The Great Deception

t girl 1

Ready for the worst deception?

This is the worst type of deception ever! I know that men have been deceived by woman and I know that black men have been deceived by scraggly daggle black woman but the here’s the thing. What happens when you find out the woman you are with has a willy? Good God! I have done an article called A Hidden Surprise when I explained about when men find out that the women they are with have the same similar equipment as they have. It’s the trannies deceiving men left, right and centre.

Right, I have no issues of anyone’s lifestyle they are living but there is no way that I wanna go to trannyville. As I watch these Jerry Springer clips and Springer was boom back in the day, I see these guests who are transgender women are confessing to their boyfriends about their gender. As they confess to them, their boyfriends snap and beat up the girlfriends on stage when they discovered that it’s a man. There are over hundreds of episodes of chicks with ding dongs confessing to they’re other that they are not born as a woman.


And there are incidents of men going to the strip clubs, they meet a stripper that they don’t know that they are trans women. A man sees a stripper. They both give the eye on each other. They exchange numbers after they talk while the stripper is giving him the lap dance. They go out on a date. And then they kissed and then the stripper gives the guy oral sex. Later down the line, the man finds out that she is a he. That sounds fucked up don’t it? It come like the movie The Crying Game when the IRA Terrorist find out that the Dill is a man. First of all, you can’t find a woman in a strip club, well a decent one. And second off all, The Crying Game was a great thriller. One of the best ever.

What these transsexuals are doing is extremely dangerous. Why? Because if they tell their man that they were born as a man, the man will conflict damage, you get me? A tranny can’t say that she was born as a man to the love of her life and pay the fucking price for it. Oh man, here this. Right, it was 2015 and I was on Tumblr. I was following this black woman, well I thought it was. Come to find out that the person I was following had a knob. My mind when “Oh my God”! So I unfollowed her quickly. I mean him, sorry guys! Then I saw this brown skin female and she has this red lingerie. When she turned around, come to find out that she has the same thing I have in my pants.

Not only she’s a gold digger but a tranny one!

Your goanna laugh on this one. Right, I was on Badoo. It was a dating website. I saw this Brazilian chick with long jet black hair on the app. At first I was like “Fuck what I’m talking about. A Brazilian. Brazilian Wondering Spider, you poisonous boo you!” I looked at her profile a couple of times but then I saw T Girl. When I look it up of what does it means, it means Trans girl. I just come off her profile quicker then the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez and put the mobile phone back in my pocket. And then she messages me saying “Hope to get to know you Donovan.” I didn’t apply to the Brazilian tranny. Na, this guy is good!

The T – girl says “But I see all I need to see Jerry!” My goodness!

As when you say to a tranny girl that she’s a man, they disagree on that. If they are born as a man, then they are a man. I can’t tell anyone how to live their life, they can live their life anyway they want but a T – Woman was born as a man, simple as that. They are living their life as a woman but they are a man. And when a man who is in a relationship with a Trans woman and they are saying that their heterosexual, no. If you are a man with a transgender woman, then you are a homosexual. The women goes through the same thing like the men do when they find out their boyfriends are T – Boys as well so women can get deceived also.

The transgender women need to be honest when they meet a man or man apporches them . If the T – girl say that she’s are a transgender after when the man steps to her and chats to her, then the man can walk away. If the Trans woman says that she was born as a man to the man that she deeply in love with, then things will go haywire. So does the Trans boy if he confess to the woman that he was born as a girl. So they need to be honest about who they are as well. I not saying bad about them, but they have to tell people who they are.

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I know about deception but this is the worst type of deception.


4 thoughts on “The Great Deception

  1. Yep, the 90s Jerry Springer was something even though a couple of decades and generations has passed and we’re now in this transgender and acceptance progression era where trans characters want to visit and fight you if you don’t answer their question in a way they want you to answer: “Are you ok with me being trans?”

    Check out what I’m talking about if you’re on Facebook.

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