The Scraggle’s Choice Of Weapon


With these scraggly harridans, we see them fighting in the street, the shopping malls, in raves, outside the gas stations, in schools and so on. And most of the times these ghetto hoodrats are fighting for a man who has another woman that has open her legs to him waiting for him to press it. As we see black women fighting, mostly in the street no matter what day it is, we are seeing black women using their cars to knock over another scraggly. And we have seen a lot of the ghetto black women using their cars as a weapon. Oh boy!

We have these scarggle daggles using their cars as weapon in the street, gas stations, you name it. As a fight breaks out with one scraggle daggle to another, one will end up using her car and run the ratchet chick over. I have seen some ratchet fuckery before with these ghetto ratchet black women but it’s absolutely crazy of someone running another person over when two hoodrats fighting, for man a man most of the time. And when a scraggle daggle get hit by a car, they get right back up with minor injuries. Well, sometimes.

There was a video I saw and there was a man who got ran over by a ghetto black woman. And the thing is that the scragg who was recorded this starts laughing when the guy who got run over. The first thing, I don’t know why the harlot ran the guy over. It could be her boyfriend or something like that. I don’t know. And second of all is why someone is laughing when a guy gets run over? What happens if he died? We she be laughing then if the man dies? Let me tell you something, if I had a girl who was laughing of someone getting run over and records it, I will dump the gyal immediately. I’ll kick to the curb! The guy was injured but he survived from getting though, thank goodness.

There are so many video on YouTube of ratchet black women running people over. There was a video of two scragglies fighting over Facebok beef. And when the fight was over, the browning got run over. The car bounce up in the air to bomba claat when the woman got run over. She comes like some speed hump. And there was a next video of when four women get run over in East St. Louis, Illinois. And all four of them got up as well from them getting run over by the violent hoodrat in the coupe.

I bet you the two female news presenter must be thinking “I know why black men want women like us!”

When I saw those two women get knock over I went bomba claat!”

Right, Tommy Sotomayor did a video and I think it was two harridans who got killed during a car accident at a freeway. Both of the hoodrats was beefing on the freeway and they were bumping act each other with their cars. And both of them crashed and died on the freeway and one of them was pregnant. I don’t know what was the case of them getting each other killed but when a scraggle daggle is around, they’ll be nothing but chaos, especially when they are behind the wheel.

Every single time we always see these ghetto ratchet scargglies fighting in the street, most of them for the same willy. But now these scraggle daggles are using their cars as a lethal weapon, especially towards black men. I have seen some crazy things when it comes to black women but this is getting really ridiculous. The scraggly’s choice of weapon is the car and she will use it to run over anyone. And black man know this. When you see a fight with a group of hoodrats and three, four or five of them get run over, everything goes quiet like a desert!


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