Situations That Will Happen To The Simp


There are two situations here guys!

The simp calls his scraggle daggle who he worships dearly. The scraggle daggle answers the phone. She says “Hello?” The simps says that it him on the other line. They both talk on the phone, just a normal conversation. The simp doesn’t know that his scraggly is on top of the local Rum Smuggler Don while he unbuttons her shirt and starts squeezing her breasts. The simp is continues to talk to the love of his life while the scragg is riding Rum Smuggler Don. He asks her to come over and she says no, she’s tired from work and she needs to rest. She starts licking her lips to Rum Smuggler Don. She’s riding him, trying not to moan because if she does, the simp will be expecting her that she is getting the pipe. After she finishes talking to him, she kisses Rum Smuggler Don and continues to ride him slow.

And the other situation, err — well!

50 2

There is a scraggly who is at the bar and restaurant in Leagrave, Luton. The simp who is living off her is talking to his friends. She is sitting by herself at the bar drinking red label wine. Here is a man with pure seduction walk towards her and I mean pure, raw seduction. He starts chirping her up whispering sweetness in her ear, making shake like a leaf. The simp sees him talking to his scraggle daggle and shows a huge amount of jealousy. After the seducer finish whispering in her ear and feeling up between her legs, she goes off with him. The simp gets up in complete anger but his friends stop him. The lips of the simp begin to tremble like he’s goanna cry because he’s nothing but heartbroken to see his scraggly going off with another man. Later in her bedroom, the scraggly and the seducer are naked having slow raw sex on the bed. The simp peeps through the window while it’s raining heavy and sees them having sex. He goes down his knees and starts to cry.

These simps are goanna cry themselves a river!

black man crying 2

I don’t know if these types of events happen with the simp and the scraggle daggle but I know that these things do happen to the simp when the scraggle is getting dick down by the ruff neck men that could satisfy her. As these simps come after SYSBM because there is no way that the SYSBM will date these scragglies. The simps are getting their hearts destroyed because their scraggly queens are on opening their legs to the unproductive men that the scraggle daggles desire. These scraggle daggles don’t have any respect for these simps who are living off these women and not helping her paying the bills, the mortgage or rent and so on. The only thing the simp is good for is to come after SYSBM and take care of children which don’t belong to them.

What is the reward for these simps defending these wretched women when thinking black men talks about the ratchetness of black women? A broken heart more likely. A simp could just walk into the bedroom and he sees Machete Man Briggy on top of his scraggly love and cumming inside her punany. And the worse thing about it that the simp can’t do anything about it. But the thing is that the simp will still stay with his scragg just to live off her. But she needs the simps to be her enforcer/henchmen just to come after thinking black men when talk about the bad behaviours of these scarggs that these simps love and honour.  But these scarggle daggles don’t love and honour these simps at all. Na blud!

This month is Simptember. That means that the simps are coming out and start simping. And these simps are attacking SYSBM relentlessly just for the ghetto ratchet hoodrats, the harlots, harridans, scraggle daggles and the hood harriets. This is the month for the simps to please these scraggs just to get some punany as their reward but all they get is heartache and pain as they get played by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats when they give the pum pum to Scruffy, Dreadlock Tankera, Long Cocky Bobby, Six Shot Eric, Bernard 12 Gauge and Street Man Ratty. That’s the men they want, that’s the men they need and that’s the men they desire. Them thugstas will give them the good fuck you get me? These scraggle daggles don’t want a simp like what we are seeing on these social media outlets.

There was a YouTube video from Tommy Sotomayor and he was talking about a hoodrat that had three dudes in the living room. She was sitting down on a cow girl position and the dude was on the couch ramming away while she was on the phone talking to her simp on the phone. And the other two was waiting to get their turn to drill her out. These simps should know that these scraggs don’t wanna be with them because these scarggle daggles love the thugs more then these simps that they keep defending. I know that the good black man don’t have a chance with the scraggle daggle but when he sees the way they act, he will walk away from them in a heartbeat but these simps are getting their hearts broken when they see another man mainly a thug will pipe down these scraggs.

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This is to any simp out there. If you have a scarggle daggle right, and she’s getting the pipe from the thugs she prefers, bruh! What do you expect?

black man crying

It’s all goanna end up in tears!


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