The Mad Scraggle Daggle


Yeah, the mad, angry scarggle daggle black women are in great rage but first, this is Money Cultural, the hair raising dude from North West London.

There some floodings going around in Jamaica. Hurricane Elsa struck the island and wreak havoc. They say that Cuba is next to get the brunt of Elsa. There were floods in Jamaica last year and it caused a lot of damage and I mean a lot of damage. I see all the cows flout down the roads, animals dying from the floods, homes being destroyed including the roads, it cause so much damage. And you know what’s really scary is that the crocodiles on the roads. They’re now on the roads hungry and ready to munch anything that’s walking so people in Jamaica need to be careful because the crocks are walking the streets, hungry! And I heard that the police officers, Derek Chauvin was sentence to 22.5 years for the killing of George Floyd. I meant to talk about this but I didn’t get the chance to but he’s going to jail for the death of George Floyd and he has been sentenced.


The man is thinking “I can’t wait to drill out Chauvin!

angry-black-woman (1)

Now the bitter scraggly

When the scraggle daggles sees a black man with a non black woman, they will show nothing but hate, anger and bitterness towards him. They will call him all sort of names like sell out, house nigger, nigger, coon, super coon and all sort of nonsense that comes out of their mouth. Oh yes, they will say that to him. They will go rotten when a black man is with a non black woman, mostly with a white woman that can grow her blonde hair naturally and the ghetto ratchet hoodrats have to spend their money from the government and buy weave trying to compete with the they arch rival known as the white woman.

As things go now, black men have now left black women, period. Black men have abandon ship because they have seen the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. In Britain, almost 60 per cent of black men who have now made it into a non black relationship or in an interracial marriage. Black men in Britain are not fucking with black women anymore as they have seen the destructive and dysfunctional behaviour with black women in the UK. So when it comes to looking for a man for a relationship, marriage and have a family with, the black British woman is struggling big time in that department.

The ghetto ratchet black women are coming after black men who are with non black women. And not forget that these simps are coming after black men as well. All of the scraggs and the simps are coming after SYSBM. The ghetto ratchet hoodrats can’t fire back to SYSBM when they hear the truth of these hoodrats antics and they will really give these simps a real grilling when these simps got to battle with them and lose miserably. SYSBM will defend themselves when they take on the simps and the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles when they go to war with them and they will not back down.

But the thing is that these ghetto scraggle daggles, they don’t want these types of black men who are in these interracial relationships. They want the worthless black men like Pimp L, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Dizzy Rizly, Street Mice, Whiskey Baron Tony, Dready Lock Lenny, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry. Yo, they want a ruff neck brotha that can satisfy them, not the simps. These simps don’t have a chance to get with these scraggle daggles because these scragglies don’t even like them. I don’t know why these simps are wasting their time defending these scraggs just to get some pum pum while these daggles are opening their legs to the worthless black men they prefer the most.

This what I saw last night. I was watching the scraggly girls brawling like mad outside a gas station. One of the girls throw the big stone into the back car window. As she did that, all hell break loose. I see the girls fight, I see one long stick getting swing round, wing pull off; I see a piece of hair drop of the ground, punches and uppercuts getting thrown, when I saw the gyal throw the big stone through the back car window, I went “Bomba claat!” I say it so many times every time I watch it. And I bet you that it’s all because of a man. The press must be good on the bed. And these simps are fighting SYSBM for this?

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One thought on “The Mad Scraggle Daggle

  1. Bruh seriously? BW really did that? And the simps really want to join the wignats on this, don’t they know about the Holodomor and the Great Leap Forward? Umar Spengler isn’t even a Hitler, he’s a far right less organized version of the white nationalist Russian supremacist author Alexander Dugin, who is a shill for the British government and NATO. His book ‘Foundations of Geopolitics’ suggests using the forces of ‘Afro American racists’ to break apart the US and support all sorts of terror movements in the process.

    And we all know what role the hoteps and wignats play in that.

    For whom you may ask?

    We all know Gates is behind the killer vaccine and BoJo is supporting it. But a lesser known fact is that Gates was a prodigy of a cult in Ukraine known as Chabad Lubavitch and is connected to white supremacist groups in the US. Chabad is suspected to have a major influence on the National Socialist Worker’s Party and Zionist Organization of Germany, whom we call NaZIs today. This group is also involved in drug trafficking and slavery, as well as other criminal activities.

    Even after WW2 ended, Chabad continues to preach its racist hate, with disciples causing genocide and mass murder up until now. Benjamin Netanyahu was a follower of its leader, ‘the Rebbe’ and was the leader of the largest Nazi party in Palestine. [I don’t say Israel, because the Zionists stole it from the Palestinians] Another cult follower slaughtered a huge percentage of his people when he seized power, his name was Pol Pot.

    These Nazis use Russians as cannon fodder and as a means to swing votes. Netanyahu even has a close friendship with KGB Putin who is the main force behind the alt right.

    Chabad literally controls Soviet Russia despite the Kremlin’s ‘opposition’ to National Socialism. The Soviet Communist Party serves as staged opposition to the Chabad controlled EU and keeps people’s mind off the schemes of this organization.

    By pretending to be ‘liberal’ Gates was able to fool the Americans and help his masters get control over US communications. Boris Johnson use Brexit to basically jump start Belt and Road and ‘improve’ the Russia UK relationship.

    Boris’ vaccine scheme is based on the ‘Israeli’ one. Two communists (Johnson and Vladmir Putin) are following the same strategy as a known fascist and war monger and even support this person. Also, technology is being stolen from America and Japan by a program known as ‘Talpiot’ and being sent to the British, Russian, Chinese and South Korean governments. COVID is just the cover for a scheme of smart city enslavement. And nobody finds it concerning, or even alarming that lockdowns are being implemented over a bad cold, or how the government is robbing them blind.

    This is information that could be found by a small child. BW claim to talk about ‘the race’ yet can’t even do simple diagrams and programs explaining a easily solvable threat? They really love violence – else why would they support rape, homosexuality and pedophilia behavior?


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