Simps Battling With SYSBM



The simps are in battle with SYSBM!

Right, we all know that there is a war between SYSBM and the simps. The simps, well they started it. I said that 2021 is the year that these simps will go to war with SYSBM and the SYSBM man them says “Bring it on. Let’s go to war.” These simps have been coming after SYSBM since it first started in 2012 when it was created by Youtuber Mad Bus Driver. I discovered it in 2013 when I watched a video on his YouTube Channel but the video don’t exists anymore because it was taken down by these simps because they got butt hurt badly by the video, you get me?

These simps are coming after SYSBM relentlessly but the SYSBM are defending themselves as these simps are coming after them with the thunder. Right, the reason why these simps are coming after SYSBM is because the SYSBM crew will not date, be in a relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet scraggly daggly hoodrats that these simps love, honour and obey. When the SYSBM sees these ghetto whores that these simps lusting after, they start thinking then say “Na, fuck that. I go elsewhere.”

Simps like D “Derailed” Derrel, incel Shawn James, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Expose The Manosphere Bareback Fountain and Dr Foolmar Johnson are coming after black men who are with non black women. Because they want black men to be with these ghetto ratchet mediocre women that they have a fondness for. But when a black women dates a non white man or marries a white man, these simps don’t say anything at all. They don’t call her a coon, a nigger, house nigger; sell out but they say that to a black man when he dates a non black woman. As these simps sees a black woman with a non black man, there is a huge celebration but they come after black men when they are with a non black woman.

Black men are always the target when it comes to interracial relationships and mix marriage because these simps want black men to wife up these scraggly women that they are siding with. And SYSBM are not backing down whatsoever. They are defending themselves to the T. They ain’t backing down to none of these simpletons. Simping is still in effect in 2021 as everybody are seeing more and more simps like Dr Foolnar Johnson, Bareback Fountain, True Semen, Nutward TV and so on. I don’t know why he call himself doctor and he ain’t one. Probably for simping but fuck it anyway.

But these simps have some serious flaws. And issues. First up, everyone find out that Woke Poofgressive confessed that he’s homosexual. That cause a huge storm on the internet. I’m not surprised that him trying to find out where black men are putting their penis in. Shawn James is nothing but an incel that he needs to focus on his next book. And he’s has never had a girlfriend in his life. Yeah, that’s right. Bareback Fountain needs to see a councillor for his childhood traumas as we found out that his mother use to abuse him when he was a child. And Dr Foolmar Johnson has a cocaine addiction. Yeah man, Foolmar Johnson is sniffing up the coke up his nose hole.

These simps are goanna end up losing the battle when they take on SYSBM. Because the ghetto scraggle daggles they are defending will turn on them. They will betray them. And these scraggs don’t want to be with these simps. Yo, they want the ruff neck man like Ruff Cut Larry, Cell Block Scrappy, Rizla P, Street Butter, Thuggish P, Full Auto Rob, Des The Drunk, Machete Man Briggy and Colt Five Rounds. They don’t want these simps that are defending their honour. These simps will suffer the consequences of defending these hoodrats that they love so much. We have warned these stupid simps is not side with these ghetto hoodrats but the thing is that they don’t wanna listen.


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