Child Support Nightmare

child support thing

We all have nightmares but none of them come true. However, when it comes to child support; it’s every man’s worse nightmare. And it’s a bigger nightmare for black men as they pay child support the most. And they end up going to jail the most when they’re behind their child support. But I hope everyone is done alright. The weather was baking hot this week in the UK. I have never seen weather this hot in Britain in my entire life but sun is not shining for the guys on child support every single month. Ain’t not sun shine when the money is gone. Good God!

Child support is a nightmare for men, mostly for black men. Its worse then any nightmare you ever dreamed off.  And these scraggle daggles, especially these gold diggers, they are using the child support to support their glamorous lifestyle. They use the child support money for themselves, not for the children and I have been saying that loads of times. There are men that are paying child support for more then one child. That will break the man’s pockets quick time. The man will have no money for himself. But his baby mother will have money because she will get child support from him.

We know that 90 per cent of black men are paying child support. And I know that there some black male celebrities are paying ten thousand, twenty thousand, even thirty thousand pound of child support every single month for 18 years or more. And some of these celebrities go broke because they own so much child support. One time, music producer Stevie J was arrested because he was behind his child support payments. It was around one million dollars. Yep, one mill! There are some black men that have gone to jail just because they were behind their child support.

When a simp goes on child support, he will goes and have another child. And guess what? He was to pay child support for that child as well. There are numerous simps that will be paying child support for the rest of their lives because they have more the one child. These simps will end up broke pocket dudes because they are paying child support for a life time as they have more they one child. If a man is on child support for one child, should he know the deadly consequences of having another child?

I think they do know the dangers of breeding off these scraggles but these dudes are thirsty and they will breed the wrong woman. And when these hoodrats puts the man on child support or more then one man on child support, she’s going on a shopping spree. She’ll get her nails done, hair done; get the most expensive bags, the nicest shoes, the nicest clothes, she will get everything. It’s a money grab for these ghetto hoodrats. That’s all what it is really. And these simps don’t even know that. Well, I don’t know if they do.

You what hurt the most? You know what really burn me the most is when a man finds out that child is not his while he’s paying child support. There are some men out there paying child support and they don’t know that they might not be the father of the child. And also, there are some simps that are taking care of another man’s child and when the relationship is over with him and the scragg, the scraggly woman will put him on child support and make him pay child support for a child that doesn’t has his DNA. Trust me, that fuckery does happen.

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Guys, you need to be careful. Just don’t be silly with your willy!


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