Damaged Goods

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black woman emotional

Bareback Fountain is YouTube number stalker. He’s earned it now. He has been stalking other men and having their video clips on his channel. He’s even have video clips of me on his channel as well. The man has been stalking me constantly until I found out why. The reason why the man is stalking me and other dudes online or showing this weird behaviour is because of what happened to him in his childhood when he was beaten up by his mother. So that is the reason why he’s doing this stalking online. When black men talk about their mothers, they talk about the abuse they went through. But what about the women?

The high heels come off and she goes off to attack!

Jhonni Blaze is a former stripper and prostitute who is now a singer. She’s very, very talented. She can really sing. She’s got a good voice but that’s not the case here. We all know that Jhonni Blaze has a ratchet side. We have seen her arguing and fighting. Go and look at the reality show Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta when you see her kicking off. Tommy Sotomayor did a video about Jhonni Blaze having a miscarriage while she was on stage twerking which to be honest, that wasn’t true. Both made a video of each other. She made a rant video and then he came back with an ether video. But I found something really tragic happened to her. And that is when she was molested by her step father when she was young.

First this, guys!

And then this!

Alright, time to get serious now.

At the age of 13 years old, Jhonni Blaze was molested by her step father. When she told her mother about him raping her, her mother didn’t believe her. So her mother send her away to like a teenage insane asylum because the mother feel like she acting crazy. When Jhonni came out, her mother says that she has two choices. She can stay with her or she can live with her father. Yo, Blaze just left the mother. And the thing is that her mother sides with her step husband. Her mother and her husband are now divorced and Jhonni Blaze pay for it. Jhonni, why you pay for the divorce? The motherfucker can pay the thing himself.

As I was watching a video from Pink Book Lessons called Toxic Mothers Never Take Accountability for their Role in their Daughter’s Depression, I was always thinking that “They never take accountability on anything. They never do!” And this is the reason why we have so many black girls are just damaged goods. Because their mother are also damaged goods, you get me? Not only black men have been through physical abuse by their mothers, but their daughters go through hell with their mothers from beating them and posting it online letting the whole world to see or they will side with the man and don’t care with their daughters.

As you see these young black girls, we have seen them fighting other girls in gas stations, raves, night clubs, shopping malls, in buses and trains, everywhere. And you know which homes they come from? Yep, single mother households. These toxic mothers in the so called black community, they will damage their daughters. Sometimes we see these mothers showing envy towards their daughters because their mothers have hit the wall and they see their daughters growing up to be a beautiful woman. So the envy these mothers have on their daughters will come in a flash.

We all know that Jhonni Blaze can be very toxic. Yes, I agree on that. But the reason for that is her mother is a toxic woman as well. And her mother let this man move in with her probably not helping her paying the bills, rent/mortgage and living off her siding with him when Jhonni Blaze. I do have a toxic mother and when we argue, the arguments are loud and furious. Pure narc I got here. I do feel sorry for this lady. No doubt about it. Even though she had a traumatic childhood, when through human trafficking and drinking, I hope everything turns out good for her now and her music career turns out good as well.

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jhonni blaze

I understand that Jhonni Blaze can be ratchet, aggressive and vicious but she has gone through a lot. I hope she does well in music career but she needs a healing like everyone else who has been hurt, especially by the person who share the same blood as you.


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