Lecture Who


You know the article I did on Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away when I explained that men especially black men to walk away when they find out that the baby is not theirs, this simp should off done that, but he stayed with her. Terrence was on the Maury show doing a DNA test to find out if his baby girl is his. His girlfriend Melody had sex with another and Terrence is having doubts about him being the father of the child. As Maury reads the DNA results, Terrence finds out that he is not the father of the baby. The man was in complete devastation when he heard the result and his girlfriend went into tears. And you know what else? Oh God, Terrence did a test on his first baby he had with Melody and he find out that he wasn’t the father of the baby. You see where I’m going yeah?

Before Maury reads the DNA result, he asks Terrence what will happen if the baby is not yours and Terrence says to him he’ll probably will leave but I wouldn’t leave his children at all. They will always be a part of him and as long as Mel allows him too, I will always be there for them every single day of his life. When I heard that, I went outside and start laughing hard. And on 4:18 there was a light skin woman and a fat white woman stare at each other and just laugh. Yo, when I saw fatty, I went fuck yeahhhh! I was looking at her and start thinking yeah, the white fatness right there, but let me just stay focus!

And then Terrence said this on stage that “Everyone want him to be the father of their child. You see what kind of man I am?” And then Maury says “I wanna tell you something. I like to bring back every single guy on the show so you can lecture these guys who deny being the father.” Here this question? Lecture who? Lecture us men who deny being the father of the baby which is not ours? You want this simp to lecture us men to take care of a child or children which are doesn’t belong to us? You think I’m goanna listen to a man who is taking care of a next man’s children? Wow, the Maury is real serious.

If any man get lectured by a simp to take care of a next man’s family, then the man will huge lack of intelligence listening to a man who is taking care of children that doesn’t have his DNA. If a man is telling you to take care of a child which is not yours then you have a walk away quick as possible and never talk to him ever again. A simp lacks a huge amount of intelligence because of the way he is thinks. And when a man say that they will not take care of a readymade family, these simps will look at them in a huge distain because there is no way that a man will take care of a child which is not his.

Do these simps know what is going on in Jamaica with the Jamaican men killing off the women because they find out that the child or children are not theirs? They are chopping off their heads off with their machete and we see these women heads spin like a Frisbee spinning in the sky. One man in Jamaica killed his wife because he find out that five of his children weren’t his. The woman was spreading her legs all over town and she get her head sliced off. Men in have changed in Jamaica. Things are now different with them. Shit is getting serious in Jammy!

If a man like Terrace was lecturing me that I must take care of another man’s child or children, then I will light his ass up with some serious logic. You think that he will give me a lecture of taking care of a next man’s child or children? The man must be drinking liqueur all morning. We are goanna see more and more simps taking care of other men’s children and there are loads of them doing that task right now. How many simps we have seen on Maury over the years. Many, many, many, many. A bet you that the men who watch Maury must on the floor laughing when they simps say that they will be there for the child no matter if the child is not his.

Terrace was on Maury again doing an DNA test of a third child. Third time a charm?


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