, then you start thinking about the guy’s his sexual orientation.

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It’s just a shaming strategy that these harridans use to thinking black men when they talk about their behaviour.


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