Mr. Chong Uppercutting The Scraggs


These scarggle daggles who beat up the Asian store owner, they are something else!

In the Asian shops in these ghettos mostly in the United States of America, we are seeing the ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans stealing from them East Asians. No matter if its weave, wigs, make up, lipstick, fake nails, everything you see in these Asian stores they are stealing from them. But the thing is this. The oriental shop owner Mr. Chong, he is beating the living shit out of these scraggle daggles who are stealing from him. He’s giving them left the left hook, right hook, low bows, high bows, all types of punches, you get me?

Mr. Chong is being like the character Sagat in the classic video game Street Fighter 2 Turbo and just upper cutting these harridans with the quickness. There was a video of this fat black woman who has a fight with a Chinese shop over. The chiney man was giving her blows like a world champion boxer. And there was another China man who was hitting her with the 45 Automatic. Song Yu was giving the scraggle daggle blows with the 45. There are so many incidents of East Asian men beating the living daylights of these hoodrats. There are some YouTubers have done numerous stories of these ghetto ratchet hoodrats getting beat down by these Asian shop owners.

Right, you must be wondering why fuckery like this is happening. You must be thinking why Mr. Chong is beating up these ghetto ratchet black women when they steal from him. You see, there are no black men around to protect them. Black men who are think minded have walked from the black woman so Mr. Chong will go “You steal from me?” Blow! He gives the scraggly one right hook in her face. “You steal weave from me? You steal fake nail from me scraggle daggle?” Pow, he gives the scraggle daggle a bloody nose. And thinking black men are not goanna be there to protect them. Black women say that where the black men who meant to defend them? Well, they have these simps coming to their rescue. Oh yes!

There is a video of a simp who smashed the windows of a nail shop owned by the Asians because a 16 year old girl was assaulted. He was arrested for his actions and I don’t know if he got charged for his crime. After he got locked up, the black women went into the Asian nail shop. So the simp was wasting valuable time smashing up the windows just being there for the black women who are still ganna get their nails down by the Asians. He must be in tears now after the bull shit he did.

What a damn fool!

No matter how many times Mr. Chong throwing blows to the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle’s head, these harridans will still go into these Asian shop and spend their money just to by weave, wigs and so on. As thinking black men sees Mr. Chong and his assistant Yang Song Hu beating up the scraggs, black men will not be there to defend or to protect them. Because they know that these scraggs are buying weave from these Asian owners just put sow or glue into their scalp trying to look white. So thinking black men looks at this and walk away from black women completely.

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