The Thugstas And The Scraggs That Love Them


Rapid Fire Rasta: Mi ah thugsta, Donovan!

Me: Yeah, I know!

We all know that the ratchet black women don’t like black men, well not the good black men. They have a hatred for him and I don’t know where the hate is coming from. When it comes to the simps, black women will not give him a chance at all. everybody knows that. Even me for goodness sake. But they do need the simps to use them as henchmen/enforcers when thinking black men talking about the ratchet black women’s behaviour. The only black man that these black women will go for is the thugs, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men. They just love the thugstas.

If you walk down the street and you see a black woman and you wanna chirp her up, if you are a good black man, she will not be interested. If you are simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson, she will reject you in a heartbeat. But if you are a thug like Weed Man Jake who just came back from Milton Keynes seeing bags of weed, she will give you a chance. I’m just kidding about Weed Man Jake selling weed up at Milton Keynes. But seriously though people, the worthless type of dude will get a chance for the ratchet black woman. And she will open her legs to him later in the evening.

thuh 3

Yeah man. The scraggs love the thugstas. They have a huge desire for these men and the simps should know this very well. These simps don’t have a chance to be with these ghetto hoodrats because these hoodrats don’t like it when men lick up to them. But these scraggle daggles do like it when these simps go into battle to the thinking black men who is willing and I mean willing to defend themselves against these non intelligent simps that will get screwed over by these ghetto hoodrats. And it will eventually happen.

As these scragglies have children with them, these thugs will not be there of their children. They even won’t marry these women. Later down the years, they begin to chase the good black man. However, when the good black man sees the scraggle daggle with children, he kicks her to the curb because there is no way that he will be with a woman with children. So the ratchet black woman will have to go for the simps and that is nothing but doomsday for her because the simps will not help her financially when he’s in a relationships with her.

They will go for a good black man later down the line when he becomes successful having his own home, making lots of money and drives a Mercedes Benz S65 AMG. The simps don’t have a chance and thinking black men have told these simps numerous times that these scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with them. They don’t like these simps but they don’t fucking listen anyway. But when it comes to 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Rizly Dizly, Rizla P, Six Shooter Derrick and Long Dick 44, these scraggs will go crazy for these men.

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