The Weave Wearing Black Woman Part 11: Approaching Black Woman

weave head

2021 is the year when the simps declared war on SYSBM because SYSBM will not deal with the scraggle daggles that these simps love, honour and defend. There are some many videos of these simps that are going against the SYSBM lifestyle and there are so many anti SYSBM videos on YouTube. These simps are big time mad and coming after SYSBM for not choosing these ghetto ratchet scragglies for love, relationship and marriage but no one care. But anyway, I hope everyone is doing alright. The sun is shining, weather is free. Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday. I went to Gladstone Park in North West London yesterday and speaking about yesterday.

Yesterday, I was at Legrave train station and I was waiting for the train to come. The train was taking long because of the engineering works on the train tracks. It was a sunny day and I had my sun glasses on. (I lost my sun glasses when I was on the train. I always lose my sun glasses). While I was standing outside the train station, I was this curvy black chick with a big ass that didn’t quit. And you could off see her on the side, oh my! That booty, that booty, that Luton booty. As I come off Mill Hill Broadway, I saw the black curvilicious coming off the Thameslink train and head out of the train station. I went to the bus stop to take the 302 to Neasden and she took a rail replacement bus because the trains weren’t going to Central London.

Right, you guys must be wondering “Money Cultural, why didn’t you chat her up blud? Why you didn’t chirp it up!” Here this now. I wanted to chat her up with the smoothness but the thing is that she had that long weave in her hair. And the curvaceous dark skin hottie had a banging body. And that Luton booty was very, very dangerous but it was the hair, you get me? It was the weave that made me say “No!” I was heading back to Luton. It was very slow journey and I mean a very slow fucking journey. The train stopped at St Albans and I saw this thick browning with some nice brown toes. The toes are pretty and brown. But guess what? She had weave as well. Oh boy, the irony!

Listen here, the reason why it’s hard for black men to approach black women is not only the attitude of black women but it’s because of the weave they have to their head. I have seen it when black women wearing weave no matter what locations I’m in. I was at Bedford town, Bedfordshire last week and I saw this black woman with natural hair. And she was older then me. Not that old. The natural black woman is goanna be an extremely rare woman because all I see is black women wearing weave on a frequent basis. A black woman who is copying the white woman’s hair style is not normal. It’s very abnormal.

When black men leaves black women behind and date non black women who can actually grown their hair naturally, black women will go on bitter mode. But why a black man wants a woman that is wearing weave trying to copy the white woman? Why would he be with a woman who is that insecure? We have a lot of black men who talk about black women wearing this weave. Black women spend over seven billion pounds every year trying to look like a white woman. And black men say that black women are buying weave from the Asian beauty shops. Yes, that is true but they are also buying weave from black beauty shops as well. And they are also going to the hairdressers sowing and gluing that weave in their scalp.

When black men talk about black women walking down the street wearing weave, there are these simps that are defending them. But as these simps are defending these weave wearers, black women are in lust for Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Six Shooter Derrick, Knife Man Priest, Big Dick Rodney and Fuck All Nigh Freed. These simps are wasting their time defending these ghetto scraggle daggles because these ratchet black women don’t want these simps. The Luton girls are fine as hell. Some of them look gorgeous but here this. When I see a black woman walking down the street, it will be very hard to approach her. Because of the weave that she is wearing.


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