When The Simps Get Their Heart Broken At The End Of Simptember


A shattered heart from the simp!

simp crying

When Simptember finishes, the heartache for the simps begins. Oh boy!

Simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive, Shawn James and all of the other simps are on the attack on SYSBM because the SYSBM crew will never think of being with a ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle. And speaking of this fart Foolmar Johnson, if he loves black women so much, why is he not with a black woman? Why is he married to one? Oh, the ratchet black woman didn’t choose him. She choose the ruff neck black man that makes her exited. It drives her completely crazy. These hoodarts don’t like it when these simps lick up to them. They want a ruff neck nigah that can satisfy them. Adina Howard said that in her song Freak Like Me! You want proof?

What did I say? Did you simps listen to the lyrics from Adina? She want a a ruff neck nigah that can satisfy her. She sang it, star!

Simptember is coming to an end, thank goodness. When the simps come out, they celebrate the love for these scraggle daggles and coming after black men with non black women. But the thing is that these simps are getting hurt by these women that don’t even want them. These simps will get hurt by these scraggle daggles when they show love and desire to these the thugs, bad boys, worthless dude, hopeless men and the unproductive men. How many simps get hurt when these ghetto hoodrats stabs them in the back? There are so many simps, captain save a hoes, pro blacks, black cucks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men has been hurt these women that don’t even like them.

These simps don’t realise that these harridans don’t wanna be with them in a relationship or marriage. They will only use these simps as enforcers and henchmen just to attack black men because black men who are think minded will talk about the bad behaviour of the ratchet black women and I do agree with them because there are some black women that act ratchet and feel very comfortable being this way. And a woman like this shouldn’t be choice to be in a relationship including marriage. But the simp will settle with the ratchet woman.

In the relationship with the simp and the ratchet black women, the ghetto ratchet black woman will look at the simp and start to think why is she with him in this relationship/marriage. But she has Cell Block Scrappy, Corner Boy Ronney, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta on her mind. She prefers those types of men because they give her nothing but excitement. The simp can’t do that, even though that he living off her and not helping her out.

There is goanna be so many hearts broken when the month of Simpember comes to an end. Because the scraggle daggles are goanna stab these simpish dudes in the back and chase after the thugs like Ruff Neck Desmond, Dread Lock Tankera, Six Shooter Derrick, Rizly Dizly, Rizla P, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don and Whiskey Baron Tony. The simps don’t have a fucking chance competing with the thugstas. Because the scraggle daggles will choose the thuggish dudes over the simps. There’s no competition here.

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The month Simptember is coming to end, thank God! Simping is not goanna stop. I don’t see it stopping.


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