These Gold Diggers Won’t Cook, They Won’t Clean, They Won’t Do Anything


Hello, is it me you’re cooking for?/You must wash the chicken first/Then use all purpose seasoning/Don’t forget the potatoes too, go start peeling them/Go turn on the stove/And start cooking the white rice/Girl you must do that for me/Cook for me

You like me version? LOL!

I don’t need a woman that can cook for me and clean for me. I can do that myself. I was taught to do those things when I was young. But these gold diggers will not do that for a man. They are just there just to use the man if he has money. And she is willing and I mean willing to use the man. These gold diggers, they don’t wanna work. They don’t wanna have their own business. They just wanna pick a man’s pockets.

When you hear a gold digger say that they want a man that had money, drive a nice car, has his own house and to take care of me financially, what do they mean is that they want a man that who has those credentials just to use him and to manipulate him. And there are some simps that have money will fall for it. They are not being careful when they dealing with gold diggers. But here is the thing. What can a gold digger bring to the table? That is the question. Can she cook, can she clean, can she take care of the children, making it a happy home for a man? I know that gold diggers can’t make a man happy at all. She will make him miserable when she’s asking the man money, you get me?

But the thing is this. You see a gold digger, she will not cook for a man, she won’t clean for a man, she will not take care of the children, she won’t give him no clit when he wants to fuck, she is just for the man’s dough. What can a gold digger can do for a man? Nothing. And that is it really. And why a man is with a gold digger in the first place? Low standards maybe? Why have children with a gold digger? That is a very big mistake. If a man breaks up with a gold digger and he has kids with her, she will try to claim child support to get some money of the man and you know what makes it worse? She will get it, especially if she has more then one child with the man.

These gold diggers and nothing but dysfunctional women. Because they come from a family who has ratchet family members who are women mostly. And not only that, their mothers are gold diggers too and the mothers influence these women to be just like them. And when become adults, these women become just like their mothers. And a gold digger will steel from a man also. Listen here; I give £15 to my ex in 2003 so she can go Manchester. For years now, something doesn’t feel right about this at all. I explained in on my five part article Jamaican Pudding. Gold diggers are cunning and plus, they will cheat on their man with a guy who is mediocre as these gold diggers.

We have a huge amount of gold diggers in the so called black community. They will only go for a man that has something. But now, black men are turning the other cheek and dating non black women. Because they have seen so much dysfunction with black women nowadays. And the ghetto ratchet black women are being very salty when black men are with non black women. But the thing is that the ghetto ratchet black women don’t want the black men who are in these non black relationships or interracial marriage. They want the worthless black man that they desire the most.

If a gold digger is in a relationship with 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy, Cell Block Scrappy and Fuck All Night Freed, they have to submit to them. Because if they don’t, they will get a hard back hand by these worthless dudes that they really wanna be with. They are just there to use the man who has money but when it comes to these hopeless black men, they go crazy for these worthless black men that they really, really want. They will have to cook, clean and wash clothes for the thugs that they are in a relationship with but if they don’t, the thugs will clap them down.

Gold diggers, listen to this jam from Blackstreet.

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To the gold diggers, stop picking the man’s pockets. Just go out there are work.


One thought on “These Gold Diggers Won’t Cook, They Won’t Clean, They Won’t Do Anything

  1. Black females won’t do these things because it doesn’t suit their ideals. They’d rather spend time scheming with False Flag Fedowitz, Bottom Shelf Brad and Banker Rothschild to scam out and prey on weak and unsuspecting people, push intersectional fascism and white nationalism to get honest but misguided white people to either defend their failed ‘revolution’ or die fighting the Soviets who themselves are even worse than the BW/Lord Euro coalition, spend time promoting swirling instead of pursuing actual relationships or bash black men for dating out.

    Traditional, feminine values are obviously not included, because the black witch doesn’t want to be called out for failing to live to these expectations. Plus it would reduce the amount of conflict in and out of the black community which is definitely not what the City of London wants.

    This is why I find it funny when these white nationalists claim migrants are going to make the white race extinct, because BW and ‘progressives’ never cared about anything or anybody but themselves. I loath Stalinist thought and think that Trump was too coarse, but Biden and Harris clearly don’t care about the average white guy at all.

    From my research I believe BW and Bottom Shelf Brad created white nationalism to get well intentioned, but misguided poor whites to die and be used for the benefit of their endless wars. Arabs and the Spanish helped America get its independence along with black people in Germany ruling as nobility.

    The ‘white America’ cause was merely a scheme to get settlers interested.

    Look at China, South Korea. Totalitarian hellholes with propaganda outlets to big them up. Plus they have in their military codes and laws rules that only ethnic Han Chinese and Koreans can be a part of their nations.

    Plus I learnt that these two nations have been lying and spreading propaganda about Japan, even trying to steal some islands that belong to Japan just because of this dumb pride.

    Is this what the white nationalists want Europe and the US to become? Feudal hellhole states run by a few corporations just because of black men’s sexual organs?

    Billy Boy and BoJo have the people’s minds lock off, how come nobody don’t catch this duo, Netanyahu or Alexander Dugin [British government operative] and have them either imprisoned or executed man?

    The dick policing really have people away man to tell the truth.


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