Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away

No to that shit

One answer. No!

Dumb simp

How many men especially black men jump for joy when they find out the baby is not theirs? How many? Trust me star, it’s a big number. A very, very, very big number. Black men mostly always denied the baby they had with these scraggly women and the reason why is because they feel that the woman had a next man’s long one and bread her off or these whorish hoodrats just sleep around with every worthless dude around the block. When they find out that the baby is not theirs, they jump for joy. They celebrate. Even some of the men dance on stage which makes me laugh. Right this is to the men out there. If you do a DNA test on your baby and you find out it’s not yours, I have one thing to say to you. Walk away, walk away, walk away.

When the first time I saw Maury on UK Living when I was living in North West London in the summer of 2007, I saw a man, a black man said that he was not the baby he had from the scraggle daggles. When Maury read the DNA results that he was not the father, the man was glad and the woman run back stage crying hard and screaming her lungs out when she finds out that he’s was not the father. Big man, just walk away, walk away, walk away! When you see scraggly hoodrats on stage, it’s sometimes the same woman on her third, fourth or five appearances on the show doing a DNA test on a dude who isn’t the father of her child.

I know the Maury show a lot with the scragglies doing a paternity test and then collapse on when they find out that the man ain’t the father of the child. Or children. Right, I was watching Tommy Sotomayor. And there was this woman who use to be loose had done a DNA test on three men. One of them denies the young boy, the simp who is willing to take care of the child which is not his and the other guy is just a nice guy, a roll that his hard for me to play. Yeah man! Three dudes give her cocky and she’s on Maury trying to find out who is they baby father. When Maury read out the DNA, everyone find out that none of the three men are not the father of the baby. And the simp says he goanna be there for the child. Like I said. Just walk away, walk away, walk away!

And another video of a hair hated hooligan from the ghetto and she was on the show doing a DNA test on a man saying that he’s not the father of the baby. Guess what? He wasn’t the father of the baby. When the man said that when he met her and she sat on his lap, he feel like she’s pregnant, LOL. And the hoodrat said that she’s whatever she has five kids and she look good. Whole on! She’s say she have five pickney? Where did get the children from? Oh, from the worthless dudes that she love and desires. And backstage, one of the crew asked her who is the father of the baby and she says that the man is married. Listen here, if a married man breeds his side chick, he will not be there for the child. And the man who finds out that the boy is not his, all he needs to do is to walk away, walk away, walk away!

Before Maury reads the DNA test, he always asks to the man “What if the baby is not yours?” And the soon not to be the father says “No matter what the DNA result is, I’m still goanna be there for the child!” And when the man finds out that the baby is not his, he goes into deep devastation as he gets the results on stage. Why would any man take care of a child which is not his? There is no way that any man should take care of a child which is not his. And no man should be willing to take care of a next man’s child financially and emotionally. I think that we are goanna see more and more simps who are goanna take care of another man’s child or children. Especially in the black community.

If I had a child with a woman and find out that the baby boy or girl is not mine, then there is no way that I’m goanna take care of the child. These men have dodged the bullet like I did when I was with the Christian browning when I explained about it on part 3 of the miniseries Jamaican Pudding. And these scarggle daggles have children with the hopeless bums like Six Shooter Derrick, Colt Five Rounds, Corner Boy Ronney, Des The Drunk, Weed Man Jake, and Fuck All Night Freed. These guys who are having sex with these scragglies, they better use a condom because they may not get these women pregnant. They might get something else then a baby. I’m goanna say this. If you find out that the baby is not yours, do yourself a favour. Just walk away, walk away, walk away!


One thought on “Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away

  1. But…but Money Cultural dese be our QUEENIES YO….the mothers of civilization! Seriously, Umar Strasser is a fraud just like British Eurasianist Party and Pride Boys in the US.

    This is what is coming soon:

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