Not Dealing With The Scraggs


You know when you see scraggly black women, they always wearing weave trying to compete with the white woman, they are bleaching their skin, they are fighting in public, fighting for a worthless bum that has another women in bed waiting to get slam by him, chasing thugs, having a bad attitude, having children and raising them by their own, going on the Maury show and goes into the tears when they find out the man they have slept with is not the father of the baby, refuse to take care of their own children and make other look after them, having multiple children, there is so much bullshit with the modern black woman.

All of the ratchetness amongst black women is the reason why 55 per cent of black men are with non black women. As black men see what the ratchet behaviour with the ghetto ratchet black women, they just thinking “The hell with this” and just walked off. And as black men are with non black women and marrying them and having a family with them, these ghetto scraggle daggles goes into bitter mode while being single women with children with different baby daddies. But black men who are not like these simps who are defending these women will not choose these ratchet daggles for a relationship.

As these black men who are with these non black women especially marrying them, these simps will come after them when black men refuse to date these worthless ghetto hoodrats that these simps love and desire. And these simps are being sent to come after black men by these ghetto ratchet harridans. These dysfunctional women are commanding these simps to attack black men who are with non black women. These scarggle daggles are using these simps as enforcers, henchmen and attack dogs. But when a black woman is with non black men, no one say a word about it. It’s just a celebration.

As these simps defend these ghetto ratchet black queens that they love and honour, they will think that they will get some punany at the end. Nope. These scraggles will spread their legs and give up the pum pum to Six Shooter Derrick, Corner Boy Ronney Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machete Man Briggy, Knife Man Priest and Long Dick 44. These simps don’t have a chance to have these ghetto hoodrats that they lust after. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t even like these simps are all but these simps love these daggles who don’t even care for them.

Black men in the UK are not taking their chances with black women because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are bringing to them, so it was like “Fuck it, I’m out!” They will not deal with the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle mentality but these simps will deal with these harlots. But at the end of it, these hoodrats don’t want these simps as they are the final option for them when it comes to relationships. Black men will not deal with the ghetto ratchetness with the ghetto gagging scallywags and these ghetto dungles will refuse to have a simp as a boyfriend or worse, a husband.


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